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Jason Crumer – Burning In Hell
Noise artist, Jason Crumer, hails from Oakland, CA and has created one of the best noise records of the year…

Fixture for Toxins – The Night Hoovers over Us Again
With their loose stringed, sludgy and noisy mix of industrial tone, zero rock, noise, slamming feedback fuzzed beats and muffled vocals the one man project of Fixture for Toxins literal straps you to a work bench and audibly attacks you again and again with this 20 minute ep.

Luca Formenti – Tacet
Tacet is the type of album that avoids consideration as any type of genre exercise. Guitarist and “micronoise” technician Luca Formenti claims to be interested in the silence within music, which Tacet includes in its fair share. But it’s not austere or mired in the concept. There’s certainly enough sound here, so perhaps Formenti is referring to the use of silence within musical pieces. There is a great deal of stasis about much of the album, but listen carefully, because there is much more going on than you might initially realise.

Merzbow – Dolphin Sonar
Dolphin Sonar sees Merzbow returning with another animal rights protest album this time it’s against the horrific and appalling annual slaughter of 2’500 dolphins in Taiji Japan. With Merzbow offering up three searing yet inventive tracks of pulsing electro and guitar noise mayhem, that flits with rhythmic elements and musically touches.

Various Artists – Zelphabet Volume D
The excellent Zelphabet series returns for its forth volume in the proposed 26 volume series and once more it’s another enjoyable collection of experimental and noise matter with this time around only three tracks on offer with one each from Damion Romero, Daniel Menche & Dave Phillips.

Acid Mother Temple & The Cosmic Inferno – Hotter Than Inferno- Live In Sapporo 2008
Hot than Inferno captures AMT in their fired-up, mainly noisy and wonderfully chaotic live format were spacey keyboards whiz and buzz, guitar’s singeing with multiple soloing and the rest of the band kick up a hell of a dust storm.

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