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Lasse Marhaug – Alive
Alive brings together a collection of live recordings from the great Norse Noise Artist Lasse Marhaug who is know/ respected for his solo work as well as his work with Jazkamer. The recordings here are taken from all over the world stretching back to 1998 and right to up to last year.

Tholus – Constant
It’s finally here, the death metal project by former Estradasphere-drummer Dave Murray and Mike Johnson who wrote the music and played guitar. The place to celebrate his love for technical death metal like Cynic and Atheist, combined with that for jazzdrummers like Morgan Ã…gren and Steve Gadd.

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

19-Jun-07 Javier Vercher & Ferenc Nemeth
Wheel Of Time (Fresh Sound New Talent)

18-Jun-07 Myra Melford & Tanya Kalmanovitch
Heart Mountain (Perspicacity Records)

18-Jun-07 Graham Collier
Hoarded Dreams (Cuneiform Records)

18-Jun-07 Enrico Pieranunzi / Marc Johnson / Joey Baron
Live in Japan (Cam Jazz)

18-Jun-07 Fabian Gisler
Backyard Poets (Hat Hut Records)