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Cuneiform Artist News: Part VI

Roswell Rudd at Jazzfestival Frankfurt
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From Cuneiform Records:

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

Revolutionary News – September 2008


Revolutionary Snake Ensemble’s 2nd CD Forked Tongue was released in May to resounding critical and radio acclaim. The disc was on the CMJ North American jazz top 20 chart for 2 months, peaking at #11, and has enjoyed a remarkable run of great reviews. In addition to extensive Canadian and American press and radio, the CD has been the subject of reviews, feature articles, and interviews so far in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, and elsewhere.

Recent performances have included the Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston), the Providence Sound Session, and the Sterling Stage Last Daze of Summer festival near Syracuse.


Sunday, October 26, 2008 (3pm):
Brooklyn Botanic Garden annual Halloween bash
1000 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, October 26, 2008 (7-9pm):
Barbes, 376 9th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, October 11, 2009
Roswell Museum & Art Center annual outdoor party
Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell Rudd

Roswell Rudd’as TROMBONE TRIBE will perform at the Lake George Jazz Festival on Sept. 13th

Roswell Rudd’s QUARTET will perform at the Princeton Arts Council on October 30th and at the Korean Cultural Center in NYC on Ocgtober 31st

Roswell Rudd’s TROMBONE TRIBE will perform at the Berlin Jazz Festival on November 8th and at the Bin Huis on November 9th

Upsilon Acrux

As of today we are in the midst of recording our latest for Cuneiform, it’s tentatively called “Radian Futura” and will feature a song that’s very close to 30 minutes long among other things. That has already been recorded and sounds really fucking good to me. Better at this stage than any other recordings we’ve done. This recording is being done at Infrasonic in Alhambra, CA like the last one but this time Pete is engineering it. This album should be out in May ’09.

We have one more show before we take a long hiatus… Oct 4th, Eagle Rock Music Festival, it’s free and there are a lot of good bands playing, I think we go on at 7:30pm so if there are any of those Cuneiform people in LA, I’ve not met any? Strange??

We are definitely coming to Europe in 2009, most likely May so anyone w/ a festival that needs something different and will pay, we are available. Bands in Europe that want to do shows together or tour a country together, get in touch!!!!


1) We made a very nice and positive tour last April in Eastern Europe (11 concerts in Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also Austria and Italy).

2) The group just decided some days ago to work on a new “composed” program (after our improvised tour of April 2008)

3) Our upcoming concerts will be in France :

-February 22nd “Festival de Chabeuil” (Chabeuil/Drôme).

-May 31st Festival “Sons Dessus Dessous” (Vaucluse)

Some more concerts are on the point to be fixed this coming season (like 1 in Rennes for the 20th anniversary of the french label In-Poly-Sons).

4) Volapük is seriously thinking to record a new album. It should be done in the nex year, we hope…

5) Volapük will appear soon on a compilation realised in Eindhoven (The “Stichting Jazz Power” of Eindhoven is doing this compilation for its 30th anniversary).The piece who will appear on this compilation was recorded in 1999 at the Wilhelmina Café in Eindhoven, called “Rondo” and never edited before.


The band hopes to be able to release (at last) its last recording : “Machines” before 2009. If not, it will be released for sure in 2009. For any inquiry about this release, and about booking and upcoming concert or simply for saying that you love them, please contact the band via its Myspace or Youtube (the band is currently looking for dates anywhere in Europe from March), there is a new live performance video there.

Frédéric L’Epée is founding a new band in Paris. The line up is 2 guitars, 1 saz (turkish lute), accordion, percussions, and maybe a brass instrument.
He has completed the composition of a new piece for electric guitar and accordion : “The end of the dream ( 3rd duo)”, ordered by the duo Jörgen Brilling and Uwe Mahnken. The musicians begin rehearsals now. The first performance is planned for April 2009.

Laurent James is currently rehearsing with the new line up of Lord of Mushrooms (prog-metal), preparing a China tour in October.

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