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From the Bohemian National Home:

Saturday, June 23: Fiberglass Freakout 2007
Straight-up Detroit style rock and roll, featuring: Bad Faces Clan, Friends Of Dennis Wilson, Wildcatting, The Pizazz, The Amnio Acids, The Questions, The Birddogs, and Heroes and Villains. Doors at 8:00 pm; $7.

6/29 secret party…
6/30 Shadiamond Le Freedom and Paradise
9/4 Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens
9/6 Eye Contact

9/14 & 9/15: Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black
10/3 Magik Markers
10/8 Rempis Percussion Quartet
10/19 Trevor Watts and Jamie Harris- early show

Bohemian National Home
3009 Tillman, Detroit 48216
313 737 6606

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

John Wiese – Soft Punk
Soft Punk finds Mr Wiese delving into all facets of his sound from his solo work to his work with Sissy Spacek and beyond. Building a jolting, adrenaline filled and textural rich ride, that also dips into more atmospheric and introspective sound valleys along the way.

Acid Mothers Temple – Crystal Rainbow Pyramid under the Stars
Crystal Rainbow Pyramid under the Stars finds AMT sounding at their most confident, professional and focused possible in their whole prolific career. Offering up three tracks of psychedelic space rock, meets folk meets jazz that are spread over just over an hours running time.

Cherry Blossoms – Cherry Blossoms
This self titled CDR (a little confusing because their latest LP is also self titled) is a lo-fi document of a collective of as many as eight members, in this case including Josephine Foster on a couple of tracks. As one would expect there’s largely a folk element to this music, but for the most part it’s anything but traditional.

WoO – Mobi Rock
Mobi Rock consists of music generated from two guitars, presumably of the table-top and standard variety, shitloads of effects pedals, computer enhancement, mobile phones, remote controllers and “small devices”, whatever that means. WoO is aparently one man (there’s no name credit anywhere), and that’s cool. Whover WoO is, they deserve to be recognized for their ear for both melody and noise.

Strategy – Future Rock
The first track of Future Rock, Can’t Roll Back, is seemingly an ironic statement. The lyrics repeat the line “Can’t roll forward looking over your shoulder”, yet Future Rock, at least to my ears, is not an album that looks forward. The music is a melange of old school dance music of varying styles. Mostly, it has a mellow vibe, with dubby echo production and whispered vocals. It has a hazy quality, which gives it uniformity, even as the pace changes.

Jorma Tapio & Terje Isungset – Aihki
Aihki is the first duo recording for Jorma Tapio, of Finland and Norway’s Terje Isungset. Jorma Tapio is credited with flutes, bell, voice, kantele and percussion, and he is chiefly known for his woodwind work. Terje Isungset is a long established percussionist, known for making his own instruments. Recently, he released an album consisting of music made entirely from instruments fashioned entirely from ice.

New On Free Albums Galore

Free Albums Galore continues to dig up interesting free music:

Necronomikon Quartett – Input
Genre: Rock, Other, Avant-Garde, Pop

WM Recordings’ write-up for The Necronomikom Quartett’s online album Input implies that the group’s music is close to free jazz or avant-garde. This may be true but for the most part Input is a highly accessible and listenable set of well structured pieces that exhibit high musicianship and a playful spirit.

The first two tracks are clearly endebted to the surf music genre. “Sofawende” rocks hard with its Dick Dale influenced guitar lines while “Wave Rider” evokes a 21st century Ventures sound. “Song of Tomorrow” is a light 60s romp that makes a case for the kazoo as a rock instrument.

Things are a little less clear in the next three tracks. “Tube Music Part IV” sounds like an extract of a film score. The guitarist contributes a jazzy but mysterious solo. The 6 minutes “Auf Stelzen durch die Wuerst” allows for a little stretching out and has some post-rock leanings. The last track “Future 03″ is the most experimental track of the six but its repetitive riff also makes it the weakest. Nonetheless, Necronomikon Quartett has given us an excellent album of creative sounds.

Ka – Aditi
Genre: World, Ambient, Electronica, Sampled, New Age

As I listen to the online album Aditi by Ka, the most prevalent word that comes to mind is “mysterious”. There is barely any information on Ka except that it appears to be a solo project by Franklin Zambrano. The album is presented with little hype but a eerie album cover and the music’s own merits. The music is trance-like and exotic, much of it evoking visions of midnight caravans, jungle temples, and mystical moments. I wouldn’t call it meditative but the pulsing beat and hynoptic melodies could lull you into a sense of unreality. “Manvantera” certainly has a feeling of mystery and forboding, while “Mahaset” could be a nice soundtrack for a full moon boat ride down the Ganges. “Innana en los Infiernos” really breaks out the global groove and almost becomes a bona-fide rock track.”Ganges” returns to the land of moonlight and mystics while “Costas” ends the album with what could only be described as a new age lullaby. This is a beautiful, perhaps even spirtitual, session of soothing sounds.

Rosa Luxemburg New Quintet – Topophonies
Genre: Avant-Garde, Improvisation, Jazz

Topophonies is another superative online album of totally improvised music. Rosa Luxemburg New Quintet consists of five talented musicians who respect no boundaries when it comes to creating music. The four tracks are live acoustic performances exhibiting an uncanny sense of interaction and control in what could easily turn into chaos.

The five musicians in this group all exhibit good talent for free jazz improvisation. I am especially impressed by alto saxophonist Heddy Brubaker whose sound hovers between the academics of Anthony Braxton and the more primordial sounds of a Marion Brown or Julius Hemphill. Piero Pepin’s trumpet growls and moans Lester Bowie style as it plays off the rest of the ensemble. Marc Perrenoud provides bass and electric guitar in a manner that adds rhythm and color rather than tonal asistance. Fabien Duscombs expertly uses a wide range of percussion instruments. Lastly, Françoise Guerlin’s voice is an improvisational instrument in its own right, usually wordlessly joining in the collective group conscienceness but contributing a strange speak-sing lyrical turn on “Schizophonie”. The best track is also the longest. “Territoires” is a 33 minute journey starting on a low simmer that boils and ebbs into a wide ranges of moods from reflective to raging. This is an exhilarating session of improvised art.

The albums is available as separate tracks or album zip in 256kbps. It is made available through the Insubordinations net label, home to some of the wildest improvised music you will find on the internet.

Polina Voronova — Luxurius
Genre: Avant-Garde

Russian sound artist Polina Voronova creates shimmering tapestries that walk the fine line between pretty and mystical. Minimal and drone oriented, her compositions are often delicate and full are bell-like tones; a city of chimes and tuning forks. “Deep Outdoor” is typical of this and is a lullaby for abstractionists. Tracks like “Dear All” and “Light to Celebrate” are doorways to other dimensions. Luxurius, an honorary mention in the Digital Music category of Prix Ars Electronica – International Competition for CyberArts 2007, is a collection of soundscapes that will surely remove you from your everyday world for at least a little while.

The album is available from the Excentrica netlabel in 320kbps MP3.