Ornette Coleman's Sound Grammar Reviewed

Yet another review, this one by Slate Magazine.

Ornette Coleman has long been a puzzle to casual jazz fans, his name as baffling as his music, which seems to go everywhere and nowhere. If jazz is the “sound of surprise,” as Whitney Balliett once wrote, then Ornette, at first hearing, is the sound of shock and awe. Yet few jazz musicians reward attention more richly. Even now, at age 76, nearly a half century after bursting onto the scene, he’s blowing his alto saxophone as vitally, imaginatively, and beautifully as ever. His new quartet album, Sound Grammar (on his own label of the same name), may be the best jazz disc of the year—and ranks among the top half-dozen Ornette Coleman albums, period…


November at An Die Musik Live

Highlights from the November schedule for this Baltimore venue.

An die Musik LIVE!
A Classical, Jazz & World Music Concert Venue
409 N. Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21201
(410) 385-2638

Voted Baltimore’s Best Jazz Venue 2005 by Baltimore Magazine and Baltimore
City Paper

We are pleased to send you this month’s concert schedule. Be sure to take
advantage of our restaurant discount program: several restaurants within
walking distance of An die Musik Live offer great discounts to our
patrons. Dinner and a concert make a great holiday gift!!

Friday, November 3, 8 & 9:30 pm
$13/$10 students & seniors
*Co-sponsored by the Embassy of France
This duo is among today’s rising stars in French jazz. They can stand on
their own with the world’s best jazz performers and have just recorded
their first duo album. Their U.S. appearance in October 2005 met with an
enthusiastic audience response.

Saturday, November 4, 8:30 pm
$15/$13 students & seniors
Dave Ballou (trumpet, electronics) currently heads the Jazz faculty at
Towson University. This group blurs the line between jazz, electronica and
post rock, and features Nick Didkovsky on guitars, electronics/laptop and
Kevin Norton on percussion and vibes.

Friday, November 10, 8:30 pm
ANDREA CENTAZZO — Performing a rare percussion solo concert!
Tickets: $12/$10 seniors & students
or $20/$15, including the trio concert at 9:30 pm
Sponsored by the Italian Cultural Center, Inc of Maryland
In a career that spans more than 25 years, Centazzo has given more than
1,000 concerts, recorded over 60 discs, authored 350 compositions and eight
musicology books. His music and creative expression range from the sublime
to the passionate, from lyric opera to orchestral symphony and solo

Friday, November 10, 9:30 pm
Andrea Centazzo – acoustic & digital drums
Perry Robinson – clarinet
Nobu Stowe – piano
$15/$12 students & seniors
or $20/$15, including the solo concert at 8:30 pm
After 30 years, the ICTUS recording label is back with a special-edition 12
CD box set of new and old recordings. To mark this renaissance, Centazzo
formed this trio with clarinet legend Perry Robinson & up-and-coming
pianist Nobu Stowe. They challenge the boundary between composition and
improvisation, and proclaim a holistic path to jazz, classical, rock,
avant-garde, world-music, electronica. The ICTUS ‘Renaissance Tour’ will be
released as a double CD in early 2007.

Saturday, November 18, 8 & 10 pm
$18/$15 students & seniors
Blending contemporary composition, free improvisation and creative Jazz,
pianist Sylvie Courvoisier and violinist Mark Feldman are recognized
throughout the world for their virtuosity and imagination. We are proud to
present their Baltimore debut!

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

31-Oct-06 Kaufmann / Moore / Van der Schyff
Kamosc (Red Toucan Records)

31-Oct-06 Brian Allen / Tony Malaby / Tom Rainey
Synapse (Braintone Records)

30-Oct-06 Herculaneum
Orange Blossom (482 Music)

29-Oct-06 Harry Miller’s Isipingo
Which Way Now (Cuneiform Records)

29-Oct-06 Francois Couturier
Nostalghia – Song for Tarkovsky (ECM Records)

Total Music Meeting 2006

TMM 2006 takes place this weekend (somehow this slipped through the cracks here at AMN…) The program looks as awesome as you might expect.

Thursday, November 2, 2006, 7.30 pm

Sainkho Namtchylak voice
William Parker bass
Hamid Drake dr, perc

Sainkho Namtchylak, vocalist, performance artist, sound poet. Born in Kyzyl/Tuva, member of the national folklore ensemble. Studied music in Moscow and mastered various vocal techniques of traditional Tuvan throat singing and Western principles of overtone music. First tour throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas in 1987/89 with the national folklore ensemble. Started to collaborate with Russian representatives of new jazz and experimental music (Vresh Milojan, Mergen Mongush, Gennady Tchamzyryn, FMP CD 080). First solo-recording in 1991 (Lost Rivers, FMP CD 042). Guest of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD in 1994/195. Has collaborated with Peter Kowald, Butch Morris, Evan Parker, Jan Garbarek, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Andreas Vollenweider, Trilok Gurtu. Since the early 90´s contributing to music festivals and poetry venues, theatre- and film productions throughout the world. Extensive discography, ranging from folkloric recordings, ethno-jazz, electronica, classical dance and world music to free improvised music, solo recordings and excursions into African rhythms. Released in 2005 also a musical fairy tale composition (Arzhaana) originally written in 1983 and published in 1987 in the Tuvinian literary anthology Ulug-Hem.

William Parker, bassist, composer, bandleader. Born 1952 in New York. Leading figure in New York´s free music scene and widely regarded as one of the best bassists since Mingus. In the early 70´s formed his first big band. In 1973 he premiered with Cecil Taylor´s orchestra at Carnegie Hall. By the end of the decade, he was working in Gunter Hampel´s Big Band and Sam River´s RivBea orchestra. Since the 70´s also working in duo with vocalist Ellen Christie. Member of the Cecil Taylor Unit in the 80´s, and of Peter Brötzmann Quartets. Together with Peter Kowald co-founder in 1984 of the Sound Unity Festival, now Vision-Festival. Formed in 1993 his quartet In Order To Survive and in 1994 the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra. Bassist of choice for David S. Ware, Matthew Shipp, Rob Brown. The William Parker Quartet with Hamid Drake, Rob Brown and Lewis Barnes has been his principal group as a leader in the past six years. Performed last at Total Music Meeting in 1999 in quartet with Roy Campbell, Dan Carter and Alan Silva.

Hamid Drake, drum set, frame drum, hand drums. Born 1955 in Monroe, LA. Lives in Chicago. Widely regarded as one of the best contemporary percussionists in improvised music. Incorporating Afro-Cuban, Indian, and African percussion instruments and influence, in addition to using the standard drum set, Drake has collaborated extensively with Fred Anderson, Don Cherry, Jim Pepper, Pharoah Sanders, Foday Musa Suso, George Lewis, Peter Brötzmann, David Murray, Ken Vandermark, Assif Tsahar, Paul Rogers, Paul Dunmall, Georg Graewe, Irène Schweizer, Marilyn Crispell, Amine Claudine-Myers, Marilyn Mazur, Leena Conquest , Misha Mengelberg, Herbie Hancock, Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler, William Parker, Henry Grimes, David S. Ware, Jemeel Moondoc, Abdoulaye N´Diaye, Paul Lytton, Michael Zerang, Rob Brown, Evan Parker, John Scofield, Toshinori Kondo, to name but a few.

DUO DEMIERRE / DUTHOIT (Switzerland / France)
Jacques Demierre p
Isabelle Duthoit cl, voc

Jacques Demierre pianist, performer and composer. Born 1954, lives in Geneva. His musical and sound work develops itself in various directions: improvised music, contemporary music, sound poetry, sound installation. His compositions and sound realisations are concerned with the activity of listening and with sound space. He collaborates with many improvising musicians such as Sainkho Namtchylak, Barre Philips, Urs Leimgruber, Thomas Lehn, Axel Dörner, Irène Schweizer, Butch Morris, Carlos Zingaro, Jaap Blonk, Barry Guy, Han Bennink, Rhodri Davies, Paul Lovens, Dorothea Schürch, regularly plays solo piano concerts, and works with Vincent Barras in the field of performance and language art.

Isabelle Duthoit, clarinettist, vocalist. Born 1970. Though classically trained she performs and plays contemporary music in ensembles like Atelier Instrumental du XX° siècle conducted by Gilbert Amy, Ensemble Inter Contemporain and Ensemble Itinéraire. Worked with composers like Georges Aperghis, Klaus Huber, Gilbert Amy, Kasper Toeplitz, Daniel D’Adamo, Vinko Globokar, Francesco Filide, George Crumb, Pascal Dussapin and is interpreting pieces of Berio, Xenakis, Schönberg, Boulez, Dalapicola. Since 1995 she performs also as soloist or in duo with Jacques Di Donato contemporary music of Berio, Boulez, Lachenmann, Schiarino, Scelsi, Denisov. As improviser she has been working in various line-ups with Jacques Demierre, Gunda Gottschalk, Christine Wodrascka, Xavier Charles, Jacques Di Donato, Tim Hodgkinson. Rhodri Davies, Michel Doneda, Charlotte Hug. Co-founder of the improvised music festival Fruits de Mhère From. Since 2005 involved in a free jazz rock grouping with Phil Minton, Veryan Weston, Michael Vatcher, Luc Ex and Gail Brand and in solo performances as improvising vocalist. Works also with dancers (Valérie Métivier, Catherine Tardif)

PIANO SOLO (Germany)
Michael Wilhelmi p

Michael Wilhelmi, born 1974 in Ottweiler. Studied mathematics and philosophy at University of Leipzig before taking up his musical studies (jazz-piano and composition) at Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik in Berlin (master classes with Georg Graewe and Aki Takase). Member of ´Super 700´, founded in 1999, joined by musicians from Amsterdam and Berlin. In 2002 the group had been awarded the ´Berliner Senatspreis´ and had participated in the Dutch Jazz Competition. With ´Cliquetis Creux´, a contemporary new music ensemble, he won the first price of the International Competition for Young Artists in Düsseldorf as well as the Hanns-Eisler-Award of the Music Academy. Since 2001 he designs software for electronic music in collaboration with the ´controller-band´, a line-up of young musicians with whom he performs in Germany and abroad. Composes music for theatre (eg ´Viktor! Happiness is a warm gun´ (directed by Barbara Weber), a co-production of Theater Freiburg/Hebbel Theater Berlin/Salzburger Festspiele, 2006).

KING PAWNS (Germany / Japan)
Hans Reichel guitar, daxophone
Kazuhisa Uchihashi e-guitar, daxophone

Hans Reichel, composer and improviser, inventor of guitars and the daxophone, designer of many typefaces (the posters and program brochures of TMM are set in FF Daxline Finale; since 2005 also used by UPS and in the branding of the New Democratic Party of Canada). Born in 1949 in Hagen, Westfalia. Lives in Wuppertal. The ´guru of the experimental guitar´received the Art Award of Wuppertal in 1998. “As improviser and composer, soloist and ensemble player Hans Reichel moves in the border areas between the established musical genres and contemporary music, finding unimagined dimensions of sound” (Jazz Live). In 1991 he started his long standing collaboration with guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi which led them twice on a world tour. Some of the recordings from Japan had been released in 1991 on FMP (CD 036). Other releases on FMP and a/l/l:
Coco Bolo Nights (FMP 010), Angel Carver (FMP 015), X-Communication (FMP 033), Shanghaied on Tor Road (FMP 046), The Death of the Rare Bird Ymir/Bonobo Beach (FMP 054), The Dawn of Dachsman (FMP 060), The Vandoeuvre Concert (FMP 072), Buben…Plus (FMP 078), Yuxo. A New Daxophone Operetta by Hans Reichel (a/l/l 003).

Kazuhisa Uchihashi, guitarist, daxophone-player. Born 1959 in Osaka, Uchihashi began to play the guitar at age 12, playing in various rock bands, though he later studied jazz music. In 1988 he joined the band ´First Edition´, and in 1990 formed the band ´Altered States´. In 1991 he started his long standing collaboration with German guitarist and daxophone-inventor/player Hans Reichel which led them twice on a world tour in 1991 and 1997. From 1994 to 1997 he was also a member of Otomo Yoshihide´s ´Ground Zero´ and toured Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao with Otomo, Sachiko M and Sam Bennett. Collaborations include Roger Turner, Barre Phillips, Wadada Leo Smith, Peter Brötzmann, Jon Rose, Eugene Chadbourne, Derek Bailey, Elliott Sharp, and many others. Uchihashi has been the musical director for Osaka theatre group ´Ishin-ha´ and has composed several soundtracks for films, performed with dancers, painters and poets and set up new groupings and festivals, led improvisation workshops (New Music Action) in Japan and the UK. As both a musician and an organizer, Uchihashi is working hard to build a network of free improvisation communities inside and outside Japan.
Zenbei records, Uchihashi´s own label, has recently released ´King Pawns´. the duo´s new CD manifesting their renewed collaboration.

Friday, November 3, 2006, 8pm

Michiko Hirayama voice
Luca Miti p, voice, acoustic & electro-acoustic sound objects
Mauro Orselli selected drums and cymbals, radio, voice, sound objects

Michiko Hirayama, born in Tokyo, studied at University of Tokyo and took up her career as vocalist in Japan. Trained in classical European vocal techniques as well as in traditional Japanese methods of singing and vocalization she left Japan in the 60´s and settled in Rome where she worked with many composers such as John Cage, Morton Feldman, Iannis Xenakis, Luciano Berio, Luigi Nono, Giacinto Scelsi. More than 100 compositions had been dedicated to her which she performed internationally at festivals, in concert series as well as on tv and radio.
Longstanding collaboration with composer and pianist Luca Miti and composer and percussionist Mauro Orselli . Only recently a new CD of their collaboration had been released.

Luca Miti, studied jazz piano, extended vocal techniques and baroque flute à bec. Born 1957 in Rome. Since 1980 working also as composer and performer of contemporary music. His work focusses on the research of and experimentation with sounds. Extensive collaboration with Alvin Curran, Mauro Orselli,
Michiko Hirayama and others. Artists like Pauline Oliveiros, Tom Johnson have dedicated piano works to him. A key figure in Italian experimental music of the last 25 years.

Mauro Orselli, born 1958 in Rome, since 1978 working as composer and performer. Extensive discography. Composing for dance, theatre, movies. Has worked also for RAI as well as for Austrian, German and Belgium Radio, CIRM (Nizza), GRIM (Marseille), ensemble Décadanse. Has lived in New York from 1993 to 1996 and worked as performer, composer, teacher. Collaboration with Antonello Salis, Yuko Fujiyama, Fredrik Rzewski, William Parker, Mark Dresser, Ellen Christie, Maggie Nicols, Steve Lacy, Evan Parker, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Mario Schiano, Abdoulaye Ndiaye, Famoudou Don Moye, Jin Hi Kim and many others.

Magda Mayas p
Alex Nowitz voice

Magda Mayas, born 1979, studied jazz-piano and composition at Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik in Berlin and in Amsterdam. With her quartet Mayas/Nutters/Olsen/Galvez she performed at Total Music Meeting (2005). Works also in duo with drummer Tony Buck and in trio with Michael Renkel and flutist Sabine Vogel. Member of ´n- collective´, a network founded in Amsterdam in 2001 of young musicians/improvisers/composers. Participated in April 2006 at 6th International Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music in Leban. Frequent collaboration with Johannes Bauer, Christoph Kurzmann, Andy Moore, Tristan Honsinger and Michael Moore. Serves as music teacher at Musikschule Prenzlauer Berg. In preparation: US-Tour in 2007 (with Travis Just).
Co-curator of the festival ´Tasten – Berliner Kulturtage´, established by her and Michael Wilhelmi in 2005.
Her music relates to Morton Feldman in a harmonically open way with a focus on flexible and (fast) changing structures. Also loves the work of Cecil Taylor. She combines using the keyboard and the inside of the piano in clear, incidental sound-oriented way.

Alex Nowitz, born 1968 as Alexander Georg Sedlmeier in Buch am Erlbach (Germany). 1990: first time using the pseudonym ´Alex Nowitz´ in public. Studies in music pedagogy, music science and history, and psychology in Munich, Berlin, Potsdam (singing, piano, composition) and Potsdam (USA). Graduated in spring 2000 with ´first class honours´ at Potsdam University (Germany).
He is a voice artist, whistling and singing virtuoso who is performing in collaboration with musicians from various stylistic areas as well as interpreting composed new music. Has been composing for various chamber music ensembles as well as for dance- and theatre productions and electronic music works. His opera ´Die Bestmannoper´which won him widely critical acclaim, had been premiered in April 2006 at Theater Osnabrück.
Numerous grants and awards.

RUTHERFORD-QUARTET (England / Belgium)
Fred Van Hove, p, acc
Paul Rutherford tb
Paul Rogers b
Paul Lytton dr, perc

Fred Van Hove, pianist, accordionist, church organist, composer. Born 1937 in Antwerp. A professional free-lance musician since 1964, he first collaborated in 1966 with P. Brötzmann, initially in quartet or larger groupings (eg Machine Gun), then in trio with Han Bennink. First solo concerts in 1970. Founded in 1972 the musicians´ collective WIM (Werkgroep Improviserende Musici) and formed a number of landmark groups. 1983 Artist-in-residence of the DAAD and concerts with MLA, MLA Blek, ML DD 4 and local musicians. Extensive collaboration and tours with Steve Lacy, Vinko Globokar, Albert Mangelsdorff, Lol Coxhill, Annick Nozati, Johannes Bauer, Wolfgang Fuchs, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Rutherford, André Goudbeek, Ivo Vander Borght, Hans Reichel, Ned Rothenberg, Phil Wachsmann, Peter Kowald, Evan Parker, Barry Guy, Sabu Toyozumi, Tetsu Saitoh, Paul Rogers, Paul Lytton.
Fred Van Hove has cooperated with poets and painters (the action painter W.J.C. Free) and held seminars and workshops on improvisation all over Europe. In June 1996 the Belgian government conferred on Fred Van Hove the title of Cultural Ambassador of Flanders 1996. He has composed widely, for several WIM projects as well as for film and theatre. Extensive discography.

Paul Rutherford, trombonist, pianist, composer. Born 1940 in London. A master musician of British improvisation (“an architect of free improvisation on the trombone” (Clifford Allen) and the first to use multiphonics on trombone. Founding member of The Little Theatre Club in London (1964), started in 1966 the Spontaneous Music Ensemble (SME) w/ John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Harry Miller, played in Mike Westbrook´s Orchestra; with Globe Unity Orchestra and London Jazz Composers Orchestra, the ICP Tentet; formed in 1970 ISKRA 1903 (w/ Derek Bailey + Barry Guy); 1980 renewed w/ Barry Guy and Phil Wachsmann. Landmark performances and recordings with solo trombone improvisations (The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie, 1974; Old Moers Almanac, 1976). Has performed in various constellations with most of Europe´s free improvising musicians and collaborated with Vinko Globokar, Luciano Berio, Krzysztof Penderecki, Don Cherry. Has set up a big band, Iskrastra, to perform his compositions which he calls ´comprovisation´.

Paul Rogers, bassist, composer. Plays here a 7-string bass with 21 sympathetic strings. Born in Chester; moved to London in 1974. Collaboration with Mike Osborne, Elton Dean, John Stevens, Stan Tracey, Paul Rutherford, Keith Tippett, Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker, Tony Levin; Member of ´Mujician´; also working as soloist. “The audience is as much a part of the music as the musician. Their presence creates an energy, spirit or whatever. I am not interested in making formulated music. My ´formula´ is to practise and study music as much as possible so that when I start to play I am creating a composition out of the sounds I´m making, in that room with that audience.”
Lived in the US in the late 80´s. Has been resident in France since 1992.
“It´s a shame that we live in a world where so much art exists and yet so much of it is never seen or heard. Creativity is all around us and perhaps more people would be able to get so much from this art if they were exposed to it. Improvised music would have a higher profile if they could forget about money and out it on the radio or TV. Then more people would listen to it.”

Paul Lytton, drums, percussion, live electronics, home-made instruments. Born 1947 in London. Played with many of the jazz fraternity in London from 1966-69. Became interested in European improvised music through contact with musicians such as Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley. Developed own instruments including home-made drums and amplified instruments and objects. Founder member of the London Musician´s Co-op in 1970 and of the Aachen Musicians´ Co-op in 1976. Has free lanced on the European scene with most of the established players in different combinations.
Present activities with Evan Parker and Barry Guy, Evan Parker´s Electronic Project, Barry Guy New Orchestra, King Übü Örchestrü, Marilyn Crispell, Phil Wachsmann, Ken Vandermark, solo work. Tours, concerts, radio in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan.
Member of Globe Unity Orchestra 2006. Extensive discography. Has lived in Belgium since 1975.

Saturday, November 4, 2006, 8 pm

Armand Angster
Jean-Marc Foltz
Sylvain Kassap

Three musicians who, despite having each followed an unconventional career path, have one thing in common: the clarinet. Their music deliberately weaves back and forth over the boundaries of genre and style combining the expressiveness and unbridled energy of jazz with the virtuosity and precision of contemporary music, and the pure emotion and joyous spontaneity of traditional idiom.
In performance, the three fearless exponents of this most popular of instruments – in every shape and size – deploy humour and irreverence, switching between written and improvised forms, trading their poetic ideas, and veering from the boisterous to near-silence. The sounds and rhythms of today´s live music scene.

Armand Angster, composer and clarinettist. Soloist in a repertoire ranging from Mozart to the most recent works of the 20th and 21st centuries and improvised music. Dedicatee of numerous pieces by Ferneyhough, Dusapin, Aperghis, Donatoni, Mâche to name but a few. With soprano Françoise Kubler he established the now legendary Ensemble Accroche Note (FMP CD 083). Teaches clarinet and chamber music at the National Conservatory of Strasbourg.
A Trio de clarinettes project with Armand, Louis Sclavis and Jacques Di Donato, recorded live in 1990 at Total Music Meeting, has been released on CD (FMP CD 039).

Jean-Marc Foltz, studied at CNR de Strasbourg, switches freely between interpreting notated contemporary music and playing improvised music and jazz. Working in duo and trio with pianist Stéphan Oliva and bassist Bruno Chevillon as well as with Raymond Boni, Joe McPhee, Latif Chaarani, Xavier Charles; also member of various larger jazz groupings as well as Musikfabrik NRW, Ensemble InterContemporain, Accroche Note. Works also with some of the most important contemporary composers like, Aperghis, Boulez, Dusapin, and as soloist with David Robertson, Hans Zender, Mark Foster, Jürg Wyttenbach.

Sylvain Kassap, composer, clarinettist and ex-saxophonist. Born 1956. Has been working with Michel Portal, John Surman, Henri Texier, Barre Phillips, Steve Lacy, Sam Rivers, Evan Parker as well as in various ensembles of modern and contemporary music playing Stravinsky, Varèse, Webern, Aperghis, Bério, Cage, Stockhausen, Ferrari.
Since the 80´he composed many pieces for theatre, dance, cinema and television. Numerous recordings.

(Germany / England / Netherlands / USA / Austria)
Almut Kühne, Phil Minton voices
Carrie Shull, Frank Gratkowski, Peter van Bergen reeds
Joanna Lewis violin
Amora de Swardt violin
Elaine Koene viola
Melissa Coleman cello
Anne LeBaron harp
Kent Kessler b
DD Kern dr, perc
Georg Graewe dr, perc

Exactly 25 years ago composer and pianist Georg Graewe founded his first large ensemble in Bochum – the ´GrubenKlangOrchester´, and until 1993 they toured and performed internationally at festivals. Many of these performances were recorded or played on the radio.
For SONIC FICTION he has gathered an international line-up of musicians from different musical backgrounds. With some of them he maintains a longstanding collaboration, but there are others, whom he has discovered for himself only recently.
“Part of the repertoire is based on compositions of the 80´s, others I wrote in previous years, some of it is still in the making. Not uniformity but continuity is its formal criteria” (Georg Graewe).

Almut Kühne, soprano. Born 1983 in Dresden. Studied singing at Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik in Berlin; composition and piano with Georg Graewe (since 2005). Solo-performances and leader of ´Kühne Kulturkapelle´ in Berlin.

Phil Minton, born 1940 in Torquay (England). Settled in London in 1961 London where he became a member of Mike Westbrook´s orchestra (as trumpetplayer and vocalist). He is one of the internationally most renowned and in demand vocal artists, as soloist and in a multitude of ensembles. At TMM 2003 he performed with the King Übü Örchestrü.

Carrie Shull, oboist. Born 1971 in Winston Salem, NC. Studied at University of North Carolina; first concerts and tours in Europe with guitarist Eugene Chadbourne. Member of the composers´ensemble ´pulsoptional´ and member of various chamber music ensembles and symphonic orchestras in NC.

Frank Gratkowski, reedist. Born 1963 in Hamburg. Studied at Musikhochschule Köln; master classes with C. Mariano, S. Nistico, S. Lacy. Founded in 1995 his Frank Gratkowski Trio; since 2000 extended and playing in quartet featuring D. Manderscheid, G. Hemingway, W. Wierbos. Had been awarded the SWR Jazzpreis in 2005. Performed lat TMM 2003 in duo with Georg Graewe.

Peter van Bergen, reedist, composer. Born 1957 in Tubbergen. Studied at the Dutch Royal Music Academy in The Hague. Founded in 1982 the LOOS-Ensemble, and subsequently the LOOS-Foundation and the Institute for Improvisation. Latest performance at TMM in 2005 with LOOS + LUST.

Koehne Quartett (Lewis/de Swardt/Koene/Coleman),Vienna Founded in 1987 by Joanna Lewis, this quartet has gained wide recognition for being one of Europe´s most refined ensembles of contemporary music.

Joanna Lewis, born 1963 in Adelaide. Studied violin, cello and composition in Queensland. Since 1985 studies at HfM + Darstellende Kunst in Vienna where she graduated with first class honours.

Amora de Swardt, born 1963 in Capetown. Studied at UCT (University of Cape Town) and at the Conservatory in Vienna. From 1986 to 1988 principal violonist of the opera orchestra in Capetown. Lives in Vienna as freelancing violonist since 1990.

Elaine Koene, born 1976 in Fraserburgh, Scotland. Studied viola in Glasgow and London. Member of orchestras in Glasgow and Milan. Settled in Vienna in 2002. Collaboration with Anthony Braxton, Klangforum Wien, Wiener Kammerorchester.

Melissa Coleman, born 1968 in Melbourne. Studied cello, piano and composition in Melbourne. Graduated with first class honours. Master classes in Europe with Milos Mlejnik, Mischa Maisky, Mark Dobrinsky, William Pleeth.

Anne LeBaron, studied composition with Ligeti and Kagel. Internationally acclaimed composer and harpist of contemporary and improvised music. Her compositions and works have been performed in the US, Europe, Australia, Cuba, and China. Numerous awards.
Serves presently at the Californian Institute of the Arts teaching composition. Performed at TMM in 2003 with the King Übü Örchestrü.

Kent Kessler, bassist, composer. Born 1957 in Crawfordsville, IN. Studied at Chicago Musical College. Extensive collaboration in various groupings with Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Michael Zerang, Peter Brötzmann, Ken Vandermark and many others.

DD Kern, drummer and percussionist. Born 1973 in Lustenau, Austria. Also active in the field of electronic music and working internationally as DJ.

Georg Graewe, pianist, composer, bandleader, teacher (composition, jazz piano). Born 1956 in Bochum, Germany. A major interest of the pianist and composer is researching and analysing the European music tradition within the context of experimental and improvised music.

Sunday, November 5, 2006, 11 am

German premiere
The Netherlands 2005
Documentary film, 77 minutes, colour
Edited and directed by Jellie Dekker

Documentary film by Jellie Dekker portraying composer, pianist and bandleader Misha Mengelberg. The director Jellie Dekker and sound engineer Dick Lucas will be present for Q/A.

Photography: Daniel Gallenkamp, Wolter Wierbos, Jellie Dekker
Sound: Dick Lucas
Still photography: Pieter Boersma
Translation: Frank van Herk
On Line: Het Raam Post
Production: Rinus Stroes, Susanna von Canon
Premiered in December 2005 in Amsterdam (Bimhuis)
First TV-Screening: June 5, 2006, on the occasion of Misha Mengelberg´s birthday

ICP Orchestra
Mary Oliver violin viola
Tristan Honsinger cello
Ernst Glerum bass
Tobias Delius ts cl
Ab Baars ts cl
Michael Moore as cl
Thomas Heberer tp
Wolter Wierbos tb
Han Bennink dr
Misha Mengelberg p

Interviews with
Pieter Boersma (Photographer), Susanna von Canon (ICP Manager), Guus Janssen (comp, p), Tomoko Mukayama (p), Louis Andriessen (comp), Wim T. Schippers, Ab Baars, Tobias Delius, Han Bennink, Rik Schipper (Sinologist)

Music fragments and statements give a clear insight in Mengelberg´s unique way of thinking and working. Historical film material shows how Mengelberg developed from classic composing by jazz influences to become the ´godfather´ of Dutch improvised music.

Jellie Dekker has been a director of music and dance programs at NPS-TV. She directed operas (Aus Deutschland/Kagel; A King Riding/Klaas de Vries), ballets (Romeo and Julia, Nutcracker, Green Table) as well as productions by contemporary choreographers like Van Dantzig, Duato, Van Manen. Her own, though smaller scale productions comprise ´Sulphur´, a dance movie, and ´Instant Steps´, one of her most recent documentaries on dance improviser Michael Schumacher. Both films were shown on festivals worldwide.

Sunday, November 5, 2006, 2.30 pm

Workshop concert with guests
Ld: Wolfgang Fuchs

The participants of the workshop ´orchestral improvisation´ join with guests for the final concert of TMM.

Orchestral Improvisation
Ld: Wolfgang Fuchs (ss, bcl, cbcl

(Nov 2 – 4)

Within the framework of this year´s Total Music Meeting reedist Wolfgang Fuchs invites participation in his workshop ´orchestral improvisation´.

The workshop will take place on Nov 2, 3 and 4 in the afternoon (3 hours daily).

The workshop is open to all instrumentalists of all musical approaches but limited to 15 participants.

Workshop fee: € 65 (incl. Festivalpass € 100)

Wolfgang Fuchs, born 1949 in Landau/Palatine. Reedist, composer, bandleader of King Übü Örchestrü. Long standing collaboration in trio with reedists Hans Koch and Peter van Bergen (Holz für Europa); with Xu Fengxia (guzheng, voice) and percussionist Roger Turner (The New Flags). Has performed in various line-ups with many international artists and as soloist. Has held workshops in Europe and the US. Memeber of the TMM-Committe since 2000. Extensive Discography. Most recent release: ´Facetten´(a/l/l 012) with Fred Van Hove. Live at Total Music Meeting 2004.

Total Music Meeting 2006 Internationales Künstlerfestival für Improvisierte Musik

Berlinische Galerie
Landesmuseum für Moderne
Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur
Alte Jakobstr. 124 – 12810969 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Tel. 030-78902600
Fax 030 – 78902701
Public transport:
U-Bahn U1 Hallesches Tor / U 2 Spittelmarkt / U 6 Kochstr.
Bus: 265, M29, M41



The festival pass is valid for all TMM-concerts on Nov 2/3/4 and for all exhibitions at the Berlinische Galerie

Special opening hours of the museum on Nov 2/3/4: 10 am – 0 pm; Nov 5: 10 am – 6 pm

Single ticket: € 18 (concerts and exhibitions)

Festival pass: € 50 (concerts on Nov 2/3/4 and exhibitions)

Film: € 5

Grand finale: € 8

Workshop fee: € 65 (incl. festival pass € 100)

Ticket sale starting at October 25 at Berlinische Galerie

New on Intakt

From Intakt Records:

Intakt CD 112
Edges & friends

Intakt CD 118
Celebrate Diversity

Intakt CD115 + Intakt CD 116
Alexander von Schlippenbach
Piano Solo • Twelve Tone Tales • Vol 1
Piano Solo • Twelve Tone Tales • Vol 2

Intakt CD 113
11 Songs – Aus Teutschen Landen
Conrad Bauer: Trombone
Ulrich Gumpert: Piano
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky: Alto Saxophone, Flutes, Clarinet
Günter Sommer: Drums, Percussion, Mouth Harp

Umbrella Music Through November 9th

From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

The Hideout
10:00 PM | Baker/Williams/Ra
Jim Baker – piano & ARP synthesizer
Mars Williams – reeds
Avreeayl Ra – drums & percussion

two sets
$6 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets
Thursday, 2 November 2006

10:00 PM | Giallorenzo/Stein/Rosaly Trio
Paul Giallorenzo – piano
Jason Stein – bass clarinet
Frank Rosaly – drums
11:00 PM | The Friction Brothers
Michael Colligan – reeds/dry ice/misc.
Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello
Michael Zerang – percussion

$6 requested donation
Sunday, 5 November 2006

The Hungry Brain
10:00 PM | Bauder/Ajemian Duo
Matt Bauder – tenor saxophone
Jason Ajemian – bass
11:00 PM | Ryan Schultz Trio
Ryan Schultz – bass trumpet
Tim Fox – bass
Damon Short – drums
Monday, 6 November 2006

Gallery 37
7:00 PM | Matt Bauder’s Deserts
Matt Bauder – reeds/laptop
Jessica Pavone – viola
Jeff Parker – guitar
Jason Ajemian – bass
Free, but tickets required.
Wednesday, 8 November 2006

The Hideout
10:00 PM | Vandermark 5
Ken Vandermark – reeds
Dave Rempis – saxophones
Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello
Kent Kessler – bass
Tim Daisy – drums

10:45 PM | Brotzmann / Lonberg-Holm / Kessler
Peter Brotzmann – reeds
Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello
Kent Kessler – bass
11:45 PM | Vandermark 5
Ken Vandermark – reeds
Dave Rempis – saxophones
Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello
Kent Kessler – bass
Tim Daisy – drums

$10 cover
Thursday, 9 November 2006

9:00 PM | Brotzmann Solo
Peter Brotzmann – solo reeds
10:00 PM | Vandermark / HÃ¥ker Flaten / Strid
Ken Vandermark – reeds
Ingebrigt HÃ¥ker Flaten – bass
Raymond Strid – drums
11:00 PM | Brotzmann / Vandermark / HÃ¥ker Flaten / Strid
Peter Brotzmann – solo reeds
Ken Vandermark – reeds
Ingebrigt HÃ¥ker Flaten – bass
Raymond Strid – drums