Cuneiform Artist News: Part I

From Cuneiform Records:


October 2008 shows with Wovenhand

We’ll be performing our final shows of the year on Tuesday October 14 at the Knitting Factory in NYC and Wednesday October 15 at the Middle East in Cambridge. This fall we’re busy recording and mixing our new album Boy From Black Mountain, and Jordan and Gavin will be having babies in November. So needless to say we’re going to be preoccupied for a while! We’re excited about the opportunity to see the fans again and play these last two shows of the year. We have a bunch of new songs introduced before the Black Mountain sessions we plan to debut at these shows. More information on our website.

Boy From Black Mountain update

We just finished the first round of recording basics, string trio pieces, and guitar and string overdubs for our next album Boy From Black Mountain at Camp Street Studios [] with producer Sean Slade and Adam Taylor. Things are taking shape very nicely. We recorded 18 pieces — 11 songs and 7 instrumental pieces. Our next round of recording happens in September when we’ll overdub lead vocals, background vocals, brass, and choir parts. See photos from the August session here. []

Bill Brovold (Larval)

Bill and his son Gus will be performing at the Kingston Museum Of Contemporary Art (KMOCA) Sat Sept 20th at 7:00. They will be performing on guitars,steel guitar,saxes, bass and electronics. They will be performing compositions and improvising.
KMOCA is at 103 Abeel St in Kingston NY. Donation.

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

Notes from the Mesozoic
September 2008


Birdsongs is currently rehearsing a new 5-movement suite by noted African-American composer T. J. Anderson. The piece is entitled BirdSongs, and it was composed for Birdsongs with voice and jazz drums. Keyboardist Carol Namkoong is filling in for Birdsongs synthesist Rick Scott for the premiere performance, which will take place at Tufts University’s brand new Distler Performance Hall on Sunday, October 5 at 3pm as part of a series of concerts celebrating Anderson’s 80th birthday. Soprano D’Anna Fortunato will be singing the text. This exciting performance is doubly so because Birdsongs’ member Erik Lindgren studied with Anderson while attending Tufts University in the 1970’s. Lindgren’s 1973/74 composition Introduction and Rag, dedicated to Anderson, will be performed by Tufts’ pianist John McDonald at a concert for T. J. on Saturday, October 4 at 8pm. There is information about these events at


The group is also excited about their 2-CD archival release on Cuneiform, Dawn of the Cycads, which includes their complete Ace of Hearts recordings circa 1983 – ’87 plus unreleased bonus material. The compilation includes their three vinyl outings, “EP” (1983), “Magnetic Flip (1985), and “Beat of the Mesozoic” (1986), and is a vast upgrade from their “Sonic Geology” retrospective that was released by Rykodisc in 1988. The package also includes encoded graphics (flyers, tour itineraries, “Misinformation Sheets,” dioramas, etc) on disc #2 which is a mixed-format CD. There are plans for the original line-up, featuring pianist Roger Miller, synthesist Erik Lindgren, and keyboardist Rick Scott (with current Birdsongs guitarist Michael Bierylo filling in for Martin Swope) to do a few select live shows in NYC, Boston, and Washington DC this fall. The group is looking into the possibility of using vintage equipment on those dates and cranking out the Memorymoog, Compu-rhythm CR-78 drum machine, Farfisa organ, etc. for a truly analog experience!


Ken Field‘s original score for the Bridgman/Packer Dance piece Under the Skin was performed recently in Austin (TX). Upcoming performances include Potsdam (NY) Oct 21, Albany (NY) Oct 25, and Munich (Germany) Nov 3/4. •

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