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The Gang Font : Feat. Interloper
Release Date: March 27th, 2007 CD

Musical combustion is about to take place. Take one part of legendary punk outfit Husker Du (Greg Norton), mix in the bad-ass jazz sounds of Bad Plus, (Dave King), stir vigously with the keyboard of Craig Taborn, and add the spicey seasoning of Happy Apples’ Erik Fratzke, and you have the perfect progressive punk jazz stew: Gang Font featuring Interloper.

Rife with intricate and ingenious instrumental interplay, The Gang Font Feat. Interloper is a recording that is as bombastic as it is intricate, weaving thumping bass and murderous drums with schizophrenic guitars and otherworldly keyboards, creating a frantic vitality that is rarely heard elsewhere.

New from Utech

Utech Records has a pair of new releases.

Artist: The Skull Defekts
Title: The Sound of Defekt Skulls and Intense Cranium Contact
(Feedbacking Gothenburg and Chicago)
Released: April 21, 2007

The Skull Defekts, represented by Henrik Rylander and Joachim Nordwall, were invited in late September 2006 by the Chicago non-profit organization Lampo to make their U.S. debut. With them they brought recorded sounds from their home on the Swedish west-coast Gothenburg. A city breathing culture, it is also Sweden’s most important export harbor. While spending close to a week in Chicago, Rylander and Nordwall carefully prepared a piece to be presented on the Lampo event on September 30. The duo recorded more sounds, searched for the Skull sound of Chicago, and found inspiration from the city itself and the people they met.
They traveled with ten mixing desks and Nordwall’s custom Drone Machine, ready to complete the project with sharp psychedelic & analog noise treatments. They also investigated the CM von Hausswolff “There Are No Crows Flying Around The Hancock Building” thesis. A crow was found below the building, it did not seem to be able to fly. The Skull Defekts recorded it while it was playing and testing it’s wings in a nearby park. When the Skulls left, the crow was still on the ground.

Artist: Half Makeshift
Title: Aphotic Leech
Released: February 24, 2007

Aphotic Leech is the first movement in a series of ever changing modes which make up what Half Makeshift has slowly become. A bath of heavy drone and bitter piano chords strewn over top of subtle glitch work and manipulated percussion, Aphotic Leech trades malice for despair and shuns any probable hope. Created in November of 2006 from austere piano pieces, string fragments, a live percussion specimen and other various arrangements, this piece grew to be much larger than originally intended through a series of long manipulation and thought processes. It engulfs the body in a thick black sludge only to dissipate at once, become a reborn substance and finally drain itself leaving a small fragment lingering after it expires.

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