Curtis Hasselbring and Guillermo E. Brown in NY


Saturday, June 30th at 9:00 p.m.
The Reddy Music Concert Series presents:
Curtis Hasselbring’s Curha-chestra
Guillermo E. Brown’s Cut Up Quintet
Jalopy Theater
315 Columbia Street in Brooklyn, NY
Admission is $15
Venue information is available at (718) 395-3214
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Curtis Hasselbring, trombone and guitar; Shane Endsley, trumpet; Andrew D’Angelo, bass clarinet and alto saxophone; Todd Sickafoose, bass; Ches Smith, drums

Guillermo E. Brown, drums, electronics and voice; Cochemea Gastelum, reeds and electronics; Will Johnson, samples; Keith Witty, bass; plus a special guest

On Saturday, June 30th, the Reddy Music Concert Series at Brooklyn’s Jalopy Theater will present a night of electronically oriented improvised music featuring performances by Curtis Hasselbring’s Curha-chestra and Guillermo E. Brown’s Cut Up Quintet. Curated by saxophonist/composer Rob Reddy, this ongoing monthly series is an extension of his Brooklyn-based record label, Reddy Music.

In a career that spans the last two decades, trombonist, guitarist and composer Curtis Hasselbring has appeared on more than 50 recordings, playing everything from Eastern European brass band music to country rock to electronica to jazz and improvised music. His Curha-chestra, one of three active Hasselbring-led ensembles, is an ever-changing outlet for his alter-ego, Curha, an electronic music creator who thrives on deconstructions and reconstructions of everyday noise. Learn more at

Best known for his work as a drummer with Dave Burrell, William Parker and David S. Ware among others, Guillermo E. Brown is a multi-faceted musician and multidisciplinary performer whose work spans dance, theater and a wide range of musical genres. This version of his Cut Up Quintet, a group’s John Sharpe called “a smorgasbord of styles encompassing jazz, funk, noise and rap, mixed into a cohesive whole,” will preview music from its forthcoming release. Learn more at

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