AMN Best of 2007

We don’t take “best of” lists all that seriously, but they do serve as a great way of providing a long list of albums that are worth checking out. Without further ado, here is our best of…with a few disappointments of 2007 at the end.

The very best:

Battles – Mirrored
Blackshaw, James – The Cloud of Unknowing
Far Corner – Endangered
Reuter, Markus / Robert Rich – Eleven Questions

The quite good:

3Sacchetti – Bora! Bora! Mr. Motto
Albert, Jeff – ACGKS
Andersson, Peter – Music for Film and Exhibition
Bad Plus, The – Prog
Braxton, Anthony – 9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006
Bynum, Taylor Ho / Sextet – The Middle Picture
Cartwright, George – A Tenacious Slew
Cline, Nels / Singers – Draw Breath
Fantastic Merlins – Look Around
Fields Ensemble, Scott – Beckett
Houston Drone Concern, The – Variations for Bob Ostertag (EP)
Koverhult, Tommy – Trane to Taube
Lehman, Steve – On Meaning
Ochs, Larry / Sax and Drumming Core – Up from Under
Parker, William / Hamid Drake – Summer Snow
Radio Massacre International – Rain Falls in Grey
Rongey, Kurt – With Form It Threatens Silence
Soft Machine Legacy, The – Steam
Trio M (Myra Melford / Mark Dresser / Matt Wilson) – Big Picture
Weasel Walter Quartet – Revolt Music
Wyatt, Robert – Comicopera
Zorn, John – Six Litanies for Heliogabalus

The notable mentions:

Adams, John Luther – Red Arc / Blue Veil
Alamaailman Vasarat – Maahan
Anderson, Fred / Hamid Drake – From the River to the Ocean
Athletic Automation – A Journey Through Roman’s Empire
Atrium Carceri – Ptahil
Brant, Henry – A Concord Symphony
Brotzmann, Peter / Paal Nilssen-Love /M.Gustafsson – The Fat Is Gone
Car Bomb – Centralia
Cline, Nels – Suite Bittersweet
Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity
Derome, Jean – Le GGRIL
Evans, Peter / Quartet – Peter Evans Quartet
Formentini, Luca – Tacet
Friedlander, Erik -Block Ice and Propane
Ghost in the House – Ghost in the House
Halvorson, Mary / Jessica Pavone – On and Off
Hopper, Hugh – Numero D’Vol
Ito, Teiji – Tenno
Lee, Eugene – Srivbanacore
Moe!kestra, Moe! Staiano’s – Two Rooms of Uranium Inside 83 Markers
Motian, Paul / Bill Frisell / Joe Lovano – Time and Time Again
Norton, Steve / Norton Plsek / Gino Robair – Firehouse Futurities
Original Silence – The First Original Silence
Parker, William – Corn Meal Dance
Pasqua, Alan – The Antisocial Club
Powerhouse Sound – Oslo / Chicago: Break
Rational Diet – Rational Diet
Redhooker – The Future According to Yesterday
Roach, Steve – Fever Dreams III
Sarno, Devin and G.E. Stinson – Heart Cell Memory
Shipp, Matthew – Piano Vortex
Shurdut, Jeffrey Hayden – This Is the Music of Life – Live at Tonic
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – In Glorious Times
Social Interiors – Spatial Circumference
Sungsang Lebam Telak – Kecuali Mengenang Betismu
Thomas, Oluyemi / Henry Grimes – The Power of Light
Tobin, Amon – Foley Room
Torn, David – Prezens
Two Bands and a Legend – I See You Baby
Two Bands and a Legend – Two Bands and a Legend
Walker, Scott – And Who Shall Go to the Ball, and What Shall Go to the Ball?
Ware, David S. – Renunciation
Wilkerson, Phillip – The Dream Beneath
Witham, David – Spinning the Circle