The Stone in November

The November Stone Calendar has been posted.

November 2006 at the Stone curated by Miya Masaoka and George Lewis

11/1 Wednesday
8 pm
Satoko Inoue
Satoko Inoue (piano)
Japanese pianist Satoko Inoue who is active playing contemporary music in Japan and Europe makes her US debut with pieces of Japanese and American composers of Jo Kondo, Hirokazu Hiraishi, Yuji Itoh, Satoshi Tanaka, Lois V. Vierk, Elliott Sharp and Nils Vigeland.

10 pm
Mari Kimura and Elliott Sharp
Mari Kimura (violin, electronics) Elliott Sharp (guitar, electronics)

11/2 Thursday
8 pm
Jade Tongue
Jen Shyu (vocals, erhu), David Bryant (piano), Dan Weiss (drums)
New compositions in Taiwanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and English, featuring texts by Li Bai, Meng Jiao, Lao Zi, Patricia Magalhães, and slave narratives of Chinese in 19th century Cuba.

10 pm
Michael Dessen Trio
Michael Dessen (trombone/electronics) Tyshawn Sorey (drums) Christopher Tordini (bass)

11/3 Friday
8 pm
A Mountain is a Mammal
Marcos Fernandes (field recordings, electronics) Mike Pride (drums)
Performing selections from their duo cd A Mountain Is a Mammal.

10 pm
Rudresh Mahanthappa: Sporty Brown Trio
Rudresh Mahanthappa (saxophone) Craig Taborn (piano) Gerry Hemingway (drums)

11/4 Saturday
8 pm
Dan Joseph Ensemble
Dan Joseph (hammer dulcimer) Tom Chiu (violin) Loren Dempster (cello) Marija Ilic (harpsichord) Michael Lowenstern (clarinet) Danny Tunick (percussion)
Performing works from Joseph’s recent CD Archaea (Mutable Music 2006).

10 pm
John Bischoff and Chris Brown
John Bischoff (laptop synthesis driven by electro-acoustic input) Chris Brown (piano and computer processing)
Two Solos and a Duet.

11/5 Sunday
8 pm
Lukas Ligeti (drums) Eyal Maoz (guitar) James Ilgenfritz (bass)
A collaborative trio.

10 pm
Uncle Woody Sullender and Kevin Davis
Uncle Woody Sullender (banjo) Kevin Davis (cello)
Originally forming within Chicago’s free jazz community, the duo of Sullender and Davis performs improvised music borrowing heavily from numerous idioms, particularly the traditional music of their home states of Virginia and Tennessee.

11/7 Tuesday
8 pm
George Lewis, Ikue Mori, Marina Rosenfeld and Miya Masaoka
George Lewis (trombone, electronics) Ikue Mori (electronics) Marina Rosenfeld (turntables, electronics) Miya Masaoka (koto, electronics)

10 pm
Hans Fjellestad (synthesizer) Damon Holzborn (electronics)
Donkey are analog synth player Hans Fjellestad (LA) and digital sound manipulator Damon Holzborn (NYC) building spontaneous noise structures for 15 years.

11/8 Wednesday
8 pm
Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher (sound)
Sound artist an curator of Diapason makes a rare appearance performing works TBA

10 pm
David Behrman
David Behrman (electronics) Michael Schumacher (piano, and/or misc. percussion)
Pioneer in sound and electronics, David Behrman performs new works in progress with Michael Schumacher as “assisting performer” (piano, and/or misc. percussion)

11/9 Thursday
8 pm
Randy Nordschow—Blanket or Ceiling
Jenny Lin (piano) Chris Nappi (percussion) Randy Nordschow (trumpet and electronics)
New compositions for solo instruments and ragtag guitar ensemble.

10 pm
Jessica Feldman
Jessica Feldman (electronics, voice, video, surveillance devices) Beth Griffith (voice) Kabir Carter (sound) and special guests
Jessica Feldman presents work further exploring surveillance technologies and sound. Sound artist Kabir Carter presents works TBA.

11/10 Friday
8 pm
Mapping “A la Pintura”
Jane Rigler (flutes & electronics) Shoko Nagai (piano) Alex Waterman (cello) Clyde Forth (dancer)
Inspired by the paintings “A la Pintura” by Robert Motherwell who was inspired by the poetry of the same title by Rafael Alberti, this is the first of a series of concerts in which this ensemble begins an exploration into the Motherwell/Alberti world of sounds, movement, visuals, silence and poetry.

10 pm
Lisle Ellis’s Audible Means, Cubed (the power of three),
Ellery Eskelin (saxophone) Erik Deutsch (keyboards) Lisle Ellis (bass and circuitry)
A premiere of gods/false gods, dead ringers, graven images and other such sonic simulacrum.

11/11 Saturday
8 pm
Aerials—François Houle Solo
François Houle (clarinets & piano)
New solo improvisations.

10 pm
Zach Layton, Ray Sweeten, Alex Waterman and Christine Bard
Zach Layton (laptop) Ray Sweeten (electronics) Alex Waterman(cello) Christine Bard (percussion)
In trios and duos

11/12 Sunday
8 and 10 pm
Victor Adan, Bradford Garton, Damon Holzborn, Dan Iglesia, Terry Pender and Jeff Snyder
Victor Adan (dot matrix printer) Bradford Garton (electronics) Damon Holzborn (electronics) Dan Iglesia (electronics) Terry Pender (mandolin) Jeff Snyder (electronics)
Two sets of varied solos and duos.

11/14 Tuesday
8 pm
Cybertotemic® Waves and Other Cures
Gal*in_dog (sound)
Sonic archetypes and pot-Mexican encounters by Gal*in_dog.

10 pm
Guillermo E. Brown
Guillermo E. Brown (Drums/Electronics/Vox) Cochemea Gastelum (Reeds/FX) Will Johnson (Electronics) Shoko Nagai (Piano/Electronics) Keith Witty (Bass)
Brown has been working on groups situated under the Cut-Up banner for several years. This is a a new grouping.

11/15 Wednesday
8 pm
Brandon LaBelle
Brandon LaBelle (sound)
Rare appearance of sounds artist based in Europe who will be working with small sounds, secret messages and live processing.

10 pm
Keiko Uenishi and Miguel Frasconi
Keiko Uenishi (laptop, electronics) Miguel Frasconi (glass instruments)

11/16 Thursday
8 pm
Beth Custer
Beth Custer (voice/clarinets/piano) Adam levy (guitar) Rudy Royston (drums)
Bay Area artist performing music from recent projects including her work with Joe Goode on ‘Hometown;’ excerpts from her silent film score ‘My Grandmother,’ and tunes from Beth Custer Ensemble’s 2005 underground hit CD ‘Respect As A Religion’.

10 pm
Sonic Soliloquies :. by way of . :
b o r a y o o n (voice, electrocuted violin, musicbox, electronics, Tibetan singing bowls, guitar, keys, foundsound), Adam Matta (beatbox mouth percussion, audio Dada bicycle wheel), Pete Gerakaris (guitar)
Musical architecture :: sound murals :: tactile organic sound design.

MAYBE MONDAY—first NY appearance
Fred Frith, Miya Masaoka and Larry Ochs
A special weekend event. Six sets of music by the all star trio interacting with some of the most exciting improvisers in the downtown scene.

11/17 Friday
8 pm
Maybe Monday
Fred Frith (electric guitar and effects), Miya Masaoka (koto and electronics) Larry Ochs (saxes)
First New York performance by this all star band formed in the mid-90’s.

10 pm
Maybe Monday plus special guest Ikue Mori
Fred Frith (electric guitar and effects) Miya Masaoka (koto and electronics) Larry Ochs (saxes) Ikue Mori (electronics)

11/18 Saturday
8 pm
Maybe Monday plus special guest Carla Kihlstedt
Fred Frith (electric guitar and effects) Miya Masaoka (koto and electronics) Larry Ochs (saxes) Carla Kihlstedt (violin and effects)

10 pm
Maybe Monday plus special guest Zeena Parkins
Fred Frith (electric guitar and effects) Miya Masaoka (koto and electronics) Larry Ochs (saxes) Zeena Parkins (electric harp)

11/19 Sunday
8 pm
Maybe Monday plus special guest Gerry Hemingway
Fred Frith (electric guitar and effects) Miya Masaoka (koto and electronics) Larry Ochs (saxes) Gerry Hemingway (drums)

10 pm
Maybe Monday
Fred Frith (electric guitar and effects) Miya Masaoka (koto and electronics) Larry Ochs (saxes)

11/21 Tuesday
8 pm
Jaime Fennelly (harmonium) Chris Forsyth (guitar) Chris Heenan (reeds) Michael Vorfeld (percussion)

10 pm
Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn) Andrew Drury (drum kit) Ken Filiano (string bass) Jason Kao Hwang (composer/violin)
EDGE is a sharp line shifting between cultures and genres, where music dances, vibrations are transformed, and identities imagined.

11/22 Wednesday
8 pm
“They don’t care about the details but fuck with the structure and they’ll crush your spine”
Ian Antonio (percussion) Russell Greenberg (percussion) Ceasar Alvarez (feedback, electronics, saxophone)
Percussion piece composed by Brendan Connelly. For his portion of the set, Ceasar Alvarez will present new works TBA

10 pm
Lance Grabmiller (electronics) Kyle Bruckmann (oboe and english horn) Phillip Greenlief (saxophones)

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

11/24 Friday
8 pm
Atau Tanaka
Kathleen Supove (piano) Atau Tanaka (BioMuse)
A rare appearance by Paris based dynamic performer on EMG sensor instruments. A first collaboration a with acoustic instrumentalist, the equally dynamic pianon well known to the scene here.

10 pm
Matt Ingalls
Matt Ingalls (clarinet, computer)
San Francisco based composer/improviser/programmer Matt Ingalls approaches the clarinet as an electronic instrument and computer programming as improvisation. He presents new works for solo clarinet and interactive electronics.

11/25 Saturday
8 pm
Music for Two Musicians—a collaborative exploration
between two very original voices.
Matana Roberts (reeds) Tyshawn Sorey (piano)

10 pm
Marina Rosenfeld
Marina Rosenfeld (turntable, dub plates and computer)
In a rare solo appearance, Marina Rosenfeld brings her custom dub plates single turntable/ computer combination to The Stone for an evening of fragmentary and ephemeral sonic style…

11/26 Sunday
8 pm
Earl Howard
Earl Howard (saxophone and saxello)
New solos.

10 pm
Amir El Saffar Ensemble
Amir El Saffar (trumpet and santoor) Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone) Carlo DeRosa (bass) Nasheet Waits (drums) Tareq Aboushi (buzuq) Dimitri Mikelis (oud and piano)

11/28 Tuesday
8 pm
Taylor Ho Bynum Trio
Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Tomas Fujiwara (drums)
Original music from a small ensemble committed to the further exploration of the extensions of composition and improvisation as pioneered by 20th century masters like Ellington, Ives, and the AACM, with a third millennial flavor and trickster sensibility.

10 pm
Brenda Huchinson
Brenda Hutchinson (Long Tube)
Long Tube Solo improvisations with gestural interface.

11/29 Wednesday
8 pm
Stefen Tcherepnin
Stefen Tcherepnin (electronics)

10 pm
Reggie Workman (bass) Miya Masaoka (koto and electronics) Gerry Hemingway (drums)

11/30 Thursday
8 pm
Annie Gosfield
Annie Gosfield (sampler and piano) Roger Kleier (guitar) Ches Smith (drums and percussion)
This trio revels in unconventional guitar sounds, detuned piano, machine sounds, analog synthesizer burblings, swishing and banging, and maybe just a few notes of that will remind you of an organ trio…

10 pm
Eve Beglarian
Eve Beglarian and ensemble
Composer brings her new works to The Stone.