DMG Newsletter January 25th, 2008

From DMG:

Another exciting week with discs from: The Vandermark 5 LTD Edition 2 CD Set, Sun Ra’s ‘Some Blues’, Bill Dixon & the Exploding Star Orchestra, Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures All-Stars, Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath

Koch/Schutz/Studer DVD, Beat Circus, Hans Glawischnig w/ Ben Monder & Dave Binney, Paul Hemmings Trio w/ John Tchicai, Stefan Nemeth from Radian, Jon Mueller, Jed Speare, SSH w/ Thomas Heberer, Jonny Greenwood,

The Great Drip Audio Label, Takehisa Kosugi, Dan Warburton & Frederick Goodwin, Alex Weiss Quartet, LP Only Discs from Don Cherry & Jonas Gwanga, plus a restock of the vast BVhaast catalogue!