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Merzbow – Dolphin Sonar
Dolphin Sonar sees Merzbow returning with another animal rights protest album this time it’s against the horrific and appalling annual slaughter of 2’500 dolphins in Taiji Japan. With Merzbow offering up three searing yet inventive tracks of pulsing electro and guitar noise mayhem, that flits with rhythmic elements and musically touches.

Various Artists – Zelphabet Volume D
The excellent Zelphabet series returns for its forth volume in the proposed 26 volume series and once more it’s another enjoyable collection of experimental and noise matter with this time around only three tracks on offer with one each from Damion Romero, Daniel Menche & Dave Phillips.

Acid Mother Temple & The Cosmic Inferno – Hotter Than Inferno- Live In Sapporo 2008
Hot than Inferno captures AMT in their fired-up, mainly noisy and wonderfully chaotic live format were spacey keyboards whiz and buzz, guitar’s singeing with multiple soloing and the rest of the band kick up a hell of a dust storm.

Two Dead Sluts,One Good Fuck – Self Titled

With a name like Two Dead Sluts, One Good Fuck you certainly know your not in for something comfy, calming or nice and this is certainly is not any of those things. This self titled 12 inch album Literally pukes out in sleazy ‘n’ dense fashion a mixture of feedback shorts, brooding/ sinister synth discharge, pummelling noise textures and ranted ‘n’ muffled vocals into your mind.

Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – A Line: Align
Dead Letters Spell out dead words make very stripped and quiet ambient collage music, but here they seem to strip their sound down even further than any of their other work I’ve heard in the past. These are sonics for silent rooms or late at night which even at high volume make little impact.

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