Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Goon Moon – Lickers Last Leg
This Goon Moon’s second album of genre bending song craft that mixes together retro and stoner rock, psychedelic pop with electronic elements and weird edges. It manages to be chaotic, discordant and rocking, yet also haunting, melodic and full of oddness through out its playing time.

Sleep Research Facility – Deep Frieze
This is Sleep Research Facility aka Kevin Doherty second deep ambient album for Cold Spring and his fourth in all. The albums concept is based around the uncharted and people-less polar landscapes, caverns and mountains, which really managers to suck you deep into its deeply chilling sonic world.

Jessica Rylan – Interior Designs
Interior designs presents the listener with four tracks mainly played via analog synthzier’s constructed by Rylan herself. The pieces fall somewhere between improvised synth patterns and noise,Think a more aggravated and volatile version of the likes of Rafael Toral’s more recent work.

Organ Eye – S/T
Organ Eye’s Self titled debut servers up two long form satisfying and detailed drone based pieces from this Australia/ New Zealand four piece.