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Cloama & Blutleuchtel – From Wasteland Mausoleums
All the work I had heard before by finish artist cloama fitted fairly squarely into the noise genre, so it was a surprise to find this collaboration with other finish artist Blutleuchtel treaded a more gothic cinematic and often creeplydialogue path. Mixing together horror film cinematics, pale and sinister jazz, metallic elements and damned world music vibes. Creepy found sound elements & noise elements appearing just here and there, but the focus is more of on atmospherics and not all out attacks.

Reinhold Friedl – Xenakis (A)live
As the title suggest this is a tribute to Modern Greek classical & electro-acoustic pioneer Iannis Xenakis, with berlin based composer and pianist Reinhold Friedl joined by the avant/noise chamber orchestra zeitkratzer. Thorough you can clear hear Xenakis violent, macabre and otherworldly fingerprints with-in the sound, they manage to breath their own touches and edges into the nearly hour compositions.


Lefsetz Lon 160 Gig iPods

Once again Norm Lefsetz fails to avoid controversy in an insightful post.

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where you can keep 40,000 songs IN YOUR POCKET and the labels think a reasonable price for each and every one of them is a buck, IF NOT A $1.29 IF YOU WANT THEM SANS DRM!

AAJ Reviews

Tons of new reviews from AAJ:

09-Sep-07 Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio
Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio: Terminal Valentine (Atavistic)
Reviewed by Lyn Horton

09-Sep-07 Multiple Artists
The Art of the Duo
Reviewed by Ken Dryden

09-Sep-07 Hugh Hopper
Numero D’Vol (Moonjune Records)
Reviewed by Glenn Astarita

08-Sep-07 Evan Parker
Evan Parker: Hook, Drift & Shuffle & Zafiro
Reviewed by Marc Medwin

08-Sep-07 Natsuki Tamura
Natsuki Tamura: In Krakow in November, Nomad & Crossword Puzzle
Reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

08-Sep-07 The Charlie Hunter Trio
Mistico (Fantasy Jazz)
Reviewed by Doug Collette

08-Sep-07 Joe Fonda
Joe Fonda: Trio & Duets (1995)
Reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

08-Sep-07 Wadada Leo Smith
Wadada Leo Smith: Wisdom in Time & Brooklyn Duos
Reviewed by Kurt Gottschalk

08-Sep-07 John Coltrane
Coltrane: Mating Call, Traneing In, Soul Trane & My Favorite Things: Coltrane at Newport
Reviewed by Christopher Shoe

08-Sep-07 Ken Vandermark
Ken Vandermark: Rebus, Foreground Music and Journal
Reviewed by Andrey Henkin

08-Sep-07 Multiple Artists
Clean Feed Records: Ravish Momin, Ethan Winogrand & Wishful Thinking (Clean Feed Records)
Reviewed by Tom Greenland