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Wednesday, May 9, 2007
William Parker & Hamid Drake – Volume 2 – Summer Snow (AUM Fidelity, 2007) ****
Lafayette Gilchrist & Hamid Drake – Duets Live At The Vision Festival (Hyena Records, 2007) **

Monday, May 7, 2007
John Abercrombie – The Third Quartet (ECM, 2007)
Scott Colley – Architect Of The Silent Moment (Camjazz, 2007)
Anat Fort – A Long Story (ECM, 2007)
John Lindberg & Karl Berger – Duets 1 (Between The Lines, 2007)
Branford Marsalis Quartet – Braggtown (Marsalis Music, 2007)
Keith Jarret – The Carnegie Hall Concert (ECM, 2007)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
David S. Ware – Renunciation (Aum Fidelity, 2007)

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Taylor Deupree – Landing
Landing is a small audio treat from Taylor Deupree-clocking in near the twenty minute mark. It finds him stepping away from the snow bound and icy wonder of his last full length the wonderfully Northern- breathing in more of a feeling of spring days, the land coming awake with greenery and gentle hovering butterflies and opening flowers.

Stalaggh – Projekt Misanthropia
Projekt Misanthropia is a trip into noise, myriad of screams and moans, dark devil loving psychedelia, black metal, doomy soundtrack element and all manner of hellish chaos. All Severed up in one 35 minutes brain melting dose.

Sabbat – A History Of Time to come
Following on from the reissue of Sabbat’s second album, this their debut album gets similar treatment. With an extended booklet featuring old flyers/artwork and interviews ect,and extra tracks coming in the form of live version of four tracks from the album.

Kenji Siratori/Nordvargr/BSE – Hypergenome666- 2cd & book
Japanese Cyberpunk/surrealist & cut –up writer Kenji Siratori is a becoming something of a minor underground celebrities of late, seemly pop up all over the places on all manner of noise and dark ambient related releasers. This two disk set brings together his collaborations with Nordvargr and BSE(Beyond Sensory Experience)- each disk taken in a collaboration a piece- coming with an 80 page booklet of Siratori texts- all inside a illustrated folder .

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

10-May-07 James Blood Ulmer
Bad Blood in the City: The Piety Street Sessions (Hyena Records)

10-May-07 Roland Kirk with Jack McDuff
Kirk’s Work (Prestige Records)

10-May-07 Esbjorn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.)
Tuesday Wonderland (Emarcy/Universal)

10-May-07 Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe
Kobe Yee!! (Crab Apple Records)

10-May-07 Phil Minton Quartet
Slur (Emanem)

09-May-07 Joseph Jarman
As If It Were The Seasons (Delmark Records)