Day: June 15, 2006

Irmin Schmidt Interview

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The founder of Can is interviewed.

Mike Pride's New Trio on Tour

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Mike Pride is galavanting around the East Coast with his new outfit.

June 17-26
East Coast Premier Tour
Darius Jones- alto sax
Evan Lipson- bass
Mike Pride- drums

*Friday, June 17. 6:30pm- Brooklyn NY @ Spoken Words Cafe (226 4th ave @ Union St., Park Slope)
w/ Mystik Out-Bop Review -$5

*Tuesday, June 20. 8pm- Philadelphia PA @ Air Space (4013 Chestnut Ave.)
w/ Price vs. Cohen & Blacksburg/Kimmel Duo -$5

*Wednesday, June 21. 8pm – Providence Rhode Island @ AS 220 (115 Empire St.)
w/ Dreamhouse, Kites, Blood Money & films by Jo Dory & Chromic Gut -$6

*Thursday, June 22. 8pm- Lowell, Mass. @ Gallery 119 (119 Chelmsford St.)

*Friday, June 23. 8pm- North Hampton, Mass. @ TK Gallery (114 Main St.) -$5

*Saturday, June 24. 8pm- Portland Maine @ Ubu Studio (316-a Congress St.)
w/ Mystik Out-Bop Review -$5

*Sunday, June 25. 8pm- Portland Maine @ Local 188 (188 State Street)
w/ Id m theft able & Mystik Out-Bop review -$5

*Monday, June 26- Somerville, Mass @ The Nave Gallery, Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church (155 Powderhouse Blvd.)
w/ Dave Gross’s We Love You & Timothy Feeney/Howie Stelzer Duo -$5


Mike Pride’s FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS trio Mike Pride- drums. Darius Jones- alto sax. Evan Lipson- bass.
Mike Pride’s FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS trio blurs the line between improvisation in a jazz idiom, modern hard-noise & 20 th/21st century classical music & modern art rock, all with an intensity and center of focus any one familiar with Pride’s music has come to expect. While a compositional framework is present in each performance, the set up and execution is unique to each individual space and concert. This band can hang with the harshest of harsh-noises, meta-rock, minimalist improvisation and modern classical presentations.

Residents Offer Serialized Podcast

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Leave it to the Residents to do things differently.

Letting the instruments get chatty

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CINC (Vandermark, Lytton and Wachsmann) are previewed in anticipation of upcoming Canada performances.

Zappa Plays Zappa in New York

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Another review of the tour, this one from the New York Times.

Guardian Jazz Reviews

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A pair from the Guardian.

CD: Louis Sclavis/ Le Quatuor Habanera, L’Engrenage
*** (Alpha)

CD: Roy Nathanson, Sotto Voce
**** (AUM)