Cuneiform Artist News: Part III

Third and final post on Cuneiform happenings.

Shawn Persinger (Boud Deun):

Shawn Persinger is Prester John (of Boud Deun) is currently on a 4 month World Tour. Stops have been made in Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and India. Still to come South East Asia and China.

Shawn has also been doing some writing for GUITAR PLAYER magazine. Look for a piece on his world travels in an upcoming issue.

Shawn Persinger is Prester John

Picchio dal Pozzo:

Paolo Griguolo informs us that Picchio dal Pozzo is currently discussing reuniting to present their first live show in 26 years! We will keep you informed as we hear more news about this.

More info on

Richard Pinhas:

UPDATED TOUR DATES: Richard Pinhas Trio: Richard Pinhas + Antoine Paganotti + Jerome Schmidt

22 June: Cafe Metropol, Los Angeles (DUO PERFORMANCE)
923 East 3rd Street, Downtown Artist District, Los Angeles, CA 90013,
23 June: In-Store performance at Rhino Records, 2 PM
235 Yale Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711 (909) 626-7774,
24 June: Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, Co-Sponsored by NewTown Arts
1651 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404,
27 June: G3 Lounge, San Francisco, 3910 Geary Boulevard (at 3rd), San Francisco, CA 94118
29 June: 21 Grand, Oakland, 416 25th Street, Oakland, CA 94612,
1 July: Rotture, Portland, 315 SE 3rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97214,
3 July: Sunset Tavern, Seattle, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA
12 July: Velvet Lounge, Washington DC
13 July: Baltimore (TBA)

TBC (July 7th-11th): Detroit, Nyack, New Haven, Philadelphia

Time of Orchids:

-Our new album, “Namesake Caution,” is being mixed and will be released in the fall
-We will be touring the US in the fall, hopefully with Cheer-Accident (details coming)
-We will also be touring Europe in late fall/early winter (details coming)
-We would appreciate any help with the booking of either of these
-Our contact information is:
timeoforchids @

Thinking Plague:

I am about 75% done with composing music for a new TP album. I will not even hazard a guess as to when it may be ready for release. In any event, Stevan Tickmayer (Science Group) is still on board for keyboards and contribute and sonic creativity for the album. And we still expect Dave Kerman to be back on drums and percussion. Developments will be noted on the Thinking Plague website, The site has had a few updates, including a “musings” section where currently you may read Bob Drake’s entertaining (for SOME people, anyway) “discussion” of the recording of the first TP album, “…a thinking plague”, a must read for the serious “plague affionado”.

Upsilon Acrux:

Upsilon Acrux is up and running again, we’ve made some changes and will now be a 5 piece. We’re excited as f**k to have our album come out and plan on playing as many shows as possible. We have cd release shows set up in LA and SD and soon SF and hopefully the 7 major seas and the houseboats inhabiting them soon. For the first time maybe ever, we’re anxious and able to tour!! So likeminded bands and promoters contact us via and we’ll get on it and get to your town. More than anything we want to go to Europe and play as many shows and festivals as possible, so help us get this made in the usa rebadged euro art rock back to europe for the very first time, again. We’re also looking to do some east coast stuff and pretty much anything that is a) totally awesome b) f**king amazing c) there’ll be a lot of people and you get free beer or d) Christian Vander related. New songs, old songs, really old songs all revised and updated. New dudes, old dudes, really old dude, our new slogan is “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”, I made that up. And instead of maximalist music we’re be playing marximalist music, you read it here first.

Paul Haines (Curlew/George Cartwright):

Secret Carnival Workers is a meticulously compiled collection of Haines’s poems, short fiction and music journalism from 1955 to 2002. Alternately humorous, sly, cryptic, outrageous and playful, and influenced by jazz, travel, Dada and the Surrealists, this is the first volume to bring together Haines’s writing in all its complex and creative breadth.

Culled from reams of writings only fully examined after his death, and compiled by Stuart Broomer, former editor of Coda Magazine, Secret Carnival Workers brings into full view the insightful voice of an admired artist.

Cuneiform Artist News: Part II

More from Cuneiform.


The new Guapo album “ELIXIRS” is complete and will be released on Neurot Recordings late 2007/early 2008

Miasma and The Carousel of Headless Horses new CD EP “MANFAUNA” is out very soon on the Southern Records Latitudes imprint.

Miasma will also be performing live at SUPERSONIC 2007 in Birmingham, UK on 14th July.

The debut Aethenor album “DEEP IN OCEAN SUNK THE LAMP OF LIGHT” was released earlier this year on VHF Records.
This project features Daniel O’Sullivan (GUAPO/MIASMA) along with Vincent de Roguin (SHORA) and Stephen O’Malley (SUN((o)) )

David J. Smith will be showing his multimedia installation “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND” at the Horse Hospital Gallery, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HX from June 18th to July 7th 2007. Private viewing Saturday 16th June 7:30 PM. The evening will also feature an exclusive live performance by The Stargazers Assistant (new recording project from David J. Smith) who will be performing the soundtrack to “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND” Official recording will be released on Aurora Borialis in June 2007. Check out: This recording features both David J. Smith and Daniel O’Sullivan.

Hamster Theatre:

Hamster Theatre performs live in concert on May 20th at the Oriental Theatre, at 4335 West 44th Avenue in Denver, Colorado with Jumbo Special. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Save 2 bucks and call 303-455-2124! The show begins at 8:00 pm.

Hamster Theatre had an AMAZING Goat gig with Pook ‘n’ Fuegi, one of our best! Thanks to all who attended for making that one of the most perfect Hamster shows ever!

We are VERY slowly beginning the beginning of our forthcoming CD, Desert. Dave has 2 and a half tunes in the oven, Jon and Mike each have one, that’s 4 and a half!

So far it’s all very romantic. In the sense that it all seems to be a dream! But don’t worry! We’ll climb up there and tough it out, as my park manager says.

In other news, Dave is resuming work on the Tin Box Papers cd, replacing accordions, drums and such, and has enlisted Elaine diFalco of Caveman Shoestore fame to contribute vocals, compositions and perhaps keyboards!!! Twill be a treat to hear Deborah and Elaine sing together for the first time, yes, twill!

Also, the Toupidek Limonade cd that includes Dave’s contributions is available from Wayside. It’s called “Le Phoque a bul l’Air.”

Hugh Hopper

Upcoming gigs:
1 May 2007 Rudersdorf, Austria: HH with Gilbert Isbin
5 May 2007: Cluny, France: Tribute to Jacky Barbier:HH, P Miller, P Meyer, A McGuire, M Denizet and others
3 Jun 2007 Borderline, London: Brainville 3
4 Jun 2007 Fasano, Italy: Soft Machine Legacy
5 Jun 2007 (TBC) Berlin: Brainville 3
7 Jun 2007 Triton, Paris: COLORPHONE: HH, Denis Colin, Francois Verly, Regis Huby
8 Jun 2007 Triton, Paris: Brainville 3
9 Jun 2007 St-Etienne: Brainville 3
7 July 2007 Treviso Festival, Italy: Soft Machine Legacy
8 July 2007 Versailles, France: Soft Machine Legacy
19/20 July 2007 TOKYO,Sweet Basil 139: Soft Machine Legacy
22 JULY 2007 – FUKUOKA, Gate’s 7: Soft Machine Legacy
23 JULY 2007 – OSAKA, Big Cat: Soft Machine Legacy
24 JULY 2007 – NAGOYA, The Bottom Line: Soft Machine Legacy
30 July 2007 (TBC) Wales: SML
3-7 Aug 2007 (TBC) Bulgaria: Colorphone
4 Oct 2007 Prague: Soft Machine Legacy
6 Oct 2007 Karlsruhe: Soft Machine Legacy
7 Oct 2007 Verviers, Belgium: Soft Machine Legacy
10 Oct 2007 Wuppertal, Germany: Soft Machine Legacy
11 Oct 2007 Hamburg: Soft Machine Legacy
12 Oct Hildesheim: Soft Machine Legacy
13 Oct Worpswede: Soft Machine Legacy
15 Oct 2007 Toulouse Festival: Colorphone

Richard Leo Johnson:

We have just finished recording “Who Knew Charlie Shoe”, the second in a series of recordings that explores the concept of personalized myth by virtue of fictional narrative. The first was “The legend of Vernon McAlister”, which dealt with the victim of a serious accident that lead to the abandonment of his family and prior life, to pursue a relationship with a guitar and the unpredictable world of an itinerate musician. Charlie is an inversion of Vernon’s story, in that he was born with a condition (a form of autism) that keeps him from never leaving his familiar surroundings but embraces the common place as inspiration to write songs. Charlie was 9 when he was introduced to the guitar. Vernon McAlister wandered up to a church picnic Charlie and his parents were attending and asked to play for food. That encounter was the catalyst for Charlie to play and write songs on the guitar.

The new cd has the inimitable percussionist/composer, Greg Bendian. Playing out of the box (even for him). Greg has abandoned his traditional drum set and embraced the world of “found objects”…which literally includes things like a pull down attic stair, lard cans, paint buckets, rakes, brooms, and slapping the surface of water. Greg plays the part of “Junk Fish”, a character that Greg created to be Charlie’s musical companion. Junk Fish is the product of a damaged life as a rock drummer in Memphis during the 70’s and 80’s. He took it on himself to abandon the fast life of the big city and move to the small town north of Memphis called Marked Tree, Arkansas. Charlie has lived there his entire life and was thrilled to discover Junk Fish at the local scrap metal yard banging on a home made drum set made of an huge assortment of crazy things. This cd is a product of Charlie’s guitars and Junk Fish’s world of pounding, tapping, scratching and scraping.

The end result is a rootsy psychedelica that embraces acoustic music in an extremely progressive, yet refreshing and accessible way. Or as Junk Fish would say “I just call it hick prog…”.

The cd is due out in Sept. 2007 with shows to follow with Richard and Greg as Charlie and Junk Fish.

The Mahavishnu Project:

Here is the email we just received from Mahavishnu drummer Narada Michael Walden, after hearing The Mahavishnu Project’s “Return To The Emerald Beyond”…

Gregg, I was very impressed by your Visions project. WOW! Congrats on keeping alive the good fun, power & spirituality of Mahavishnu’s music. I really admire you for the time it took to put it all together so beautifully. Great work. Mucho love to you for keeping the spirit alive. You guys are knockin’ ’em down, one by one. Love to hear ya’ll and hope to see you and jam with 2 drum kits. Can you stand my FUNK!

There’s a new interview with Gregg Bendian at All About Jazz, focusing on “Return to the Emerald Beyond” and the band’s take on The Mahavishnu Orchestra songbook.

Mats/Morgan Band:

Mats/Morgan Band gigs coming up:

Festival Tambours de fête Charleville Mézières, 22/9 France (08)
Maizet Jazz Festival, 8/9 Maizet France (14)

Morgan will also do gig with a project called “BOX” with amongst others Trevor Dunn from Mr Bungle.
Info here:

Studio stuff:

Mats and Morgan are in the studio and is working on a new CD that will most likely be called “HEAT BEATS LIVE”.
Cuneiform will also re-release our first CD “trends and other diseases” when we release our “HEAT BEATS” CD/DVD, just so you know!
A “Best of Morgan Ã…gren DVD” will also be released together with the CD, and this CD+DVD will be released next year!

Morgan will record with Lars Hollmer (Of Samla mammas manna) this month, for Lars next solo CD, also featuring Michel Berkmans of Univers Zero.

Mats/Morgan Band has recorded one track for the ChristianVander/Magma tribute CD called “Haamtai”, to be released soon.

Mats Öbergs solo piano CD is out, and it is called “In The Moment”

Morgan is featured on the upcoming Kaipa CD called Angling Feelings, and on Jimmy Ã…gren´s CD “Close Enough For Jazz”
More info and soundbites at: Morgan also plays on one track of Steve Vai´s CD “Archives, Vol. 3: Mystery Tracks”,
and on the new Simon Steensland release “Live gang-gang”

Other news:
The readers poll of the drum magazine “DRUM!” voted Morgan as “no 2” in category “jazz/fusion” drummers.
(thanks to the voters..!)

Morgan has a feature on, with moviepreview etc. Go to:

Microscopic Septet:

In 2006 Cuneiform released two double CDs of the music of the Microscopic Septet: Seven Men In Neckties & Surrealistic Swing.
To celebrate that release the band recapitulated and performed a few passionately received gigs in the Northeast US (New York/Northampton/Philly). It was listed as a 2006 Reissue of the Year by Francis Davis in the Village Voice.

Following on the success of the CDs and gigs, the Micros will reassemble again in Dec 2007 for a tour of Europe, and possibly a couple of gigs in the US.

Phillip Johnston & Joel Forrester’s interview on NPR’s “Fresh Air with Terry Gross” for which the Micros recorded the theme music can still be heard online at:

For news on other Micro activity, see the Micros website

Harry & Hazel Miller / OGUN RECORDS:

Louis Moholo-Moholo will be appearing at the Vision Festival in New York, June 24, with Dave Burrell, Kidd Jordan, and William Parker. Also in Baltimore with Marilyn Crispell June 30 and Philadelphia with either Marshall Allen or Dave Burrell, June 29. The trip also includes appearing at the festival in Montreal and in Toronto.

Some news happening in your ‘patch’! Ogun’s next release OGCD021 Ovary Lodge will be released by the end of May. Featuring Keith Tippett, Julie Tippetts, Frank Perry, and Harry Miller. Previously released on LP OG600 in 1977.
Another gem from the Ogun archive.

The Ed Palermo Big Band:


Carl Restivo’s video on the making of 
our new CD “Take You Clothes Off When You Dance” edited by John Palermo:

Cuneiform Artist News: Part I

Our friends at Cuneiform has sent us a long list of happenings with artists on their label. This is the first part.

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic:
Notes from the Mesozoic (May 2007)

Birdsongs will give a special private performance on June 1st at Jordan Tishler’s Digital Bear Studios for a VIP audience of Boston area music professionals. Contact the band if you are in the Boston area and would like to attend.

Birdsongs guitarist Michael Bierylo will perform with Boston’s Snappy Dance Company in “String Beings.” The piece is a cutting edge multimedia production that combines choreography by company founder Martha Mason, music by Berlin-based composer Michael Rodach, and interactive video by Jack Bachrach of MIT’s fabled Media Lab. Bierylo will be performing alongside Boston Symphony Orchestra first violinist Luci Lin. Performances will run from May 30 to June 10 at the Virginia Wimberly Theater at the Boston Center for the Arts.

A CD release concert and party was held in late April for Erik Lindgren’s third solo CD, Classical-a-go-go, with acoustic ensemble The Frankenstein Consort. The disc includes material by Lindgren, Raymond Scott, Erik Satie, and an irreverent hip hop remake of the Edgar Winter Band’s 1972 chestnut “Frankenstein.” Instrumentation consists of flute, clarinet, bassoon, acoustic piano, and percussion, with guest appearances by noted Boston-area musicians on laptop, drums, percussion, and strings. The disc is available from Wayside Music.

Ken Field’s Revolutionary Snake Ensemble was invited to march with the Krewe of Muses for their annual Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans in February. The group traveled to New Orleans on the Amtrak Crescent train, playing along the way for fellow passengers, with a stop in Washington, DC for a performance at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The Snake Ensemble will perform at Boston’s famed Regattabar on Wednesday May 30th.

Field’s original score for the Bridgman/Packer Dance piece Under the Skin has been released on Innova Recordings as part of their select “Short Run” series. The dance, with live music by Field, was presented in Budapest, Hungary in April at an historic theatre where Beethoven once performed, and will travel to Jacob’s Pillow and the Bates Dance Festival in August. Field will be a resident fellow at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire in November 2007.

David Borden/Mother Mallard:

David continues as a beta tester for SAMPLIT, a software program that automatically samples any sound from a hardware or software synth/sampler. The software synths and samplers are the new element, and not all formats are compatible. But once a sound is chosen, the user can stipulate how many velocities and the range. Then after the sampling is done, the user can then fine tune the envelope. After everything sounds the way one wants, the program allows you to format it for a number of software samplers including Kontakt and REASON (NNXT) and several others.

I’m doing this testing in part because Mother Mallard is changing its performance format. Instead of performing on an array of synthesizers for each player, everyone will play on keyboard MIDI controllers attached to laptops via the USB connection. The software used for live performance is REASON 3 utilizing sampled sounds from dozens of hardware and software synths as well as sounds native to REASON. In addition, we will also be using Ableton Live. We have only tried this once at Roulette in New York with good results. The only hardware synth on stage will be the Moog Voyager (Electric Blue version).

In addition, Mother Mallard is expanding. For the past several years we have existed mainly as three keyboardists (Blaise Bryski, and David Yearsley and me). Blaise and David Y. are world class performers. This fall, Conrad Alexander, a percussionist will join us with his MalletKat MIDI controller and laptop. Conrad is a versatile musician with experience in many musical settings. And finally, I am trying out a visual element employing live video projection with both prepared images and live images. The husband and wife team of Franck and Noni Korf Vidal are the video artists. Our first concert with the expanded ensemble will be at Barnes Hall on the Cornell campus in Ithaca New York on Friday evening September 28, 2007.

Two or three new pieces will be premiered including anagram portraits of Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn who formed the Denishawn Dancers, probably the very first Modern Dance Company. These pieces will include vintage footage of these two pioneers of modern dance.

Graham Collier:

NEWS from Graham Collier April 2007:
All about Collier on All About Jazz
From April 23rd All About Jazz runs an interview with me, makes my early music available for download in their new MP3 store, reviews Hoarded Dreams, and offers me up to the world for questioning in ‘Catching Up With…’

Apart from that, I’m now back from my five week birthday tour of northern Europe, with this accolade from The Guardian review of the Derby Jazz Festival commission concluding a highly successful period: ‘Hearing Collier rehearsing his swelling brass chords behind long-time associate Harry Beckett’s skipping trumpet lines was a reminder of what a special place the two of them occupy in UK jazz evolution.’

Amy Denio (Curlew/The Danubians):

Tiptons Sax Quartet:
We had a very successful European tour in March, playing in 25 cities, and taught music workshops in Slovenia, Austria and Germany. We will return to Europe in September, to play a few festivals in Germany.
BOOKING US FALL TOUR: Our next US tour will be in October, 2007, and we are currently booking concerts in Northwest US and California. Please contact us if you are interested in presenting a concert or workshop. We will record our 9th CD at the end of the tour.
BOOKING EUROPEAN SPRING TOUR: Our Spring European Tour will occur next April & May 2008

New CD Recordings:
MAISIE: Festa in Casa/Balera Metropolitana
This double CD is coming out soon on Snowdonia, an excellent independent record label from Sicily. The songs are festive and wonderful, and I sang & played various instruments, along with about 20 other musicians. It will be a co-production of my label Spoot Music and Snowdonia. Keep your eyes peeled!

KMFDM: Superstar
My friends in KMFDM asked me to play alto saxophone for a song entitled ´Superstar´, on their forthcoming CD.

For more info see &

Nick Didkovsky:

My project Ice Cream Time with ARTE Sax Quartet, Thomas Dimuzio, and myself are touring Europe between Nov. 10 and Nov. 18 2007, supporting a CD release on New World Records (to be released late summer ’07)

We are looking for bookings during this time period.

More info about Ice Cream Time at

Far Corner:

Far Corner performed their CD-release concert on February 16, 2007 at Shank Hall in Milwaukee. The group performed a long set, including music from Endangered, Far Corner, and several new works. Upcoming performances include May 19, 2007, in the brand new Lake Mills High School Auditorium, where the group will perform with Strange Land in a concert featuring a premiere of a brand new composition. On June 9, 2007, Far Corner will perform at MARS (Milwaukee Art Rock Showcase), an all-day progressive rock festival featuring ten bands and several solo acts. The concert takes place at Milwaukee’s historic Miramar Theater. For more info, visit the MARS MySpace site:

Bill, Craig and Dan’s other group, Snarling Adjective Convention (also featuring Roger Ebner and Joe Kopecky) is finalizing their CD layout, getting ready for a release later this year. Visit for more info.

Bassist William Kopecky just returned from Sweden where he was laying down tracks for the new Par Lindh Project CD. William and Par are also putting the finishing touches on the forthcoming Lindh/Kopecky CD entitled Den Svarta Dorren. William has also recently recorded bass tracks for the upcoming CD from San Francisco-based psych/RIO group Spirits Burning. Kopecky’s atmospheric bass loops will be featured in artist Chele Isaac’s art installment at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madison, WI in May.

Dan Maske’s keyboard instruction book Progressive Rock Keyboard was released in early May. The book, published by Hal Leonard, is available at music stores everywhere, and at most on-line retailers. This instructional method includes a full CD featuring over 90 demonstration tracks, with several complete tunes recorded by members of Far Corner and more. Visit to view selected pages and hear samples from the CD.

Angela Schmidt (cello) recently finished her instruction book 101 Cello Tips: the Stuff the Pros Know and Use which will be available in June, 2007 published by Hal Leonard. While at a photo shoot for the book, Angela was asked to model for the Hal Leonard monthly catalog in an ad for the Peterson Music Stand. Angela also recently recorded cello tracks for Unicorn Record’s recording artist Dimension X for their new CD to be released later in 2007.

Craig Walkner’s main band Bascom Hill just finished up a successful showcase at NACA in April and have booked a large amount of college gigs across the Midwest starting in August. He has been working on a solo album at his home studio and will also be returning to Studio One in Racine, WI at the end of May to finish mixing Yeti Rain’s third album, III. Visit

Forgas Band Phenomena:

Patrick Forgas’s compositions for the next FBP album were unveiled during the 2006 concerts – yet another 35-minute-plus epic, “Double-Sens”, and a couple of medium-length pieces, “La Treizième Lune” and “La Clef”. It is hoped to record them later this year for release in 2008.

The current line-up consists of Patrick Forgas (drums), Igor Brover (keyboards), Kengo Mochizuki (bass), Sylvain Gontard (trumpet) and new recruits Bogdan Pachod (guitar), Karolina Mlodecka (violin) and Sébastien Trognon (tenor & soprano sax).

Concerts planned for 2007 include a festival in Versailles [nr Paris] on July 8th where FBP will share the bill with Soft Machine Legacy and Belgium’s The Wrong Object; and another Triton concert on November 15th.

Patrick’s debut album, 1977’s “Cocktail”, featuring an all-star line-up of Magma and Zao members, is to be reissued later this year by Muséa; in addition to the original album, over 30 minutes of previously unreleased material will be included as well as booklet notes detailing the genesis of the album.

More info on

Fred Frith

Fred Frith has curated the Stone Club in New York for the month of May, which affords the opportunity to see a wide range of artists known and less known, from Fred, John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, Eugene Chadbourne, Larry Ochs, Lisle Ellis and Pauline Oliveros to a weekend of Montreal’s Ambiences Magnetiques artists, and many exciting young talents such as Norway’s Else Storesund (prepared piano), Oakland’s Theresa Wong (cello) and Ava Mendoza (guitar), the astonishing MaryClare Brzytwa (punk electronics and flute), the virtuoso mridingam player Anantha Krishnan, and many others. For full program see

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Diskrepant – Into Sleep
Into Sleep’s title is very apt title as you’re lowered into a subtle electronic/noise sound world that seems to exists between realities of dreamscapes and real life. Sound elements and half heard melodies dance by but nothing is ever 100 per clear- giving the whole album a hazy slightly blurred feeling, almost making you feel like you want pinch your self to see if your asleep or awake.

Akercocke – Antichrist
With Antichrist Akercocke have found the perfect balance between brutality,atmosphere and progressive/experimental elements to make an album that’s enjoyable and surprising from start to finish.

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz – Perpetuum Mobile
Perpetuum Mobile is full to its quirky, bizarre and sometimes tiring brim with kids show like looped brass tunes, strummed Hawaiian guitar waltz’s, stuck cracking piano loops and all manner of snatched easy listing audio chesse. With all manner rhythmic elements, plundetronics and surreal advert or stage show singing over the top.

Zonder – Maybe you can live on the moon in the next century
The American trio Zonder (Dutch for ‘without’) presents a version of heavy rock that needs a few spins to grab you. The music is dense with all kinds of influences, performed with a raw energy.

10 – UFO
I previously reviewed an EP by this Korean/Japanese project by the same name, but this is a full album called UFO. Things haven’t changed much since then, but that doesn’t mean this is worth a listen.

Far Corner – Endangered
Rock is serious business. Well, not really, but by getting it out the sweaty clubs or screaming stadiums this so-called ‘chamber rock’ has acquired the more serious air of classical and contemporary composed music. Yet, while listening to Endangered you’ll find a serious amount of fun as well.

Coming up at the Bohemian National Home

From the Bohemian National Home:

Saturday, May 26th: Faruq Z Bey/Michael Carey/Joel Peterson, Major Dents
A rare trio performance by leading Detroit improvisers. Saxophonist Faruq Z. Bey’s work in Griot Galaxy is stuff of legend; today, his many musical projects continue getting stronger and more diverse. Michael Carey is one of his most frequent collaborators and a member of Odu Afrobeat Orchestra and The Vizitors. Also featuring the young Joel Peterson on doublebass. Opening the show is an even rarer performance by long-time experimental winds duo Major Dents. Marko Novachcoff (Odu, Only a Mother, Soul Power Experience Unlimited Band etc.) and Tim Holmes (Scavenger Quartet) grew up together, learning to play and build woodwinds. Major Dents is their crash course in unusual winds and the crazy stuff you can do with them. The first performance in 3+ years. Doors at 9 pm; sliding scale $5-10.

Sunday, June 3rd: Rob Brown 3tet with William Parker and Gerald Cleaver
Rob Brown is one of the most sought after and respected saxophonist in the current NYC scene. This is due, in large part, to his excellent work with doublebassist William Parker. They’ve played together in many of Parker’s groups, including In Order to Survive and Little Huey Orchestra. The list of collaborators for both men reads like a who’s who of the Free Jazz scene past and present, and Parker’s role as the primary force behind NYC’s Vision Festival has made him indispensable to the music. These heavyweights are joined by Detroit’s own Gerald Cleaver on drums, whose several years in New York have found him deep in thick of its finest players. Doors at 7 pm; sliding scale $10-20.

Currently confirmed to perform:

Friday, June 8th (doors at 6:30 pm)
Noah Howard/Hakim Jami/Bobby Kapp
The Raw Truth (Michael Carey, Skeeter Shelton, Ali Allen Colding, Greg Cook)
Thollem McDonas (solo)
Faruq Z. Bey Quintet with Anthony Holland, Kenny Green, Ali Colding

Saturday, June 9th (doors at 4 pm)
Engines (Dave Rempis, Nate McBride, Tim Daisy)
Hakim Jami/Salim Washington/Pamela Wyse/Sean Dobbins
Lotte Anker/Gerald Cleaver/Craig Taborn
Triochrome (Charles Waters, Andrew Barker, Nate McBride)
Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack
Spectrum 2 (Skeeter Shelton, Ali Colding)
Keenan Lawler (solo)

Food by Slows Bar BQ
Record Mart by Peoples Records

Tickets $25 a night (general admission)
$40 for 2 night pass (general admission)
reserved seating $35 a night

2 day passes and reserved seating go on sale May 20th at Bohemian National Home and Stormy Records (Dearborn).

6/23 Fibreglass Freakout 2007
7/21 SSM
9/4 Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens
9/6 Eye Contact

in September: Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black
10/19 Trevor Watts and Jamie Harris- early show

Bohemian National Home
3009 Tillman, Detroit 48216
313 737 6606