New on Emanem & Psi

Emanem & Psi have a pile of new releases:

Latest Psi releases – available now:
07.01 Lawrence Casserley & Simon Desorgher ‘Music from ColourDome’ (2006) with Evan Parker, David Stevens & Philipp Wachsmann
07.02 François Houle, Evan Parker, Benoît Delbecq ‘La Lumière de Pierres’ (2005)
07.03 Bark! ‘Contraption’ (2004) Rex Casswell, Phillip Marks and Paul Obermayer
07.04 VA ‘Free Zone Appleby 2006’ Paul Lovens, Rudi Mahall, Evan Parker, Paul Rutherford, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Aki Takase, Philipp Wachsmann
07.05/6 fORCH ‘spin networks’ (2005) 2-CD set Richard Barrett, John Butcher, Rhodri Davies, Paul Lovens, Phil Minton, Wolfgang Mitterer, Paul Obermayer, Ute Wassermann
07.07 Evan Parker ‘Hook, Drift & Shuffle’ (1983) reissue with George Lewis, Barry Guy & Paul Lytton

Latest Emanem releases – available now:
4136 Lol Coxhill ‘More Together than Alone’ duos & solo (2000-5) with Hugh Davies, Henry Lowther, John Russell & Pat Thomas
4137 Terry Day ‘2006 Duos’ with Rhodri Davies, Charlotte Hug, Hannah Marshall, Phil Minton & John Russell
4138 John Russell ‘Analekta’ duos & Quaqua (2004/6) with Chefa Alonso, Henry Lowther, Garry Todd & others
4139 ‘freedom of the city 2006’ Chefa Alonso, David Leahy, Javier Carmona; Jan Huib Nas, Adelheid Sieuw, Guy Strale, Jean-Michel van Schouwburg; Garry Todd, Nigel Coombes, Nick Stephens, Tony Marsh
4140 Phil Minton Quartet ‘Slur’ (2006) with John Butcher, Roger Turner & Veryan Weston