Cuneiform Artist News: Part III

Third and final post on Cuneiform happenings.

Shawn Persinger (Boud Deun):

Shawn Persinger is Prester John (of Boud Deun) is currently on a 4 month World Tour. Stops have been made in Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and India. Still to come South East Asia and China.

Shawn has also been doing some writing for GUITAR PLAYER magazine. Look for a piece on his world travels in an upcoming issue.

Shawn Persinger is Prester John

Picchio dal Pozzo:

Paolo Griguolo informs us that Picchio dal Pozzo is currently discussing reuniting to present their first live show in 26 years! We will keep you informed as we hear more news about this.

More info on

Richard Pinhas:

UPDATED TOUR DATES: Richard Pinhas Trio: Richard Pinhas + Antoine Paganotti + Jerome Schmidt

22 June: Cafe Metropol, Los Angeles (DUO PERFORMANCE)
923 East 3rd Street, Downtown Artist District, Los Angeles, CA 90013,
23 June: In-Store performance at Rhino Records, 2 PM
235 Yale Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 626-7774,
24 June: Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, Co-Sponsored by NewTown Arts
1651 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404,
27 June: G3 Lounge, San Francisco, 3910 Geary Boulevard (at 3rd), San Francisco, CA 94118
29 June: 21 Grand, Oakland, 416 25th Street, Oakland, CA 94612,
1 July: Rotture, Portland, 315 SE 3rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214,
3 July: Sunset Tavern, Seattle, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA
12 July: Velvet Lounge, Washington DC
13 July: Baltimore (TBA)

TBC (July 7th-11th): Detroit, Nyack, New Haven, Philadelphia

Time of Orchids:

-Our new album, “Namesake Caution,” is being mixed and will be released in the fall
-We will be touring the US in the fall, hopefully with Cheer-Accident (details coming)
-We will also be touring Europe in late fall/early winter (details coming)
-We would appreciate any help with the booking of either of these
-Our contact information is:
timeoforchids @

Thinking Plague:

I am about 75% done with composing music for a new TP album. I will not even hazard a guess as to when it may be ready for release. In any event, Stevan Tickmayer (Science Group) is still on board for keyboards and contribute and sonic creativity for the album. And we still expect Dave Kerman to be back on drums and percussion. Developments will be noted on the Thinking Plague website, The site has had a few updates, including a “musings” section where currently you may read Bob Drake’s entertaining (for SOME people, anyway) “discussion” of the recording of the first TP album, “…a thinking plague”, a must read for the serious “plague affionado”.

Upsilon Acrux:

Upsilon Acrux is up and running again, we’ve made some changes and will now be a 5 piece. We’re excited as f**k to have our album come out and plan on playing as many shows as possible. We have cd release shows set up in LA and SD and soon SF and hopefully the 7 major seas and the houseboats inhabiting them soon. For the first time maybe ever, we’re anxious and able to tour!! So likeminded bands and promoters contact us via and we’ll get on it and get to your town. More than anything we want to go to Europe and play as many shows and festivals as possible, so help us get this made in the usa rebadged euro art rock back to europe for the very first time, again. We’re also looking to do some east coast stuff and pretty much anything that is a) totally awesome b) f**king amazing c) there’ll be a lot of people and you get free beer or d) Christian Vander related. New songs, old songs, really old songs all revised and updated. New dudes, old dudes, really old dude, our new slogan is “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”, I made that up. And instead of maximalist music we’re be playing marximalist music, you read it here first.

Paul Haines (Curlew/George Cartwright):

Secret Carnival Workers is a meticulously compiled collection of Haines’s poems, short fiction and music journalism from 1955 to 2002. Alternately humorous, sly, cryptic, outrageous and playful, and influenced by jazz, travel, Dada and the Surrealists, this is the first volume to bring together Haines’s writing in all its complex and creative breadth.

Culled from reams of writings only fully examined after his death, and compiled by Stuart Broomer, former editor of Coda Magazine, Secret Carnival Workers brings into full view the insightful voice of an admired artist.