Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Alexei Borisov & Antonin Nikkilä – Where Are They Now
Alexei Borisov is an established Russian improviser and experimentalist who has worked with Leif Elggren and KK Null, among others. Anton Nikkilä, a Finnish artist, is his counterpart on this release. The music here is playful, strange, and a bit clinical in its approach. An odd combination for sure, but it is well executed.

Lexes – Nursey Rhyme

This offers up a collection of demented and corrupted nursery Rhymes and boiling noise craft, that instead of soothing a child would scary the hell out of them .

Lietterschpinch – I cum Blood in the think tank
I cum Blood in the think tank is seriously punishing and bleak industrial noise punk doom. Built around crude and swarming synth overload and face slamming beat patterns, with overloaded nasty hardcore punk growls and bleeding lungs shouts over the top.

Nora Orlandi – Il dolce corpo di Deborah(The Sweet Body of Debora

This reissue of the soundtrack from 1968 French/Italian giallo is a real rather memorable cheesy treat- mixing together dramatic easy listening, lounge vibes, Hammond organ pumps, jazzy fills & overblow tacky female/male 60’s pop swoon.