Bridge Releases George Crumb Edition – Volume 10

Bridge Records has released the latest in their series of Crumb recordings.


Arraymusic 2007 Schedule

From Toronto’s Arraymusic:

Ten Planets CD Release Concert

Friday, March 9th, 2007, concert at 8 p.m. – The Music Room, Hart House, The University of Toronto; 7:15 p.m. composers’ talk.

Please join Arraymusic as we celebrate the release of Ten Planets, an inspired CD of intricate music for solo percussion performed by Arraymusic’s ‘true-blue’ Rick Sacks.

Rick will perform several works from the new CD, including The Waldo by Michael James Baker, Appollo’s Touch by Rodney Sharman, Glockenspiel by Barbara Monk Feldman and Rick Sack’s own Ten Planets as well as Factory. Composers Rodney Sharman and Barbara Monk Feldman will be in attendance at the concert and earlier in the week will give composers’ talks at the Arraymusic Studio.

Visit our website mid-February for the date and time of these talks.

“These works represent some of the best writing for solo percussion in Canada,” says Rick. “Each piece contains an interplay between large space and a more intimate, poetic activity. This collection captures the extremes of percussion music from gentle lyrcisicm to explosive energy.”

On an earlier 2001 Sacks’ performance of The Waldo, The Globe and Mail wrote: “Baker’s musical language seemed to have reached its apotheosis – lyricism,structure, rhythm and melodic line combined seemlessly to provide a transporting musical experience.” The Toronto Star has written: “the mood is splendidly relentless and gentle at the same time, and also visually breathtaking, so brilliant and physical is Sacks’ playing.”

Array Legacy Concert

Monday, May 19th, 2007, concert at 8 p.m. at The Recital Hall, the East Accolade Building at York University; 7:00 p.m. array artistic directors’ talk

Come celebrate Arraymusic’s 35th anniversary in 2007 when we perform and record music that we have commissioned or premiered since the organization’s first concert in 1972. All the pieces to be recorded live in concert – with special recording support from Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council – will be receiving their first commercial recordings on this release.

Each of the artistic directors from the group’s beginnings to the present is represented by a composition of their choice from the period of their tenure with Arraymusic. The concert to be recorded live for a two-CD box-set release, takes place at York U’s new state-of-the art concert hall and recording facility and we are thrilled to be recording this important CD of groundbreaking Arraymusic repertoire from the early ‘70s through to the present there.

Arraymusic’s artistic directors and the pieces associated with them for our Array Legacy CD concert recording are:
Artistic Director Composition Composer
Alex Pauk Magaru (1973) Alex Pauk
Marjan Mozetich Ice (1978) Marjan Mozetich
Doug Perry Wings of Silence (1978) John Rea
Henry Kucharzyk Pulau Dewata (1977) Claude Vivier
Linda C. Smith Into Darkness (1989) Kevin Volans
Michael J. Baker La Vie de Boheme (1993) Michael J. Baker
Allison Cameron Steiner Shimmy (2001) John Abram
Bob Stevenson Trace (2004) Bob Stevenson

Young Composers’ Workshop Concert
The Ballroom at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen Street W., Toronto), Sunday, June 10th, 2007, concert at 3:00 p.m.; 2:15 p.m. composers’ / improvers’ talk

To conclude our 2006/07 season, we present our annual Young Composers’ Workshop Concert. Now in its 21st year, the YCW gives composers at the start of their music careers an opportunity to create a new work in active collaboration with the Arraymusic Ensemble, a group of musicians unparalleled in its experience and skills in the preparation and performance of contemporary music. This year’s workshop focuses on composers who incorporate improvisational and/or open formal elements into their overall music practice.

In the past year, we have taken the initiative to work more closely with our long-time regular artist residents at the Arraymusic Studio. We are happy to include the Association of Improvising Musicians of Toronto (AIMT) performers – who presents a regular concert series at the Arraymusic Studio ever Friday evening throughout the year – in our Young Composers’ Workshop Concert. Along with performances of work by the Arraymusic Ensemble prepared by this year’s participants, this years’ concert features performances by young improvisers whom AIMT feels deserve greater public recognition.

Please join us at The Gladstone June 10th in the afternoon to hear composed and improvised music from the best of the next generation of creators. A pre-concert talk with the up-and-coming composers and improvisers along with Arraymusic’s artistic director Bob Stevenson precedes the concert.

New From Sachimay Interventions

Two new offerings from this CDR label:

After a short hiatus during which Interventions’ vast corporate offices moved from Brooklyn, NY, to Portland, OR, the good-karma $5 avant-garde CDR series is back with new disks from the UK and DC, representing radically different approaches to the improv/New Music universe.

Interventions #30: Steve Lofkin – Guitar Sculptures: Shimmering, gliss’ning, improvised solo guitar sculptures recorded between April and August 2003 — ethereal, spacey, delicate, frantic, dark, longing, and haunting. “A return to solo playing on the back of disbanding an acoustic guitar/violin ensemble, this is a record of my initial pursuit to find an alternative to playing tunes. Instinctive soundscapes caught at the moment of creation. Some nice themes occasionally occurred and overdubs were added, pending on where the initial idea flowed. Recorded warts and all — much to the dismay of my recording engineer buddy. A chance to trust the process — and then, leave it alone. ” Total time: 46:23.

Interventions #31: DC Improvisers Collective – Meme & Variations: Five aural views of a territory unfolding the textures and tropes of jazz improvisation, contemporary composition, and electronics. By turns meditative, agitated, cerebral, and plaintive, the ensemble’s playing balances open formal structures with an associative sensibility to create a real-time transmutation of disparate musical elements into coherent wholes. Featuring Ben Azzara (drums & percussion), Daniel Barbiero (contrabass), Jonathan Matis (guitar, prepared guitar, electronics), and Mike Sebastian (tenor & soprano sax, bass clarinet). Total time: 57:08.

All Interventions disks are available for $5, including domestic shipping. Listen to MP3 previews and order online at

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Nurse With Wound – An Awkward Pause-Special Edition
This is a welcome reissue of one of the more accessible Nurse with wound Albums from 1999, which featured Current 93’s David Tibet vocal skills on a few tracks, And more rocked out, folk and rhythmic elements. It also tags on a rewarding second disk of different mixes etc, which continues the rewarding toe dippings into more electroinca beat work shown on last years Rat tape ones.

6 Comm – Content With Blood
Since the release of the excellent double disk set Headless last year, it makes sense to reissue 6 comm. first album from 1987 Content with Blood, which has been out of print for sometime & illustrations Patrick Leagas first steps into muilt-genre thoughtful darkness.

Aus – Curveland
Curveland is full of inviting lulling tones, micro rhythmic pulses and the odd more up beat lush pop moments, the tracks are often soothed by light airy and sensual Japanese/English female vocals. All weaved together to make the audio equivalent of slowly falling on to a warm feather mattress. Pure audio comfort, which you just want to seek deeply into.