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Satanicpornocultshop – .aiff Skull EP
In my recent review of Deerhunter’s Fluorescent Grey EP, I made note of the fact that most EP’s consist of about half worthy material, half filler. This EP, which really isn’t an EP (it’s over 60 minutes long!) in my mind, has a quality ratio of approximately 20% listenable to 80%, well, let’s be generous, not so listenable.

Lichens – Omns
Omns manages to mix deeply spiritual air with psychedelics, ambience and powerful emotionally tinged rocking guitar scapes. Pulling the whole thing off in epic and soaring fashion, never becoming contrived or indulgent – this is truly music to loose ones self in

Deerhunter – Fluorescent Grey
Deerhunter are being touted as a part of the crop of latest “buzz” bands. I have to admit to you, dear reader, that I tend to be put off by the hype to a degree, although, I could, in fact, be contributing to it in some ways (however minor). When a band is trumpeted as the next big thing on a wide scale, more often than not I’m underwhelmed by the music because the set-up is unrealistic. Secondly, buzz bands frequently are simply competent genre bands which offer accessible music, which have a shot at mainstream acceptance.