Jesse Stacken

Jesse Stacken is a pianist and composer who has played with a number of luminaries in the New York scene. He has a recent release, “That That,” samples of which are on his web site. Additionally, he’ll be appearing live during March:

sat. 3/1/2008 9pm – steve northeast “inside” cd release concert.
crash mansion, nyc

steve northeast band
steve northeast – vocals, guitars
alejandro haakar – bass
carlos aguilar – drums
jesse stacken – keyboard

sat. 3/22/2008 7pm
5c cafe, nyc

stacken/knuffke duo
kirk knuffke – trumpet
jesse stacken – piano

sun. 5/4/2008 3pm
bloomingdale school of music, nyc

mark mollica group
mark mollica – guitar
ben wendel – saxophone
ike sturm – bass
ted poor- drums
jesse stacken – piano

sun. 6/8/2008 time tba
jimmy’s, nyc

michael blake band
michael blake – saxophones
ryan blotnick – guitar
michael bates – bass
russel lacy – drums
jesse stacken – piano

Peabody lets loose with the Avant-Garde Ensemble

A reviewer from a recent Peabody performance enlightening.

As a short introduction (for those unfamiliar with this phrase), avant-garde in music typically is defined by a lack of attention to a fundamental chord structure or rhythm. John Cage, after whom the Peabody Conseratory Avant-Garde Ensemble (CAGE) is named, was an American composer, best known for his piece “Four Minutes and 33 Seconds,” in which no instrument is actually played in the conventional sense. It is four minutes and 33 seconds of “silence,” making it a very controversial piece of contemporary music. As such, the avant-garde musical style embraces the unconventional and bizarre and pushes the limits of what can be even coined as musical expression.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Joanne Robertson – The lighter
Joanne Robertson makes lo-fi, mostly acoustic/or stripped down electric gitar mix of folk, punk, grunge that’s often very haphazard and discordant, though it’s not with-out it’s own awkward and pained charm. The lighter is her debut album

Circle – Meronia
This is a highly welcome reissue of Circle’s first album from 1994, which I’m sure many won’t have heard before. It has all the familiar Circle elements in place i.e. locked rocking grooves, musically genre pick ‘n’ mix and general adventurous, playful vibe. But with a more indie/ post- rock feel to the tracks, also the songs are in a smaller bite size than their later sprawling work- filling here 70 minutes with 15 tracks.

Various Artists – Wilde Jaeger
This is a superb, varied and near faultless double disk compilation from the German/ Austrian Percht/ Ahnstern label, which I’m sure long term MM readers will have heard me rave about before. This is an ideal primer for the uninitiated and a welcome back to old friends alike as it a mixes together already released material and with exclusive material for this compilation.

The Glorytellers – S/T
This is a new American folk & stripped-down blues/ rock project from Geoff Farina(Karate, Secret Stars) that brings to mind a more wordy and serious take on some of Jonathan Richman work, who’s know to most for his comic/tragic chorus work on the soundtrack for Farrelly brothers There’s Something About Mary.

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

23-Feb-08 Anthony Braxton
Ninetet (Yoshi’s) 1997 Volume 4 (Leo Records)
Reviewed by John Eyles

22-Feb-08 Reel Recordings
Reel Recordings: Progressive Leanings with an Archivist’s Care
Reviewed by Clifford Allen

22-Feb-08 Jason Kao Hwang / Edge
Stories Before Within (Innova Recordings)
Reviewed by Jerry D’Souza