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H̩l̬ne Labarri̬re РLes Temps Changent
The Rempis Percussion Quartet – Hunter-Gatherers


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Rv Paintings – Trinity Rivers
Rv Paintings debut album Trinity Rivers is a side project of one half of the Staving weirdios core Brian Pyle with help from his brother Jon and fellow soundscape investigator Spence, they offer up a more conventional and going towards normal musical based set of guitar drone textures than the SW.

Decimation Blvd – Put your Hands in Fire
Put your Hands in Fire is a dense stew of lo-fi electronics that dabbles in electronica, old school industrial, Grey malevolent boiling drones- with traces of noise and 70’s horror film uneasy & fear.

Joelle Leandre: On Freedom and Responsibility

Joelle Leandre is profiled.

The more you get to know Leandre, the more you love her as an artist and as a human being. She is much more than one of the greatest bass players living today, a musician with amazing technique and a rich vocabulary on her instrument; she’s a musician that can weave her extensive knowledge of classical music with the compositional innovations of the last century’s most forward-thinking composers, the evolutionary development of free jazz and the non-idiomatic free improvisation into a daring and coherent body of work.

Cuneiform Artist News: Part 1

The first in a series of updates from Cuneiform.


Ahleuchatistas will be touring parts of the US in spurts, writing new music, and re-issuing their second album, “The Same and the Other”, on Tzadik in February.

Beat Circus

Beat Circus is preparing for a tour of the east coast in February 2008 to celebrate the release of the new album Dreamland produced by Martin Bisi. The tour dates run Feb 6-16, 2008 and will include shows with some of our favorite artists, including HUMANWINE, Nervous Cabaret, O’Death, The Cassettes, Flaming Fire, and Hallelujah The Hills.

02.06 Providence, RI – AS220
02.07 Portland, ME – Space Gallery +
02.08 Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes ^
02.09 New York, NY – Knitting Factory ^#%
02.10 Washington DC – Black Cat %
02.11 Chapel Hill – WXYC (live interview and performance, 9PM EST)
02.12 Atlanta, GA – Eyedrum
02.13 Raleigh, NC – Nightlight –
02.14 Philadelphia, PA – The Khyber ~
02.15 Brooklyn, NY – Union Pool !
02.16 Cambridge, MA – Middle East Downstairs #*&

+ with Arborea
^ with Nervous Cabaret
* with O’DEATH
% with The Cassettes
– with Kristy Kruger
! with Flaming Fire
& with Hallelujah The Hills
~ with West Philadelphia Orchestra

Beat Circus was formed in 2002 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Carpenter. His latest incarnation of Beat Circus delivers Southern Gothic tales of children, dreams, fatherhood, revenge, redemption, and murder.

In Summer 2006 Beat Circus began recording Dreamland, the first installment of Brian Carpenter’s Weird American Gothic trilogy, with legendary NY producer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Foetus, Swans, The Dresden Dolls). Dreamland is an Epic fantasy 150-page score for 12 musicians based on historical figures associated with the turn-of-the-century Coney Island theme park of the same name which burned in a devastating fire in 1911. Dreamland features the second incarnation of Beat Circus (2005-2006), namely, violinist Kaethe Hostetter, cellist Julia Kent (Antony & the Johnsons), saxophonist Briggan Krauss (Sex Mob), accordionist Alec K. Redfearn and drummer Matt McLaren (The Eyesores), banjoist Brandon Seabrook, trombonist Curtis Hasselbring (Golem), and tubist Ron Caswell (Slavic Soul Party).

In Summer 2007 Carpenter debuted the third incarnation of Beat Circus in Boston and NYC with a new concept and sound to develop the second installment of his Weird American Gothic trilogy, personal songs about family and fatherhood in the tradition of Southern Gospel songwriters and Southern Gothic literature. This latest incarnation has included guitarist/banjoist Andrew Stern, bassist/guitarist Paul Dilley (Reverend Glasseye, HUMANWINE), violist Jordan Voelker, violinist Paran Amiranazari, Beat Circus mainstay Ron Caswell on tuba, trombonist Doug LaRosa, drummer Gavin McCarthy (Karate, Cul De Sac), and Ches Smith (Secret Chiefs 3).

“Beat Circus has created a singular intriguing sonic identity by filtering certain bizarre old-time American and European pre-jazz styles through a progressive contempoary fearlessness” — Weekly Planet

“Their narrative songs evoke cabaret, Wild West saloons, circus sideshows and Old World gypsies…but the prodigious musicianship and stylistic miscegenation is all modern; the results, refreshingly entertaining” — AAJ New York

“They could be the house band from the dark carnival in Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes…” — Creative Loafing

Gregg Bendian (The Mahavishnu Project)

Mahavishnu Project drummer Gregg Bendian will tour this spring with Genesis repertory group, The Musical Box throughout the US and Canada. Aggregate Music is planning a spring release for “Research & Development,” Bendian’s first disc of solo percussion works since his critically acclaimed “Definite Pitch” was released in 1994.

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
(Notes from the Mesozoic)

Atlanta-based African-American spiritual singer Oral Moses traveled to Boston in late December for a rare live performance of the unusual Extreme Spirituals collaboration with Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. The performance took place on New Year’s Eve at the historic Emmanuel Church as part of Boston’s annual First Night events. A recording of this work was released by Cuneiform last year. Oral Moses is internationally known for his extensive repertoire of spirituals and art songs, and for his incredible bass-baritone voice. Extreme Spirituals includes live and processed vocals by Moses with innovative instrumental arrangements by Birdsongs.

This winter Birdsongs will begin rehearsing new material for a 13th release, their first CD of new instrumental music since 2003’s acclaimed The Iridium Controversy. The as-yet untitled disc is scheduled for 2009 release on Cuneiform. Erik Lindgren has been working on several compositions for the CD, and Ken Field finished 4 new pieces during his November 2007 residency fellowship at The MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire.

Birdsongs is planning to perform some of this new material in the spring, tentatively in early May at the Broad Institute Theater in Cambridge, MA in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Cambridge Science Fair.

Ken Field’s improvisational street beat brass band the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble will release Forked Tongue, a follow-up to their award winning debut Year of the Snake, on Cuneiform in May 2008. The CD will include a unique treatment of Billy Idol’s 80’s hit “White Wedding”, along with material by Field, Ornette Coleman, and others.

Ken Field’s original score for the Bridgman/Packer Dance piece Under the Skin was performed recently at Rhode Island College in Providence and at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Upcoming performances include the Alabama Dance Festival (January 18-20, 2008), the Flynn Center in Vermont (March 28, 2008), and Dance Umbrella in Austin, Tx (June 13-14). • • •

David Borden / Mother Mallard

1. I am still retooling the band so that most everything we do is contained on Apple Laptops using REASON software for live performance. Besides me, Blaise Bryski and David Yearsley are the other keyboardists. Conrad Alexander plays the MalletKat. All of the above instruments are connected to the laptops via USB cables. The other band member is electric guitarist, Gabe Borden.

In addition, Noni Korf Vidal and her husband Franck have joined Mother Mallard as digital video artists.

2. The current project involves producing a promotional DVD. This will feature short interviews with David and Gabriel Borden as well as clips showing the band playing from it’s recent repertoire. Also included will be some images from past incarnations of the band. Most notably, there will be excerpts from a new piece honoring Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn who together had much to do with inventing modern dance. This 30-minute piece was a huge success when we premiered it at Cornell University last September. It is the first of several pieces that will use live video projection. Franck and Noni act as VJs and each performance is slightly different. I plan to send this DVD to various presenters at colleges and universities to hopefully arrange a 70th birthday tour during the 2008 – 2009 and 2009 – 2010 seasons.

3. Finally, the Mother Mallard web page is undergoing some basic changes with a new URL. I hope this will be done within the next month. the new WEB address is but is not finished.

Umbrella Music Through January 31

From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

Wednesday, 23 January 2008
The Hideout
10:00PM | Ken Vandermark Solo
Ken Vandermark – reeds
11:00PM | Joanne Powers Trio
Joanne Powers – saxophones
Jennifer Pendur – bass
Paul Baker – drums
$6 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets : Vandermark Soundclash
Southern Hospitality – Music from South America

Thursday, 24 January 2008
10:00PM | Zing!
Caroline Davis – alto saxophone
James Davis – trumpet
Dave Miller – guitar
Matthew Golombisky – bass
Quin Kirchner – drums
11:00PM | Nicole Mitchell/Marianne Trudel Quartet
Nicole Mitchell – flutes
Marianne Trudel – piano
others TBA

Sunday, 27 January 2008
The Hungry Brain
10:00PM | Wick/Greenwald/Rosaly
Jacob Wick – trumpet
Andrew Greenwald – percussion
Frank Rosaly – percussion
11:00PM | Boss Carpenter
Natacha Diels – flute
Jaimie Branch – trumpet
Josh Sinton – reeds
Jason Ajemian – bass
Marc Riordan – drums

Wednesday, 30 January 2008
The Hideout
10:00PM | The Frame Quartet
Ken Vandermark – tenor sax & Bb clarinet
Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello
Nate McBride – electric & acoustic bass
Tim Daisy – drums
two sets
$6 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets : Vandermark Soundclash
Southern Comfort – Music From New Orleans and Cuba

Thursday, 31 January 2008
10:00PM | Jim Baker Quartet
Mars Williams – saxophones
Jim Baker – piano/electronics
Brian Sandstrom – bass
Steve Hunt – drums