The latest From Nels Cline Reviewed

Jazz & Blues Music Reviews writes up the latest Nels Cline Singers release:

The gag, of course, is that there are no vocalists. Guitarist Nels Cline, bassist Devin Hoff and drummer Scott Amendola sing through their collective instruments. Cline is most well known for his avant-garde jazz and rock recordings and his unexpected but most welcome stint in the pop rock band Wilco. The Nels Cline Singers allow him to explore a number of different moods and textures in an improvised trio setting.

New From Crouton Music

Crouton Music has a pair of new releases:



We are very pleased to present this special edition LP from sculptor, painter, drawer and composer, Raymond Dijkstra.

Since 2003, his recorded work has been released in small, handcrafted art editions on the Le Souffleur label, all of which are out of print and not easy to obtain. Those who have, have discovered the odd, yet personal world of Raymond Dijkstra, whose recorded solo output relies heavily on the acoustic side of electro-acoustic music.

“Maskenstilleben” is released in a limited numbered edition of 100 in a painted wooden box on 200 gm virgin vinyl.

Full info + online ordering here:



TIM CATLIN AND JON MUELLER (with visual artist Thomas Kovacich): “PLATES AND WIRES”
CD + special edition

Following Tim Catlin’s recent release “Radio Ghosts” on 23five, comes this collaboration between the Australian guitarist and American percussionist Jon Mueller. Catlin and Mueller’s approach to their instruments is based on their shared interest in the vibration of material and the changes in sound that result in modifying those vibrations. Over a year in the making, the recording features a series of different situations involving guitars, gongs, snare drums, and bass drum, and their resonant effect upon one another.

Mastered by James Plotkin and released in an edition of 300 featuring artwork from Thomas Kovacich, with a limited edition of twenty-five including an original one-of-a-kind intaglio print.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Merzbow – Coma Berenices
Coma Berenices finds Merzbow mining father into rock like elements to make an album that takes in a droning rock like air, that’s heavy with a doomy and sleek blackness, making the simple white on black cover seem very apt indeed.

Mat Gustafsson & Yoshimi – Words on the floor
This is a collaboration between one half of the Boredoms Yoshimi and Swedish sax and noise improviser Mats Gustafsson, and it’s a real treat managing to be equally haunted, alien,beautiful and jagged. It’s 45 minute play time,a trip in the best sense of the word.

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

27-May-07 Joelle Leandre
No Comment (Red Toucan Records)

26-May-07 Satoko Fujii Min-Yoh Ensemble
Fujin Raijin (Les Disques Victo)

26-May-07 Michael Marcus & Ted Daniel
Duology (Boxholder Records)

26-May-07 John Lindberg – Karl Berger
Duets 1 (Between the Lines)