Cuneiform Artist News: Part II

More from Cuneiform.


The new Guapo album “ELIXIRS” is complete and will be released on Neurot Recordings late 2007/early 2008

Miasma and The Carousel of Headless Horses new CD EP “MANFAUNA” is out very soon on the Southern Records Latitudes imprint.

Miasma will also be performing live at SUPERSONIC 2007 in Birmingham, UK on 14th July.

The debut Aethenor album “DEEP IN OCEAN SUNK THE LAMP OF LIGHT” was released earlier this year on VHF Records.
This project features Daniel O’Sullivan (GUAPO/MIASMA) along with Vincent de Roguin (SHORA) and Stephen O’Malley (SUN((o)) )

David J. Smith will be showing his multimedia installation “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND” at the Horse Hospital Gallery, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HX from June 18th to July 7th 2007. Private viewing Saturday 16th June 7:30 PM. The evening will also feature an exclusive live performance by The Stargazers Assistant (new recording project from David J. Smith) who will be performing the soundtrack to “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND” Official recording will be released on Aurora Borialis in June 2007. Check out: This recording features both David J. Smith and Daniel O’Sullivan.

Hamster Theatre:

Hamster Theatre performs live in concert on May 20th at the Oriental Theatre, at 4335 West 44th Avenue in Denver, Colorado with Jumbo Special. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Save 2 bucks and call 303-455-2124! The show begins at 8:00 pm.

Hamster Theatre had an AMAZING Goat gig with Pook ‘n’ Fuegi, one of our best! Thanks to all who attended for making that one of the most perfect Hamster shows ever!

We are VERY slowly beginning the beginning of our forthcoming CD, Desert. Dave has 2 and a half tunes in the oven, Jon and Mike each have one, that’s 4 and a half!

So far it’s all very romantic. In the sense that it all seems to be a dream! But don’t worry! We’ll climb up there and tough it out, as my park manager says.

In other news, Dave is resuming work on the Tin Box Papers cd, replacing accordions, drums and such, and has enlisted Elaine diFalco of Caveman Shoestore fame to contribute vocals, compositions and perhaps keyboards!!! Twill be a treat to hear Deborah and Elaine sing together for the first time, yes, twill!

Also, the Toupidek Limonade cd that includes Dave’s contributions is available from Wayside. It’s called “Le Phoque a bul l’Air.”

Hugh Hopper

Upcoming gigs:
1 May 2007 Rudersdorf, Austria: HH with Gilbert Isbin
5 May 2007: Cluny, France: Tribute to Jacky Barbier:HH, P Miller, P Meyer, A McGuire, M Denizet and others
3 Jun 2007 Borderline, London: Brainville 3
4 Jun 2007 Fasano, Italy: Soft Machine Legacy
5 Jun 2007 (TBC) Berlin: Brainville 3
7 Jun 2007 Triton, Paris: COLORPHONE: HH, Denis Colin, Francois Verly, Regis Huby
8 Jun 2007 Triton, Paris: Brainville 3
9 Jun 2007 St-Etienne: Brainville 3
7 July 2007 Treviso Festival, Italy: Soft Machine Legacy
8 July 2007 Versailles, France: Soft Machine Legacy
19/20 July 2007 TOKYO,Sweet Basil 139: Soft Machine Legacy
22 JULY 2007 – FUKUOKA, Gate’s 7: Soft Machine Legacy
23 JULY 2007 – OSAKA, Big Cat: Soft Machine Legacy
24 JULY 2007 – NAGOYA, The Bottom Line: Soft Machine Legacy
30 July 2007 (TBC) Wales: SML
3-7 Aug 2007 (TBC) Bulgaria: Colorphone
4 Oct 2007 Prague: Soft Machine Legacy
6 Oct 2007 Karlsruhe: Soft Machine Legacy
7 Oct 2007 Verviers, Belgium: Soft Machine Legacy
10 Oct 2007 Wuppertal, Germany: Soft Machine Legacy
11 Oct 2007 Hamburg: Soft Machine Legacy
12 Oct Hildesheim: Soft Machine Legacy
13 Oct Worpswede: Soft Machine Legacy
15 Oct 2007 Toulouse Festival: Colorphone

Richard Leo Johnson:

We have just finished recording “Who Knew Charlie Shoe”, the second in a series of recordings that explores the concept of personalized myth by virtue of fictional narrative. The first was “The legend of Vernon McAlister”, which dealt with the victim of a serious accident that lead to the abandonment of his family and prior life, to pursue a relationship with a guitar and the unpredictable world of an itinerate musician. Charlie is an inversion of Vernon’s story, in that he was born with a condition (a form of autism) that keeps him from never leaving his familiar surroundings but embraces the common place as inspiration to write songs. Charlie was 9 when he was introduced to the guitar. Vernon McAlister wandered up to a church picnic Charlie and his parents were attending and asked to play for food. That encounter was the catalyst for Charlie to play and write songs on the guitar.

The new cd has the inimitable percussionist/composer, Greg Bendian. Playing out of the box (even for him). Greg has abandoned his traditional drum set and embraced the world of “found objects”…which literally includes things like a pull down attic stair, lard cans, paint buckets, rakes, brooms, and slapping the surface of water. Greg plays the part of “Junk Fish”, a character that Greg created to be Charlie’s musical companion. Junk Fish is the product of a damaged life as a rock drummer in Memphis during the 70’s and 80’s. He took it on himself to abandon the fast life of the big city and move to the small town north of Memphis called Marked Tree, Arkansas. Charlie has lived there his entire life and was thrilled to discover Junk Fish at the local scrap metal yard banging on a home made drum set made of an huge assortment of crazy things. This cd is a product of Charlie’s guitars and Junk Fish’s world of pounding, tapping, scratching and scraping.

The end result is a rootsy psychedelica that embraces acoustic music in an extremely progressive, yet refreshing and accessible way. Or as Junk Fish would say “I just call it hick prog…”.

The cd is due out in Sept. 2007 with shows to follow with Richard and Greg as Charlie and Junk Fish.

The Mahavishnu Project:

Here is the email we just received from Mahavishnu drummer Narada Michael Walden, after hearing The Mahavishnu Project’s “Return To The Emerald Beyond”…

Gregg, I was very impressed by your Visions project. WOW! Congrats on keeping alive the good fun, power & spirituality of Mahavishnu’s music. I really admire you for the time it took to put it all together so beautifully. Great work. Mucho love to you for keeping the spirit alive. You guys are knockin’ ’em down, one by one. Love to hear ya’ll and hope to see you and jam with 2 drum kits. Can you stand my FUNK!

There’s a new interview with Gregg Bendian at All About Jazz, focusing on “Return to the Emerald Beyond” and the band’s take on The Mahavishnu Orchestra songbook.

Mats/Morgan Band:

Mats/Morgan Band gigs coming up:

Festival Tambours de fête Charleville Mézières, 22/9 France (08)
Maizet Jazz Festival, 8/9 Maizet France (14)

Morgan will also do gig with a project called “BOX” with amongst others Trevor Dunn from Mr Bungle.
Info here:

Studio stuff:

Mats and Morgan are in the studio and is working on a new CD that will most likely be called “HEAT BEATS LIVE”.
Cuneiform will also re-release our first CD “trends and other diseases” when we release our “HEAT BEATS” CD/DVD, just so you know!
A “Best of Morgan Ã…gren DVD” will also be released together with the CD, and this CD+DVD will be released next year!

Morgan will record with Lars Hollmer (Of Samla mammas manna) this month, for Lars next solo CD, also featuring Michel Berkmans of Univers Zero.

Mats/Morgan Band has recorded one track for the ChristianVander/Magma tribute CD called “Haamtai”, to be released soon.

Mats Öbergs solo piano CD is out, and it is called “In The Moment”

Morgan is featured on the upcoming Kaipa CD called Angling Feelings, and on Jimmy Ã…gren´s CD “Close Enough For Jazz”
More info and soundbites at: Morgan also plays on one track of Steve Vai´s CD “Archives, Vol. 3: Mystery Tracks”,
and on the new Simon Steensland release “Live gang-gang”

Other news:
The readers poll of the drum magazine “DRUM!” voted Morgan as “no 2” in category “jazz/fusion” drummers.
(thanks to the voters..!)

Morgan has a feature on, with moviepreview etc. Go to:

Microscopic Septet:

In 2006 Cuneiform released two double CDs of the music of the Microscopic Septet: Seven Men In Neckties & Surrealistic Swing.
To celebrate that release the band recapitulated and performed a few passionately received gigs in the Northeast US (New York/Northampton/Philly). It was listed as a 2006 Reissue of the Year by Francis Davis in the Village Voice.

Following on the success of the CDs and gigs, the Micros will reassemble again in Dec 2007 for a tour of Europe, and possibly a couple of gigs in the US.

Phillip Johnston & Joel Forrester’s interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air with Terry Gross” for which the Micros recorded the theme music can still be heard online at:

For news on other Micro activity, see the Micros website

Harry & Hazel Miller / OGUN RECORDS:

Louis Moholo-Moholo will be appearing at the Vision Festival in New York, June 24, with Dave Burrell, Kidd Jordan, and William Parker. Also in Baltimore with Marilyn Crispell June 30 and Philadelphia with either Marshall Allen or Dave Burrell, June 29. The trip also includes appearing at the festival in Montreal and in Toronto.

Some news happening in your ‘patch’! Ogun’s next release OGCD021 Ovary Lodge will be released by the end of May. Featuring Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Frank Perry, and Harry Miller. Previously released on LP OG600 in 1977.
Another gem from the Ogun archive.

The Ed Palermo Big Band:


Carl Restivo’s video on the making of 
our new CD “Take You Clothes Off When You Dance” edited by John Palermo: