Musique Machine Reviews

A new set of review from Musique Machine.

Älymystö / SadKarma – Atomgrad / Solis e.p.
You’ve got to understand people in Finland, they are dangerous. They say they buy guns to go and hunt elks but what they really are after is my colleague, Mr. Monti. Let me make myself clearer: a year or so ago, the man was sent a couple of CD’s released by Onyxia, a Finnish label. He gladly welcomed the gift but never reviewed the damn things.

Jessica Bailiff – Feels Like Home
Feels like home is the fourth album by Toledo based singer songwriter Jessica Bailiff, her other three albums have also been released by Kranky.

Wolf Eyes & John Wiese – Equinox
This third collaboration between Wolf eyes and John Wiese starts off in surprisingly calm, but still disturbed waters. For at least the first half of the track you feel like you’ve been dropped on some strange always dusk planet, shapes and objects appear from out of the half light.

KK Null – Kosmista Noisea
Kosmista Noisea is yet another exhilarating trip into electro buzzing, rhythmic and noise flecked future city scapes. It almost feel like you’ve plugged into some virtual reality consol for the ears. And if you shut your eyes you almost become one with the sleek, neo. And steel and glass city scapes.

Rita – Thousands of dead Gods
Thousands of dead Gods is purely a buzzing static storm of noise, or a huge impregnable wall of pure head melting noise, that last for near on an hour then spits you out at the end. Apparently sourced from shark noises, by the end of this you’ll feel like you’ve been inside a vast shark’s digestive system, and then shot out the other end.

Joe Lally – There To Here
Joe lally’s Debut Album There to here, comes off like the work of a more geeky, nasally and up type Lou Reed. with lots and lots of bass heavy songs, Not surprising really since Lally was the bass player in punk cult band Fugazi. It sure does have some rewarding moments along the way, though one does feel a little bass tired by the end of it all.