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From Richard Pinhas and Cuneiform Records:

Having released a new double CD on Cuneiform and completing a Japanese tour, Richard Pinhas, “Father of French Electronic Music”, sets his sights on performing in North America.

Ceaselessly innovative in a career spanning more than 30 years, Richard Pinhas is recognized as one of France’s major experimental musicians and is widely considered the father of French electronic music as the mastermind behind 1970s French psychedelic/electronic band Heldon. A composer, world-class guitarist and electronics innovator, Pinhas is a key figure in the international development of electronic rock music. His latest album, Metatron, represents his most realized and cohesive album to date, juxtaposing his original proto-industrial sound from 30 years ago (as leader of the band Heldon) with his later dark and brooding stylistic compositions. This music also incorporates deeper levels, as Pinhas integrates his passion for science fiction and his background in philosophy (Ph.D. from Sorbonne) to create a musical landscape that is simultaneously mysterious and beautiful.

Richard Pinhas’ Metatron is over 2 hours on two CDs of spacey and flowing music that doesn’t hesitate to also rock out. Pinhas uses a broader range of instrumentation with contributions from Didier Batard (splendid bass), Patrick Gauthier (minimoog), Chuck Oken Jr. (of Djam Karet, on synth), Antoine Paganotti (of Magma, on drums,) Alain Renaud (lead guitar), Jerome Schmidt (laptop and loops) and Philippe Simon (violin) and spoken work contributions by William S. Burroughs, Maurice Dantec, Philip K. Dick, and others. In addition to the music, there is a QuickTime video shot by Alain Bellaiche with footage from Richard and Jerome’s 2004 North American tour. A more in-depth description of Metatron can be found in the Cuneiform Records press release below:
Richard Pinhas “Metatron”

“…Pinhas proves that he is still active, and vital to the future of electronic music … I only hope that the current crop of electronic musicians are listening to this. As artists like Moby have shown, the movement benefits creatively and commercially when the electronics are secondary to the emotions… Pinhas revels in yet another method of achieving this balance, and musicians and fans alike will do well to pay attention.” – Splendid

Pinhas has released approximately 20 solo and Heldon CDs, most of them released by or reissued on Cuneiform. Over the past decade, working solo and with other artists such as Pascal Comelade and Maurice Dantec (for Schizotrope), Pinhas has been developing a system of electronic processing to use in performing live solo guitar concerts. His recent music is an arresting sensory assault, a dense river of sound that is rich in detail and texture. Critics are calling Pinhas’ newest work his most mature and perhaps best solo guitar work to date.

Richard Pinhas has just returned from Japan, where he toured to promote Metatron as well as a limited edition, Japanese-only release of a boxed CD set of his Heldon music. (Released by Captain Trip/licensed by Cuneiform, the Heldon box included a small plastic figurine: the robotic head depicted on the cover of the Heldon album Interface.) To view a live video of one of his Japanese shows and slideshows of various Japanese concerts, please visit these websites:

Video from Japanese Tour
Japanese Tour Slideshow

After a successful tour of Japan he will be returning to perform once again in Tokyo on October 20th. Visit our TOURS page for more information in the coming weeks about this show.

Richard Pinhas now looks to tour in North America. He will perform this summer at the 2007 Montreal Jazz Fest, the most acclaimed festival of jazz and new music on the western hemisphere, on July 5th.

Beyond the Montreal Jazz Fest, he is available to perform other shows in North America either before or after the Montreal dates. Pinhas has never previously performed on the U.S. West Coast.

Currently Pinhas has tentatively scheduled these dates:

* Saturday, June 23 – Cafe Metropol, Los Angeles, CA
* Sunday, June 24 – Santa Monica, CA
* Monday, June 25- open
* Tuesday, June 26 – open
* Wednesday, June 27 – G3 Club, San Francisco, CA (TBC)
* Thursday, June 28 – open
* Friday, June 29 – 21 Grand, Oakland/SF, CA
* Saturday, June 30 – open
* Sunday, July 1 – Rotture, Portland, Oregon
* Monday, Jul 2 or 3 – Seattle [venue TBA]
* Tuesday, July 3 – Horrist, Seattle
* Wednesday, July 4 – Travel to Montreal
* Thursday, July 5 – Montreal Jazz Festival
* Fri-Sun, July 6-11 – open dates for U.S.
* Thursday, July 12 – Velvet Lounge, Washington DC
* Friday, July 13 – Baltimore, MD
* TBC (July 7th-11th) : Detroit, Nyack, New Haven, Philadelphia

If you are interested in booking a West Coast premier performance by Pinhas or a date in between, or know of concert bookers, arts organizations, radio stations, upcoming music festival or venues who would be interested in helping to book a show in the US, please contact Jerome Schmidt. Schmidt is booking the tour from Paris, and would appreciate any North American help. Please email Schmidt at: or contact

Pinhas’ current live performances fuse electronic music with guitar, drums, samples, and visual/video projections. The tour lineup will include Richard Pinhas on guitar & loops, Antoine Paganoti on drums, and Jerome Schmidt on computers & samples. These spellbinding live performances should interest festivals, organizations, magazines, radio stations and/or venues that are interested in rock, electronic, experimental, avant progressive, industrial and ambient music; as well as those interested in new/digital media, science fiction, philosophy, and/or French culture.

For those who want to explore beneath the sonic surface, his music is infused with philosophical (A student and life-long friend of Gilles Deleuze, Pinhas currently runs the French philospher’s website, which you can visit at, sci-fi, and avant literary concepts exposed by both French and American authors.

An innovator in the development of industrial music and the fusion of electronics and guitar, Pinhas still continues to inspire and evolve with each album, continually presenting new conceptions of music, philosophy, technology, new media and sound. One new listener to Pinhas, a young university student who loves science fiction novels, commented, “with each song, or movement, or album that I listened to I painted a futuristic landscape with the music permeating throughout.” Pinhas’ music holds great attraction for young listeners familiar with such bands as God Speed you Black emperor and Sigur Ros, as well as older fans of Brian Eno, King Crimson and Robert Fripp.