This week at Bowerbird

From Philadelphia’s Bowerbird.


@ Circle of Hope
Broad and Washington Branch
1125 South Broad Street 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA
8:00pm, $5-$10 sliding scale

amy cimini – viola
katherine young – bassoon / accordion
new england

Architeuthis Walks on Land is Amy Cimini and Katherine Young’s improvised project. Cimini (viola) and Young (bassoon and accordion) explore the full expressive parameters of the duo form, working with the material and textural ranges of their instruments. Architeuthis’s music spans from a slowly unfolding intimacy to a jagged, kinetic style. Both soloistic and often drone-oriented, the duo draw on their interests in contemporary classical music (which is how they first performed together more than six years ago), free music, and rock. Cimini and Young played together in the piratical folk-pop band The William Young and are part of the trio Civil War (with Adam Sonderberg) and the new music collective Till by Turning. They’ve worked with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jessica Pavone, Jason Ajemian, Aram Shelton, Carol Genetti, and Anthony Braxton, among others.

johnathan zorn – electronics
rachel tompson – violin
bryan eubanks – electronics
andrew lafkas – double bass
new england / nyc

Jonathan Zorn (electronics) and Rachel Thompson (violin) have been working together on collaborative/interactive works for strings and electronics for over five years. Like musical variations on a three-legged race, no one player has control over their sound. Instead both performers must cooperate to create a group instrument. The current incarnation of their collaboration uses an interactive computer environment that moves between sharply divided electronic sounds and violin sounds to noisy hybrids where the violin becomes both sound source and controller.

Bryan Eubanks works with the soprano saxophone and electronics in collaborations, installations, and solo practice. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he currently lives and works in New York City, and operates a small label, Rasbliutto Recordings.

Andrew Lafkas “I live and work in Queens. Recently, I have been writing pieces for strings, also, last year I completed a piece for one hundred 60-minute cassettes.”

evan lipson – double bass
matt engle – double bass
jon barrios – double bass
charles cohen – buchla music easel

Evan Lipson is a bassist/composer currently residing with three other musicians in Jack Wright’s Spring Garden Music house, located in West Philadelphia. His principal teachers included both Michael Formanek & Robert Kesselman (Phila. Orch). Other private teachers have included Mark Dresser, Mark Helias, Ralph Alessi, and Brad Shepik, as well as Robert Black (Bang On A Can) at the Festival Eleazar Carvalho in Fortaleza, Brazil. He attended the Peabody Conservatory, as well as Temple University. Evan works with several bands/ensembles/gangs including: NORMAL LOVE, SATANIZED, DYNAMITE CLUB, Mike Pride’s FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS, and Gene Coleman’s ENSEMBLE NOAMNESIA He has also performed and/or recorded with artists such as: Charles Cohen, Maria Chavez, Gene Coleman, Alvin Curran, Andrew D’Angelo, Stuart Dempster, Dr. Dog, Andrew Drury, Helena Espvall, Bryan Eubanks, Peter Evans, Cynthia Folio, Mike Gamble, Ben Gerstein, Devin Gray, Mary Halvorson, Andy Hayleck, Katt Hernandez, Charlette Hug, Rick Iannacone, Michael Johnson, Darius Jones, Matthias Kaul, Jesse Krakow, Andrew Lafkas, Charlie Looker, Lukas Ligeti, John McLellan, Toshi Makihara, Mat Maneri, Tatsuya Nakatani, Pauline Oliveros, Mike Pride, Gregory Reynolds, Jane Riggler, Make A Rising, Jamie Saft, Christine Sehnaoui, Alex Waterman, Veryan Weston, Nate Wooley, Jack Wright, and Yoshida Tatsuya (RUINS). Evan Lipson strongly values and enjoys the evolving process of social collaboration/exchange in order to produce various states of excitement, tension, confusion, and perceptual revelation.”

Matt Engle, bass, grew up ten minutes outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey. He now resides in Philadelphia where he is a working member of the music scene. Matt studied with Kevin McConnell and Tony Marino while attending The University of the Arts. He has an integral role in Shot by Shot as both a performer and composer. In addition to Shot × Shot, Matt plays with Trio Rhizome, Seth Meicht and Sonic Liberation Front .

Jon Barrios has performed with Toshi Makihara, Dan Blacksberg, Jack Wright, Tatsuya Nakatani, Anne West, Dustin Hurt, Alban Bailly, Christine Shenoui, Gerald Sloan, John Dikeman, Dan Scofield, Jesse Kudler, Marina Petersen, Fabrizio Spera, Raed Yassin, and others. Barrios also runs the small label Lift Records which focuses on limited edition short run releases of curious projects. He’s been touring the mid-west and recording, performing within Philadelphia and New York since he moved to Jack Wright’s Spring Garden house in the Spring of 2006.

Based in Philadelphia, Charles Cohen , has been composing and performing electronic music since 1971. He specializes in collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects with theatre, dance, music, and media artists, and is especially interested in live performance and improvisation. His instrument is the Buchla Music Easel. It is an extremely rare integrated analog performance instrument made by synth pioneer Don Buchla. In regards to his work, he states, “Mood, atmosphere, and landscape are what my sounds are about. Collaboration and exploration are what my process is about. The intent is sharing our favorite pastime with others.”


Ashley Deekus is a Philadelphia native who continues to study and express the marimba in nonconforming musical situations. Unsatisfied by the conventional practices of mallet instruments, she continues to attract the influence of improvised music in her performances and writings. She currently studies with free jazz vibist Khan Jamal, and occasionally plays with Canadian group Do Make Say Think. On Friday afternoons you can find her weeping over favorite scores in the music department of the Philadelphia Library.

Jeremiah Cymerman is a composer and clarinetist living in New York City. The bulk of the music that he plays is improvised (i.e. not written or composed prior to performance). He is very interested in solo performance and extended technique, and as contrived as it sounds, is interested in creating, or at least contributing to, a new language for clarinet. He has performed with Otomo Yoshihide, Butch Morris, Walter Thompson, Matthew Welch, Killick Erik Hinds, and Okkyung Lee, among many others.

Amnon Freidlen is in the band Normal Love.