Jamie Saft Interview

Jamie Saft, of many Zorn-related projects, is interviewed.


One Final Note Reviews

The latest reviews from One Final Note:

27 February 2006

Roscoe Mitchell Quintet
Turn (RogueArt)
by Troy Collins

Even with four decades of involvement with creative improvised music, Roscoe Mitchell forges onward, ever evolving and still vital.

Agustí Fernández & Peter Kowald
Sea of Lead (Hopscotch)
by Derek Taylor

There are various junctures where Fernández steals the show with his aggressive ingenuity and resolve toward stretching the physical parameters of the piano.

Mary Lou Williams Collective
Zodiac Suite : Revisited (Mary)
by David Dupont

The Collective, actually Geri Allen’s working trio, presents Williams’ 12-movement composition with three other related pieces generously filling out the CD’s playing time.

Stephen Gauci Trio
First, Keep Quiet (CIMP)
by Jay Collins

Though previous records showcase Gauci within looser constructs, the stones previously laid down provide an accurate glimpse into the assortment presented here.

The Drift
Noumena (Temporary Residence)
by Daniel Spicer

Tight and structured, intellectual and calculated, yet has enough surprises and moments of blissed-out trance to satisfy any diehard disciple of swing.

Faust European Tour

The legendary Faust will be playing Europe in April.

Krautrock legendary band Faust will be doing a short tour in Europe during April which includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Germany. The current lineup is formed by Hans-Joachim Irmler (keyboard), Steven Wray Lobdell (guitar), Michael Stoll (bass, flute), Lars Paukstat (percussion, vocals), Jan Fride-Wolbrandt (drums), and John Silk (sound).

Tour dates:
-7 April: Haarlem, Netherlands, Toon Festival
-8 April: Antwerp, Belgium, Luchtbal
-14 April: Porto, Portugal, Casa da Musica
-30 April: Krems Klangraum, Donau Festival 2006