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Catching up with Bob

14 May 2007:
The “turbofolkgypsypunkcountryprog micro-orchestra” Vialka are here, we recorded four more songs for their next album; of which the first batch were recorded here back in October 2006. They are a mighty duo and getting better and better, and really do not sound like anything else I know of. Listening to the last album they recorded here, Curiosities of Popular Customs, I think I’ve gotten a clearer, punchier sound this time in the recording. I’ll be mixing it for the next week or two.

3 May 2007:
Zoambo Zoet Workestrao were here for a few days and we mixed their new album. I think it’s a good thing to occasionally have to mix and master an entire album (of fairly complex music in this case) in two or three days. I must say, in typical self-aggrandizing mode, I’m quite good at that kind of instant mixing; though if you really want the full BD treatment I need around 2.5 days per song. Anyway, Zoambo Zoet Workestrao is a bloody excellent band, I love what they do and they are really nice people too.

Besides repairing the roof broken by a freakish hailstorm while I was at the RIO fest, I’m currently still mixing Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp’s new album, riding my bicycle because it’s not winter anymore, and playing guitar and banjo looking for some new songs, and rehearsing my NEARFest show. Lots of sessions coming up this summer too, more news as it happens.