Pierre Boulez in New York

Boulez’s visit this week is reviewed.

The Chicago Symphony came to Carnegie Hall on Monday and Tuesday. Pierre Boulez, who happily leaves the three B’s and most of the M’s and S’s of the standard repertory to other conductors, offered pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries.

One thought on “Pierre Boulez in New York

  1. As being a great fan of the art of Mr. Boulez, I feel pure joy to read this article and review – he is one of the truly great masters and innovators of 20 & 21th century music.

    a very fine thing to say in the review…”to start at the bottom and work up…the little things that make the big things happen.”

    I agree, this makes the travel to happen, and the big picture to be whole.

    Esa Pietilä
    saxophone / improviser / composer

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