New From Long Song Records

Long Song Records has a pair of new releases:

Long Song Records releases two new albums this month: Duo Milano and Plays Monk. Plays Monk is a creative, exciting and unusual rendition of classic Monk tunes by three very acclaimed and open minded players: Scott Amendola, Ben Goldberg and Devin Hoff. Duo Milano is a no compromise, totally improvised sonic landscape by two guitar masters as Elliott Sharp and Nels Cline. This is what Nels and Elliott say about their work together: Elliott: “Nels is one of my favourite people and favourite guitarists – our playing together resonates in such a way as to create the sound of one seething bubbling bristling glowing instrument. Every gig and recording we’ve done has been different. “Duo Milano” captures some sonic moments in Italy in a fine studio in hyper real detail.” Nels: “Elliott and I have been investigating an improvised duet language/interaction in both acoustic and electric settings for several years now. It is always a pleasure and an honor, and this disc is the first document to represent our ongoing dialogue in sound and feeling. We seem to function as one empathetic, huge guitar. This recording was a happy accident in that Elliott and I happened to be in Milano at the same time, and the gracious Fabrizio booked studio time and acquired some extra guitars so that we could do almost anything. The result is, to my mind, a splendid example of our sometimes fragile and intimate and other times monolithic and tripped-out sensibilities.”