Henry Grimes Event Schedule

From Henry Grimes:

Sunday, May 6th: Cecil Taylor’s AHA3 featuring Henry Grimes & Pheeroan akLaff special guest Andy Bey, the Blue Note, 131 West 3rd St. at Sixth Ave., New York City, 8 & 1O:3O p.m., 212-475-8592, http://www.bluenotejazz.com/newyork/schedule/index.shtml, tickets http://www.bluenote.net/newyork/schedule/moreinfo.cgi?id=4970,

staff[@] bluenote.net, club[@] bluenote.net.

Tuesday, May 8th: Marc Ribot w/ Henry Grimes & Chad Taylor, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, 1O7 Suffolk St. betw. Rivington & Delancey (one block east of where Tonic was), New York City, 7:3O p.m. (Sabir Mateen / Daniel Carter / Andrew Barker follow at 9:3O), 212-254-542O, http://csvcenter.com/2005, http://www.csvcenter.com/2005/directions.htm, http://www.visionfestival.org, info[@] visionfestival.org.

Tuesday-Saturday, May 15th-May 19th: Henry Grimes’s Spaceship on the Runway, w/ Maestro Marshall Allen, Andrew Lamb, and Avreeayl Ra, two workshops and two concerts in the Uncool Festival at Poschiavo, Switzerland (near the Italian border), (O11-41) 81 84 4O O5O, http://www.uncool.ch, thekey[@] uncool.ch…

Coming on Innova

New releases on the way from Innova:

Title: Things You Must Do to Get to Heaven
Artist: Virgil Moorefield
Catalog: Innova 664
7 26708 66642 2
Street date: 7/24/07
Format: 1 CD
File Under: New Classical>Moorefield
Primary Market: East Coast, Midwest

A meditation on mortality.

Virgil Moorefield¹s new recording, Things You Must Do to Get to Heaven, is
the third in a series of CDs of instrumental music by this maverick composer
with one foot firmly in classical music– and the other just as firmly in
art-rock drumming. Things offers a remarkable blend of acoustic and
electronic instruments, as well as a subtle exploration of rhythm and
timbre. But you won¹t hear much drumming, at least not on a kit.

While his ensemble¹s previous recordings explored the domains of
microtonality and comprovisation, says Moorefield, ³this new work is
primarily introspective. It takes place on a couple of levels; the music
explores psychological space, but there¹s also a structural concern with
having the entire ensemble work as a sort of big drum set, stepping through
tightly organized themes and variations.²

Moorefield¹s music reflects the broad range of his musical experience (he
was a long-time star of the New York Downtown scene and is now in Michigan),
and will likely appeal to listeners whose music collections stretch far and

Title: American Voices
Artist: Brian Sacawa
Composers: Philip Glass, Lee Hyla, Erik Spangler, Chris Theofanidis, Derek
Hurst, Keeril Makan, Michael Gordon
Catalog: Innova 675
7 26708 66752 8
Street date: 7/24/07
Format: 1 CD
File Under: New Classical/Saxophone> Sacawa
Primary Market: Midwest, East Coast, West Coast

It¹s a tough proposition to get the saxophone beyond its historical cliches
of the subway, club, and concert stage. If anyone can do it Brian Sacawa
may be that man.

It takes technique, gumption, and some really hot music: ³I¹m looking for
the kind of pieces that really warrant the violinist or cellist taking that
hugely audible breath before they play something. The kind of stuff that
makes you get goosebumps and want to scream, ŒYes!¹ ³

Sacawa went looking for music that captures that brand of complex energy to
create this album, and in doing so has clarified what defines him as a
musician. To start, he has focused on getting his instrument out of the
sand trap it often finds itself in by selecting work by living American
composers who reach a broad audience base. He did so even if it meant‹as it
did in the cases of both the Philip Glass and the Michael Gordon works
included on the disc‹taking existing pieces scored for other instruments and
arranging them for the saxophone himself. Together with the extraordinary
works penned specifically for the instrument by Lee Hyla and Chris
Theofanidis, Sacawa manages to stack his deck.

You can judge the emotional vibrancy of this collection of American Voices
for yourself; just do the goosebump test. It is likely to turn out

Title: Look Around
Artist: Fantastic Merlins
Catalog: Innova 670
7 26708 66702 3
Street date: 8/14/07
Format: 1 CD
File Under: Jazz>Fantastic Merlins
Primary Market: Midwest

Intensely cinematic (though not from any movie you would have seen), the
rare beauty of the Fantastic Merlins begins with the group’s unusual blend
of tenor saxophone (Nathan Hanson), cello (Jacqueline Ferrier-Ultan), bass
(Brian Roessler), and drums (Federico Ughi). What’s been called their gift
for the psychedelic is really more of an alchemical interplay. Like the
bass-piano-clarinet dynamics of Jimmy Giuffre’s Freefall, the group executes
a sensual game of freeze-tag between figure and ground. At moments angular
and aggressive, but rarely ever austere, the music’s textural elements
breathe exceptional warmth into elliptical spaces. Bass, cello, saxophone
intertwine for a honey-rich choral effect, splinter with steely “abkratzen,”
and epitomize chamber music (both in the sense of containment and a
subversive sense of surface attraction). It’s the soundtrack of a strange
and beautiful love affair.

Musically they are the spiritual kin of bass sorcerer François Rabbath;
Albert Ayler’s vibrational, gospel-tinged sonorities; Frisell’s spacious,
meteorological impulses; Sonny Rollins’ hopscotch antics; Morricone’s
redolent lozenges of mood and memory; and 1980s shoot-from-the-hip,
NYC-downtown avant-gardisms that ricochet between angular swing and
curveball poetics. While not outwardly a JAZZ group (in the
verse-chorus-bridge-solo-solo-solo sense), the Fantastic Merlins’ approach
to rhythm and space is firmly rooted in a freewheeling jazz sensibility.

Jean Cocteau once said, “The public does not like dangerous profundities; it
prefers surfaces.” The values of jazz and improvised music are typically an
affront to the polite surface of life. Call it a left-handed form of human
endeavor, but the Fantastic Merlins’ subversive aesthetics are a threat to
The Man. They embrace a daring velocity, a dissonant wail, a noir-ish sense
of sensuality, intimacy, and risk, they embody freedom and possess, dare I
say, a democratic appeal.

Title: Alabama Places
Artist: Monroe Golden
Catalog: Innova 680
7 26708 66802 0
Street date:
Format: 1 CD
File Under: Electronic> Golden
Primary Market: East Coast, Central/Southern, West Coast

“There is nothing about Golden’s lovely, sumptuous, yet arcane music that
fits snugly into any one category.” – Birmingham Weekly

Native Alabamian Monroe Golden found his way to the microtonal music of
Harry Partch and Ben Johnston by a convoluted path that began with 1970s
progressive rock and traversed most isms associated with Western Art Music.
These influences all remain, as do the heterophonic frog calls and other
sounds of the Alabama night that resonate from early childhood.

Here he shares twelve duets for piano and microtonal keyboard, the fruit of
an introspective four-year journey. Each work is somehow connected to a
place in Alabama ­ some with strong personal ties, others newly-discovered
yet no less inspiring.

If the choice of represented place is serendipitous, the microtonal
structure is completely preconceived. The pieces serve as studies in the
tradition of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, but in overtone-based harmony
rather than key relationships. The keyboard is detuned by an interval
between 4 and 48 cents, in 4-cent increments, for each of the twelve pieces.
Thus, the entire set explores twelve different 24-note scales made up of two
asymmetrical 12-note equal-tempered scales. Available pitches at a given
moment correspond to overtone relationships from fundamental frequencies
that also shift in 4-cent increments.

Performing are distinguished pianist Ellen Tweiten and Renaissance man Kurt
Carpenter. Also on this extended CD is a bonus MP3: a spoken word version
of In Pell City with performance poetry by Linda Frost.

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

01-May-07 The Bad Plus
Prog (Heads Up International)

01-May-07 John Abercrombie Quartet
The Third Quartet (ECM Records)

01-May-07 Paul Motian
Time and Time Again (ECM Records)

30-Apr-07 Andrew Hill
Compulsion!!!!! (Blue Note Records)

The Stone in June

The Stone has published its June calendar.

June 2007 at the Stone curated by Christopher McIntyre

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (plus Friday June 1 & 29)
A month-long festival featuring New York’s unusually creative group of local trombonists, all of whom compose and lead their own projects. Visit the festival site for more info at http://www.cmcintyre.com/trombonophilia.htm

6/1 Friday
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Chris McIntyre’s SoHo SoLo
Chris McIntyre (trombone & laptop)
A new solo set of compositions from a 70’s SoHo perspective (Niblock, Glass, Zummo, Rzewski) as well as McIntyre’s evolving stuplimity no.3 for trombone and ISE.

10 pm
Trombonophilia: 7X7 Trombone Band
Joe Fiedler, Ben Gerstein, Curtis Hasselbring, Richard Marriott, Chris McInytre, Steve Swell, Peter Zummo (trombone)
Formed to play McIntyre’s music with choreographer Yoshiko Chuma, 7X7 has performed at the River To River and Fall For Dance Festivals and Issue Project Room. Tonight features McIntyre’s stuplimity series pieces for multiple trombones and Fredric Rzewski’s Last Judgement (subtitled “for solo trombone or any number of echoing trombones not quite in unison”)

6/2 Saturday (RK)
8 and 10pm
John Zorn Improv Night—a Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Christopher McIntyre (trombone) and many special guests
Come and support The Stone! TWENTY DOLLARS

6/3 Sunday (MH)
8 and 10 pm
Anthony Coleman & Friends
Anthony Coleman (piano) and guests

6/5 Tuesday (MH)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Richard Marriott
Richard Marriott (trombone, compositions) Doug Lima (piano) Bella Marriott (vocals) David Teague (filmmaker) Members of Gamelan Dharma Swara

10 pm
Trombonophilia: R*TIME, 2nd generation (Reut Regev)
Reut Regev (Bones) Igal Foni (Skins)
After breaking the ground for the extended and well spaced out series R*STONE*TIME in August of 2006, Reut Regev and her band R*TIME are back for a second round of applause! This time, like the other time with Reut Regev on Trombones and other stuff and Igal Foni on drums and other stuff. However, this concert may also include additional monstrous musicians, to be announced. If you missed our concert last summer – don’t make the same mistake again. We nice. Why not?

6/6 Wednesday (MH)
8 pm
Ensemble Helacious
J D Parran (saxophone, clarinet, flute) Kevin Norton (vibraphone, drum set) Peter Zummo (trombone, electronics)
eHelacious, fresh from its premiere performance as a group in March at the second annual Rhythm in the Kitchen festival, NYC

10 pm
Kevin Norton’s “Breakfast of Champignons” Ensemble
Angelica Sanchez (piano) Esther Noh (violin) JD Parran (reeds, flutes) Kevin Norton (vibraphone, drums, maybe marimba)
” … of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of Vonneguts and shrooms.”

6/7 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: The Jacob Garchik Trio
Jacob Garchik (trombone, compositions) Jacob Sacks (piano) Dan Weiss (drums)
Elegant compositions for a bass-less ensemble with plenty of space to explore creative imaginations.

10 pm
Trombonophilia: Water Surgeons (Josh Roseman)
Josh Roseman (trombone, bass, electronics) Curtis “CURHA” Hasselbring (trombone, guitar, FX) Jacob Garchik (trombone, accordion, possibly tuba) Tyshawn Sorey (trombone, percussion) with guest Barney McAll (sheep dip, samples, televisions, music boxes, stuff parakeet)
The WATER SURGEONS won Dublin Harbor’s Lobstar Cage “synchronized brass” awared in 1987. This “elite quartet” generates a lurid, expansive chromatic canvas. Roseman, Garchik, Hasselbring and Sorey demonstrate a healthy lack of regard for much of nothing, be it diatonic or trombonist. Sadly, they seem to prefer to strap things on, inclusive of accordions, cheap guitar and a drumset, resulting in a sentimental morass of the harmolodic variety. Hoping the SURGEONS present their extemporal acoustic “A” material for their debut at the STONE! And leave that weird loud dubby stuff in Brooklyn. with “Guest Surgeon” Barney “Scratch” Mcall on found devices and ambience. -Hiawatha Tyler O’Stewart

6/8 Friday (MM)
8 pm
Gold Sparkle Trio
Andrew Barker (drums) Adam Roberts (bass) Charles Waters (reeds, piano)

10 pm
Gold Sparkle Trio + Friends
Andrew Barker (drums) Adam Roberts (bass) Charles Waters (reeds, piano) and guests.
Tonight GOLD SPARKLE celebrates 13 years of work together and the release of a new recording, and for the second set, a roof-blower from the fry-daddy…

6/9 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
James Fei Solo
James Fei (alto saxophone)
Fei’s first show in New York since leaving to teach at Mills College.

10 pm
James Fei & Kato Hideki
James Fei (analog electronics) Kato Hideki (electric bass, electronics)
Visceral electro-magnetic manipulations.

6/10 Sunday (MH)
8 pm
Ne(x)tworks Composers: Miguel Frasconi & Yves Dharamraj
Joan La Barbara (voice) Stephen Gosling (piano) Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim (violin) Kenji Bunch (viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) Shelley Burgon (harp, elec.) Miguel Frasconi (glass instr., elec.) Chris McIntyre (trombone)

10 pm
Ne(x)tworks Composers: Shelley Burgon & Ariana Kim
Joan La Barbara (voice) Stephen Gosling (piano) Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim (violin) Kenji Bunch (viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) Shelley Burgon (harp, elec.) Miguel Frasconi (glass instr., elec.) Chris McIntyre (trombone)
The creative music group Ne(x)tworks continues its tradition of presenting all first-performance concerts of works from composers within the band. http://www.nextworksmusic.net

6/12 Tuesday (MH)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Monique Buzzarté and Zanana
Monique Buzzarté (trombone, live processing)
Zanana: Monique Buzzarté (trombone and live processing) Kristin Norderval (voice and live processing)
Cutting-edge trombonist Monique Buzzarté first showcases her latest works for trombone and live processing, and then is joined Kristin Norderval for their electro-acoustic chamber music duo Zanana. The duo performs its newest collaborative composition “NYZ” using found sounds unique to New York City. http://www.buzzarte.org & http://www.zanana.org

10 pm
Trombonophilia: Christian Pincock
Cold Reading Trio
Christian Pincock (valve trombone, computer) Evan Mazunik (piano, accordion) John O’ Brien (drums)

6/13 Wednesday (OL)
8 pm
Peter Evans and Nate Wooley duo
Peter Evans (trumpet) Nate Wooley (trumpet)

10 pm
Peter Evans with Strings
Peter Evans (trumpet) with guests
A bird’s eye view of the classic sell-out genre.

6/14 Thursday (MH)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Deborah Weisz Quartet
Deborah Weisz (trombone) Bruce Arnold (guitar) Ratzo Harris (bass) Rob Garcia (drums)
After a long absence from performing live with her own groups Deborah is planning a celebration of music that includes selections from her two recent CD releases “Grace” & “Trio”

10 pm
Trombonophilia: The UP (Ben Gerstein)
Ben Gerstein (trombone) Jonathan Moritz (tenor & soprano saxophone) Eivind Opsvik (bass) John McLellan (drums)
The UP was formed by Gerstein in 2005 as a New York City-based collective of four individuals needing to fuse together into a unique, powerful force – a platform which has provided the essential improvisational opportunities to explore and release a unique spiritual amalgamation of free-form musical languages and visions together and for the sake of this world. http://bengerstein.com/theup.html

Over the four sets of ALL TILT, TILT Brass Band’s full 10-piece compliment performs compositions written specifically for its unique instrumentation, aesthetic and performers, including the world premiere of four commissioned works. http://www.tiltbrass.org

6/15 Friday
8 pm
TILT Brass Band
The opening set of ALL TILT features works by TILT members Kevin Norton and Greg Evans, as well as new commissioned works by Gold Sparkler Charles Waters and the busy cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum.

10 pm
TILT Brass Band
Set two features Anthony Coleman’s Set Into Motion (released on Tzadik in ’06), and new commissioned works from TILT regular’s trumpeter Nate Wooley and trombonist Curtis Hasselbring.

6/16 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
TILT Brass Band
The second night of ALL TILT begins with older pieces TILT members Kevin Norton and Chris McIntyre, and Waters’ and Bynum’s new pieces get a second hearing.

10 pm
TILT Brass Band
The final program of ALL TILT features Dave Ballou’s Concerto for TILT and a second shot for the band at new works from Nate Wooley and Curtis Hasselbring.

6/17 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Ne(x)tworks: Music of Jon Gibson
Jon Gibson (compositions, flute, saxphone) Joan La Barbara (voice) Stephen Gosling (piano) Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim (violin) Kenji Bunch (viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) Shelley Burgon (harp, elec.) Miguel Frasconi (glass instr., elec.) Chris McIntyre (trombone)
Ne(x)tworks presents a full program of works from the 1970’s by American music legend Jon Gibson. Pieces on the program include a trio version of Untitled, a version of Song 1 for soprano sax and string quartet, and the strategic score Multiples. http://www.nextworksmusic.net

10 pm
Ne(x)tworks: Dialogics
Joan La Barbara (voice) Stephen Gosling (piano) Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim (violin) Kenji Bunch (viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) Shelley Burgon (harp, elec.) Miguel Frasconi (glass instr., elec.) Chris McIntyre (trombone) with guests including Anthony Coleman (organ, elec.) among others.
Works on the program include recently passed composer and violinist Leroy Jenkins’ Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America, an ensemble trance work by Arthur Russell entitled The Singing Tractors, and the group’s realization of Julius Eastman’s Stay On It. http://www.nextworksmusic.net

10 pm
Ne(x)tworks: Dialogics
Joan La Barbara (voice) Stephen Gosling (piano) Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim (violin) Kenji Bunch (viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) Shelley Burgon (harp, elec.) Miguel Frasconi (glass instr., elec.) Chris McIntyre (trombone) with guests including Anthony Coleman (organ, elec.) among others.
Works on the program include recently passed composer and violinist Leroy Jenkins’ Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America, an ensemble trance work by Arthur Russell entitled The Singing Tractors, and the group’s realization of Julius Eastman’s Stay On It. http://www.nextworksmusic.net

6/19 Tuesday (MH)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Curtis Fowlkes
Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) with guests

10 pm
Trombonophilia: Jim Staley
Jim Staley (trombone) with guests

6/20 Wednesday (MH)
8 pm
Lauren Radnofsky :: Cello+Electronics
Lauren Radnofsky (cell0) Paul Coleman (sound design)
Performing works for cello/multitrack celli+Electronics by Gerard Buquet, Michael Gordon, Brad Lubman, Steve Reich, and Kaija Saariaho. http://www.LaurenRadnofsky.com

10 pm
Brad Lubman with Respect Sextet and guests
Josh Rutner (saxes) Eli Asher (trumpet) James Hirschfeld (trombone) Red Wierenga (piano and respectron) Malcolm Kirby (bass) Ted Poor (drums) with Olivia DePrato (violin) and Lauren Radnofsky (cello)
Brad Lubman presents and evening of his own compositions for ensemble and electronics featuring The powerhouse ensemble Respect Sextet. With guests Olivia DePrato and Lauren Radnofsky. http://www.BradLubman.com :: http://www.RespectSextet.com

6/21 Thursday (MH)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: The Joe Fiedler Trio
Joe Fiedler (trombone/compositions) John Hebert (bass) Michael Sarin (drums)
Original compositions from the soon-to-be released recording, The Crab (Clean Feed). http://www.joefiedler.com

10 pm
Trombonophilia: Kevin James
Kevin James (trombone) with guests.

6/22 Friday
8 and10 pm
Rubai’yat and 10 Mysteries—Music by John King
Jenny Lin (piano) John King (electronics and viola) Jennifer Choi (violin) Ariana Kim (violin) Okkyung Lee (cello)
During each set, Jenny Lin will perform from King’s “Rubai’yat” series, compositions for piano and electronics; plus a new quartet led by King will perform the premiere of his “10 Mysteries”.

6/23 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Russ Johnson Quartet
Russ Johnson (trumpet) John O’Gallagher (alto) Kermit Driscoll (bass) Mark Ferber (drums)
Performing music from the OmniTone release “Save Big” as well as new material. http://www.russjohnsonmusic.com

10 pm
Cave Songs of the Upper Human: Antic Therapies for the Thorax
Pete Drungle (piano) Michael Portnoy (voice)

6/24 Sunday (MH)
8 pm
Ne(x)tworks: Innerlogics 1
Joan La Barbara (voice) Stephen Gosling (piano) Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim (violin) Kenji Bunch (viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) Shelley Burgon (harp, elec.) Miguel Frasconi (glass instr., elec.) Chris McIntyre (trombone) with guests
Ne(x)tworks performs two sets of music that obscures its organizing principles , by methods of irrationality, hybridity, or computer-generated randomness. Program includes Iannis Xenakis’ unaccompanied trombone work Keren, Joan La Barbara’s ensemble work in the shadow and act of the haunting place, among others.

10 pm
Ne(x)tworks: Innerlogics 2
Joan La Barbara (voice) Stephen Gosling (piano) Cornelius Dufallo, Ariana Kim (violin) Kenji Bunch (viola) Yves Dharamraj (cello) Shelley Burgon (harp, elec.) Miguel Frasconi (glass instr., elec.) Chris McIntyre (trombone), with guests
The second set of Innerlogics features first-performances of brand new works by Ne(x)tworks Director and violinist Cornelius Dufallo, and the innovative sound artist Michael J. Schumacher. http://www.nextworksmusic.net

6/26 Tuesday (MH)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson (trombone) with guests.

10 pm
Trombonophilia: The Noisy Meditation Band (Peter Zummo)
Peter Zummo (trombone, compositions) Ernie Brooks (bass guitar) Michael Evans (drums) Tom Hamilton (synthesizer) J.D. Parran (alto saxophone, bamboo flute) Yvette Perez (synthesizer, vocals)
A suite of tone-row drones and cyclic grooves in pursuit of freedom of individual action.

6/27 Wednesday (MM)
8 pm
Daniel Carter Solo
Daniel Carter (saxophones, clarinet, flute, trumpet)

10 pm
Matt Bauder and Aaron Siegel Duo
Matt Bauder (reeds) and Aaron Siegel (percussion)
Regular bandmates in the trio Memorize the Sky, Bauder and Siegel revisit their long dormant duo collaboration which began ten years ago.

6/28 Thursday (JC)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Curtis Hasselbring’s Decoupage
Curtis Hasselbring (trombone) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Matt Moran (vibes) Satoshi Takieshi (percussion)
Decoupage is an improvising chamber ensemble focused on creating maximum color and texture with minimal musical content. The group’s repertoire, composed by Curtis, consists of pieces that are (mostly) quiet by nature but maintain a high level of inner turmoil.

10 pm
Trombonophilia: Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor (bass trombone) with guests.

6/29 Friday (MH)
8 pm
Trombonophilia: Steve Swell
Steve Swell (trombone) with guests.

10 pm
Trombonophilia Finale—A Stone Benefit
Christopher McIntyre (trombone) and many special guest trombonists from the Trombonophilia Festival
The rousing closing event of the month long trombone festival featuring many of NYC’s stellar practitioners of the posaune!

6/30 Saturday (RK)
8 and 10 pm
the macro-quarktet
Herb Robertson (trumpets, etc.) Dave Ballou (trumpets, etc.) Tom Rainey (drums and cymbals) and a special guest bassist
Debut performance of a new collaborative band featuring special notated compositions and group improvisations. Recording live to be released at a later date on Ruby Flower Records.

JACK Quartet at Northwestern

Northwestern University is offering an evening of modern classical.

JACK Quartet
Regenstein Recital Hall
Wednesday, May 2, 7:30 PM

John Pickford Richards, viola; Ari Streisfeld and Christopher Otto, violin; Kevin MacFarland, cello

The JACK Quartet is on of the country’s top young string quartets specializing in contemporary music. This program features Iannis Xenakis’s monstrously difficult Tetras plus works by Northwestern composition faculty members Aaron Travers and Aaron Cassidy as well as Helmut Lachenmann’s Grido (in its Chicago premiere) and Third String Quartet. Lachenmann writes that the quartet’s members “demonstrate simultaneously a high level of artistry and accountability in their brilliant understanding of the works of the tradition as well as of the present. I believe in these musicians.”