2 Foot Yard Previewed

2 Foot Yard’s New Bedford performance is previewed.


Tonic Closes

Not surprising given the history, but New York’s Tonic will close in 2 weeks. High rents are the main culprit but with any luck the music will move to Brooklyn or similar place in the NY scene where the rents are more reasonable and to where the music is fleeing.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Starving Weirdos – Shrine Of The Post- Hypnotic
Shrine of the post- Hypnotic finds the Starving Weirdos in a more primal, metallic, fiery almost ritual mood. This Also feels like one long trip through their strange sound world, instead of several separate ones that usual make up their albums; this seems to be telling a story, with real thought gone into the track sequencing.

Religious Knives – Remains
Religious Knives conjure up expansive and dense soundworlds, mixing b-movie like or low grade Tangerine dream synth throb and pierce, slow looped percussive matches, twanging and muddling guitar elements, chanted/mumbled male/female vocals and eastern edges. Coming up with a rather original and distinctive sound like a lost soundtrack to some late 70’s or early 80’s surreal horror movie or bizarre easter influence art-house movie.

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – The Garden of Forked Paths
The Garden of forked paths is san-Francisco sound and drone artists’ first full length solo album, though he has released stuff with post-rock/psychedelic project Tarentel and the mainman behind the excellent Root Strata label.

Vanishing Voice – Stone Tablet
Stone Tablet is a strange tripped-out and psychedelic trip into groove locked, muilt layered kraut rock. Mixing in discordant and bent elements, battered guitar heroics, synth drug hazes and all manner of audio freak-out and sound psychedelics.

Tarwater – Spider Smile
Spider Smile finds this German electronic experimental duo bending their sound into more pop like angles, also adding in more organic and acoustic elements like mouth organ, Obe and banjo. All to make an album that on the surface is more approachable and tuneful, but still having an avant ear for sound use and repeated plays unveil more quirky and odd edges to the songs.

Bagatellen Reviews

From Bagatellen:

The Dixie Stompers – At Westminster College – 29 Mar 07
Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson – Kidney Stew is Fine – 29 Mar 07
Robert Jr. Lockwood – Steady Rollin’ Man – 29 Mar 07
Joe Henderson – Power to the People – 28 Mar 07
Three from emd.pl (Nowak, Menche, Charles/Piotrowicz) – 28 Mar 07