This weekend at Bowerbird

Upcoming shows from Philly’s Bowerbird:

june 30th (sat)

BENITO CERENO *cd release*

@ University City Arts League
(UCAL) [ website ]
4226 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA
[ directions ]
8:00pm, $5 – $10 sliding scale
KIERAN DALY electric mandolin / preparations / effects
AARON SIEGEL percussion

NATE WOOLEY (b. 1974) grew up in Clatskanie , Oregon , a finnish-american fishing and timber town. He has spent most of his musical life whole-heartedly embracing the space between complete absorption in sound and relative absence of the same. Nate’s trumpet playing is considered an organic mixture of new music, free jazz, and noise improvisation traditions. In the context of trumpet improvisation, he has worked diligently to keep one musical foot firmly planted outside of the recognized lineage. Nate currently resides in Jersey City , NJ and performs solo trumpet improvisations as well as with his trio Blue Collar with Steve Swell and Tatsuya Nakatani. He has also performed with Anthony Braxton, Paul Lytton, John Butcher, Alessandro Bosetti, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Joe Morris, Cor Fuhler, Andrea Neumann, Chris Forsyth (in the supergroup Duchess of Oysterville), Randy Peterson, Tim Barnes, Okkyung Lee, Steve Beresford, Veryan Weston, and other improvisation luminaries. Besides two cds of Blue Collar’s music (a third, live recording, on the way from Utech Records this fall), Nate has a solo cd from Creative Sources Recordings (wrong shape to be a storyteller), and is a featured sideman on 25 recordings to date (including Daniel Levin’s “Some Trees” on Hat Art, Reuben Radding’s “Fugitive Pieces” on Pine Ear, and “Transit” on Clean Feed Recordings)

Kieran Daly (electric mandolin/preparations/effects) was born in South Carolina, and immediately left after he graduated high school. He now resides in Brooklyn, New York where he is constantly searching for new ways to present his instrument and discover new sounds; as well as creating an intense relationship with people he performs with and his surrounding environment. He is very active in both electroacoustic and noise genres, as well as the post-downtown improvised music scene in New York City. In addition to his ongoing solo work with prepared electric mandolin and sometimes amplifier feedback loop/effect pedals, he is also involved in projects such as MALAMUTE (with Jim Black and Nate Wooley), an electroacoustic duo with J.K. Brogan, the chamber ensemble NOK SNAKT (with Andrew D’Angelo, Chris Speed, and Trevor Dunn), and trio with Nate Wooley and Aaron Siegel. In his spare time he likes to watch TV shows and movies online, and think about where he is going with his music until he gets a massive headache and has to go to sleep.

Composer/Percussionist Aaron Siegel lives in Brooklyn, NY where he produces concert events involving his own compositions as well as the works of other members of the experimental arts community. His work ranges from solo compositions and chamber music to improvised ensembles and collaborative theater pieces. Aaron has shared the stage as a percussionist with several well-known improvisers, in addition to his many peers, including: Fred Lonberg-Holm, Scott Rosenberg, Guillermo Gregorio, Stephen Rush, Boris Hauf, Jason Roebke, Nate Wooley and Sean Meehan. He is a member of Memorize the Sky, The Anthony Braxton Sextet, Chorus of Seeds. Rainer and Low and Away, all of which represent long-standing improvisational relationships. As part of these and other ensembles, Aaron has toured extensively in the United States and Europe.

BENITO CERENO * cd release *
chandan narayan – autoharp
tim albro- guitar, radios, electronics
jesse kudler – guitar, electronics, synthesizer, radio, and tapes
ian m fraser – laptop, tapes, radios and electronics
dustin hurt – cornet, accordion

Benito Cereno is Tim Albro (guitar, radios, electronics), Ian Fraser (laptop, tapes, radios and electronics), Dustin Hurt (cornet, accordion), Jesse Kudler (guitar, electronics, synthesizer, radio, and tapes), and Chandan Narayan (autoharp). Benito Cereno began as an attempt to move beyond typical duo and trio improvising logics and “dialogical” improvising conventions into a space where a relatively large number of acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic instruments could function together towards a massed group sound. The quintet is now looking towards personalized compositions as a means to further explore sound arrangement. In fitting with its instrumentation, spread along the spectrum of fully acoustic to fully electronic, Benito Cereno’s sound includes warm acoustic tones, austere sine waves, and rough-and-tumble blasts of noise.

The name “Benito Cereno” refers to a short work by Herman Melville, an author who shares a last name with the street on which the five usually play.

[ for more info on Benito Cereno ]

DAN CAPECCHI percussion

Matt Engle, bass, grew up ten minutes outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey. He now resides in Philadelphia where he is a working member of the music scene. Matt studied with Kevin McConnell and Tony Marino while attending The University of the Arts. He has an integral role in Shot by Shot as both a performer and composer. In addition to Shot × Shot, Matt plays with Trio Rhizome, Seth Meicht and Sonic Liberation Front .

Jon Barrios has performed with Toshi Makihara, Dan Blacksberg, Jack Wright, Tatsuya Nakatani, Anne West, Dustin Hurt, Alban Bailly, Christine Shenoui, Gerald Sloan, John Dikeman, Dan Scofield, Jesse Kudler, Marina Petersen, Fabrizio Spera, Raed Yassin, and others. Barrios also runs the small label Lift Records which focuses on limited edition short run releases of curious projects. He’s been touring the mid-west and recording, performing within Philadelphia and New York since he moved to Jack Wright’s Spring Garden house in the Spring of 2006.

Dan Capecchi is a percussionist and composer from St. Paul, Minnesota. Having lived in Philadelphia since 2002, he now plays drums with Shot X Shot and a few other musical groups.


Deekus is a young marimbist living in the Philadelphia area. For a short while, she was living under jazz vibist Tony Miceli’s wing, then with the percussionists at The Curtis Institute. Unfazed by the sociology of genre and pedigree, Deekus is on the path of creative music without boundaries, lending her mallets to contexts as diverse as Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene, Feist, Make A Rising, and AC Shagazaki, in addition to her own compositions and local collaborations. Is she just a musical mooch or a sea sponge for knowledge? Her sound is somewhere between the laugh of an idiot child, and a hepcat on a harmonica.

Katt Hernandez has been living in the Boston area, playing the violin, for the last six years. She has collaberated with a magnificently variated sea of musicians, dancers, and others including- but certainly not limited to- Joe Maneri, Zack Fuller, David Maxwell, Marc Bisson, Matt Somalis, John Voigt, Allisa Cardone, Gordon Beeferman, Jonathan Vincent, Walter Wright, Joe Burgio, Eric Rosenthal, Jeff Arnal, Jaimie McGlaughlin, Andrew Neumann, Dave Gross, and Hans Rickheit. She has twice been invited to perfrom on the Autumn Uprising , High Zero , Mobius ArtRages , and Improvised and Otherwise festivals, and has also appeared at the Montreaux-Detroit , Brandeis New Music , Boston CyberArts , Michiania , IAJE , IASJ , and Ear Whacks festivals. She has been a guest artist at MIT, Harvard, and the New England Conservatory, performed in a vast slew of local venues and- to date- any number of subway passages, urban grottos, and troglyditical performace slaces, as well as other experimental and life-making places throughout the Bos-Wash metropolii.