Magma's Mythes et Légences Epok 3 DVD Release

This latest Magma DVD, in a series of four, is now out.

DVD Epok 3, recorded May 2005 26, 27 & 28 at Le Triton.

Following the epic, the third volume lays it out with Köhntarkösz, the 1973 masterpiece which was a decisive turning point in the development of the Christian Vander odyssey. The DVD takes us up to 1979, with extracts from the album Attahk, given masterful interpretations here by a line-up comprised of the present-day core members of the group and the third star guest, Benoît Widemann, who, as always, plays his Mini-Moog brilliantly.

Magma has never stopped innovating, or opening new tracks. Magma still is Magma, powerful and deep-seated, lyrical and orchestral, unique!


DVD all region – 1h50 – PAL or NTSC – PCM stereo – 16/9 compatible 4/3

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

21-Jun-07 Joseph Jarman
As If It Were The Seasons (Delmark Records)

20-Jun-07 Fred Frith
Fred Frith: From Metal Head To Space Cowboy (Tzadik)

20-Jun-07 Tord Gustavsen Trio
Being There (ECM Records)

20-Jun-07 Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder
At Night (Songlines Recordings)

20-Jun-07 Incredible String Band
On the Airwaves: BBC Radio Recordings 1969-1974 (Hux Records)

ZMF Trio in Vancouver Area

An AMN favorite, ZMF Trio is playing in (I think) the Vancouver area.

Fans of avant-garde jazz will be treated to a very special concert at Joe’s Garage next Tuesday.

International jazz recording artists the ZMF Trio, featuring Jesse Zubot on violin from Vancouver, Jean Martin on drums from Toronto and New York’s Joe Fonda on bass, will play one night only.

Their music straddles the line somewhere between old-school free jazz, contemporary improvisation, the blues and standard composition.

Zubot is a founding member of renowned acoustic instrumentalists Zubot and Dawson, and The Great Uncles of the Revolution.

Both groups are Juno Award winners. Zubot’s recent solo release, Dementia, was described by Paris Transatlantic magazine as “… the kind of thing that could permanently alter your neurons.”

Martin’s unique drumming style has enabled him to work with great artists such as Mark Dresser, Don Byron and John Oswald. Fonda is an accomplished international jazz artist who has performed with his own ensembles and as a sideman with Archie Shepp, Kenny Barron and Leo Smith.

This not-to-be-missed concert begins at 9 p.m. June 26 at Joe’s Garage, located at 115 Fifth St. in Courtenay.

Advance tickets are $15 available at Joe’s, Tarbell’s, Orbitz and Bop City Records. Contact Vig at 336-8166.

New CIMP Releases

CIMP has a few new releases.

Chris Kelsey – “The Crookedest Straight Line Vol.1”
David Haney – “Ota Benga Of The Batwa”
Mat Marucci – “Change-up”
Michael Bisio – “Cimp 360: Circle This”
Stephen Gauci – “Substratum”

Fred Lonberg-Holm: Playing the Valentine Card

Improviser Fred Lonberg-Holm is profiled.

Like many of his peers in the Chicago improvisation scene, Fred Lonberg-Holm can be heard regularly in a variety of settings. What’s especially unique about his musical resume is that his axe of choice is the cello, an instrument that isn’t exactly standard in jazz, free improv or any more conventional type of music, despite its sonic flexibility—especially when Lonberg-Holm is drawing the bow.