Month: June 2006

Coming up at the Empty Bottle

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The Empty Bottle has a number of interesting shows over the next couple of months.


FRI30 (10:00pm; $10)
Guapo (England) (IpecacCuneiform) // Zombi (Relapse) // Del Rey (My Pal God)


SUN2 (10:00pm; $8)
The Empty Bottle Jazz Series presents:
Nils Petter Molvaer (Norway) (ECM) // Frank Rosaly (MolkUtech) (related:Fast Citizens, Get In to Go Out, Rolldown, Valentine Trio, Chicago Luzern Exchange, Mandarin Movie, Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet)

THU6 (9:30pm; $8)
The Empty Bottle & The Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS) present:
Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan) (ErstwhileLocustQuakebasketCommune-Disc) // Matana Roberts’ I.C. Soultet with Josh Abrams, Jeff Parker, Matana Roberts, Frank Rosaly (UtechThrill Jockey) (related:AACM) // David Daniell I Doug McCombs Duo (Antiopic)

FRI14 (10:00pm; $10)
The Empty Bottle & Insound present:
Six Organs of Admittance (Drag CityHoly MountainStrange AttractorsTime-Lag) (related:Badgerlore, Comets on Fire, Howlin Rain) // Bird Show (Kranky) (related:Dreamweapon, Town & Country) // Singleman Affair (Cardboard SangriaPoptones) (related:hummingbiird)

TUE18 (9:30pm; $5)
The Chicago Improvisers Series presents:
The Tim Daisy | Ken Vandermark Duo (related:AALY Trio, Dragons 1976, Free Music Ensemble, Relay Signals, Territory Band, Triage, Vandermark 5)


WED2 (10:00pm; $10)
Chicago Underground Duo (record release) (Thrill Jockey) (related:Exploding Star Orchestra, Isotope 217, Life Ensemble, Mandarin Movie, Sao Paulo Underground)

FRI4 (10:00pm; $12)
Silver Mt. Zion (Constellation) (related:Godspeed You! Black Emperor) // Black Ox Orkestar (Constellation) (related:A Silver Mt. Zion, Godspeed You! Black Emporer, Sackville)

SAT5 (8:00pm; $12)
Silver Mt. Zion (Constellation) (related:Godspeed You! Black Emperor)

SAT5 (11:00pm; $12)
Silver Mt. Zion (Constellation) (related:Godspeed You! Black Emperor)

MON14 (9:30pm; Free!)
Ahleuchatistas (Cuneiform) // Inshi

Ars Nova Workshop Schedule for July

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Philly’s Ars Nova Workshop has a lot going on in the coming month:

Sunday, July 30 | 8pm
plays the music of FAUX FAUX
Baikida Carroll, trumpet
Tim Berne, alto saxophone
Tom Rainey, drums
Michael Formanek, double-bass
Venue TBD
$12 General Admission

Henry Grimes Event Schedule

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Henry Grimes is always busy and his current schedule takes him through mid-August.

Saturday, July 1st: Henry Grimes & Oluyemi Thomas, Modern Formations Gallery, 4919 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 8 p.m., 412-362-O274,,

Sunday, July 2nd: Henry Grimes & Oluyemi Thomas, Rose Recital Hall, room 419, Fisher-Bennett Hall, University of Pennsylvania, 34th and Walnut St’s, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 8 p.m., 215-727-2714, 215-898-9756, (click on “event calendar”),

Thursday, July 6th-Saturday, July 8th: Henry Grimes Trio featuring Marilyn Crispell & Tani Tabbal, grand opening of the Ismet Siral Creative Music School in Istanbul, Turkey, events including workshop at 3:3O and concert at 9 p.m. at Albert Long Hall, Bogazici University on July 7th, plus conference, panel discussions, improvisation sessions, and various other concerts and events over the three days, 9O-212-282-9O9O, complete event schedule at, more at,,,

Saturday, July 15th: Henry Grimes w/ John Tchicai & Kresten Osgood, Copenhagen (Denmark) Jazz Festival, venue called Plan B, Magstraede 14, 4th floor, 1466 Copenhagen K, Denmark, 8-1O p.m., 45 33 91 11 77, 45 33 93 2O 13,,,,,,, tickets from

Monday, July 17th: Henry Grimes w/ John Tchicai & Kresten Osgood, Aarhus (Denmark) Festival, 45 86-121312, venue called VoxHall, Vester allé 15, 8OOO Aarhus, 45 87 3O 97 97, 45 227 64 635,,,,,,, ,

Friday, August 18th, 6:3O p.m: The Henry Grimes Trio featuring David Murray & Sunny Murray, Haarlem Jazzstad Festival, Haarlem, Netherlands, large tent (4,5OO capacity) in the middle of the city, surrounded by six other stages and about 25 clubs and cafes, all also hosting concerts,,, 31 O6 24 49 71 38,…

Matthew Shipp Happenings

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Matthew Shipp is the focus of an article that discusses the last performance of the David Ware quartet and Shipp’s current and upcoming work with others such as Joelle Leandre.

Scott Walker Interview

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Scott Walker is a former pop star who has made experimental music over the last decade or more. Follow the link for an interview.

Late late Zorn show sizzles

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A review of a recent Acoustic Masada performance is available.

Destination Out

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Destination Out is a new blog focusing on free jazz and offering samples of tracks for a limited time. Nice.