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Catalog Number: innova 674
Title: Rave
Artist: Andrew Violette
Performers: Andrew Violette, Gregor Kitzis, Curtis Macomber
UPC: 7 26708 66742 9
Genre: New Classical/Experimental> Violette
Target Markets: East Coast (builds on previous releases in series)
Street Date: 6/12/07
Format: CD

³Equal parts Messiaen and prog rock, Violette’s new sound world is
simultaneously restless and strangely comforting.²
‹Frank J. Oteri

What do you do after completing seven of the longest piano sonatas in
history, songs that go well beyond four minutes, and an opera that runs
longer than most marathons? How about creating a seamless collage of
obsessive virtuosity running no less than 75 minutes without a pause? Good
idea. Welcome to the mind of Andrew Violette.

There¹s a long history of fiendish keyboardist-composers; Violette is just
another Buxtehude, Scarlatti, Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin, Cecil Taylor or
Fredric Rzewski in that sense. But Violette goes farther, mixing
electronics with acoustic chamber instruments (keyboards and two violins)
and leaving no envelope unpushed.

This is a Rave unlike the typical ones. Underneath, though, the impulses are
the same: a hedonistic, Dionysian gallop, brimming with sensory overload and
too much information for any organ to make sense of. Time alters. Colors
shift. Then the crash (the second part of Rave was written after 9/11).

Catalog Number: innova 645
Title: Where Does Love Go?
Artist: Mark Engebretson
UPC: 7 26708 66452 7
Genre: New Classical>Engebretson
Target Markets: East Coast, Midwest
Street Date: 6/12/07
Format: CD

Mark Engebretson is perhaps best known as a sax player with mean chops. He
hangs out in good company; his circle of friends and fellow performers are
no slouch musicians themselves. So when Engebretson puts on his composer
hat and writes chamber music, as on this album, the results are intimate,
demanding, personal and deep.

Where Does Love Go? is a collection of six small ensemble works written
since 1991 combining voice, acoustic instruments and digital media. In
keeping with the title (inspired by a poem of Dana Richardson), this is a
somewhat bleak world, yet surrounded by warmth, and connected by melody.

The composer¹s compositional devices provide rigor and whimsy to the
unfolding lines. One, for instance, is described as ³What happens when
things happen, versus what happens when they don¹t.² Another uses a
proprietary technique of ³motivic infection.² You don¹t need to follow these
workings, however, to answer the question of where love goes after love is
gone. Listening is enough.

Engebretson has worked, played and taught in the US and Europe from Buffalo
to Vienna. He is currently teaching electroacoustic music at the University
of North Carolina, Greensboro. Performers include Susan Fancher, sax
goddess; Lorena Guillén, soprano with Stockhausen and Berio in her rep;
Scott Rawls, violist with Steve Reich and Musicians; and Guild Trio members
Janet Orenstein and Brooks Whitehouse.

Catalog Number: innova 219
Title: Analog
Artist: Tim Kaiser
UPC: 7 26708 62192 6
Genre: Experimental>Kaiser
Target Markets: Midwest
Street Date: 6/12/07
Format: CD in custom box, wrapped. NB This is a Short Run limited edition,
hand assembled; minimal quantities of consignment orders only please.

Duluth, Minnesota, is not where you¹d expect to find Tim Kaiser, but you¹d
be dead wrong. He¹s the guy with the obsolete gadgetry at the back of
various coffee shops and art galleries making that Post-Modern folk music.
More than a lofty tinker, though, his music is as delightful as his
contraptions: sonorous loops and wacky machine-vocals, with a decidedly
analog bent. You can almost hear the Bakelite singingÅ 

One day while scrounging for parts, Kaiser stopped by the local electronics
recycling facility and noticed a very large stack of unpopulated circuit
boards (coincidentally the approximate size of a CD). He asked one of the
techs if they were for sale. The tech said, “I don’t know- heck, why not?
I’ll have to ask the boss how much.” However, the boss was out to lunch at
the time. So the tech said, “Just make them go away.” And Kaiser did. A trip
to the sheet metal works and the hardware store completed the parts needed.

It took several weeks of drilling holes and grinding the metal corners to
come to the finished product. The package was a perfect fit for Kaiser’s
music and maniacal zeal for the hand-made. Can you say ³Grammy Award for
Design and Packaging²?

This is ingenious music of happy accidents; a two-year labor of love and
sweat that just might make your secret dreams come true.

There are no limits to the creativity in this package, but there are to how
many exist. Only 500 are available, signed and numbered by the artist, and
produced by Logan Erickson.


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