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Edgefest 2005 Review

Better late than never, here’s another Edgefest review.

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Bagatellen Reviews

Bagatellen has posted a pairof reviews. Reuben Radding – Intersections – 30 Dec 05 Tsahar/ Cooper-Moore/ Drake – Lost Brother – 28 Dec 05

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Henry Grimes News

The latest from Henry Grimes: Upcoming concerts, Jan., ‘O6: Thursday, Jan. 5th, ‘O6, 1O p.m. (Juini Booth playing solo at 8pm): Marc Ribot’s Spiritual Unity Quartet w/ Roy Campbell, Jr. & Chad Taylor & featuring Henry Grimes, the Stone, northwest … Continue reading

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DMG Newsletter

Don’t look now, its the DMG Newsletter.

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One Final Note Reviews

The latest from One Final Note: 19 December 2005 Rob Brown Quartet Radiant Pools (RogueArt) by Troy Collins Featuring a different lineup and a change in overall intensity from last year’s The Big Picture, this is a far more measured, … Continue reading

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Erik Friedlander Interview

Friedlander is interviewed about his recent tour and release.

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Long Derek Bailey Overview

The Night After Night blog has a long article on Bailey.

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