December Paris Transatlantic Available

The latest issue of Paris Transatlantic has the usual bunch of high quality reviews.


Site News

Just a few notes on some rather minor site enhancements.

We now have a custom URL / bookmark icon. You should see it right now in the URL bar on your browser. You can also re-bookmark this page to have it appear in your bookamrks list. Yeah, its just our yellow logo compressed to the point of unreadability, but its a start.

We’ve also enhanced the RSS feed so that it provides the entire article instead of just the beginning of the article. This will make it easier to read the site from an RSS client.

Finally, we are experiencing more traffic than ever and are getting a large number of submissions. Our turn-around time on these submissions can be days to weeks in length. This is not ideal and we’d like to expedite the process, but that is not always possible. In the mean time, keep the article links and information coming in and we’ll sort through it all as fast as we can.

Thanks again for your interest in AMN.

John Lindberg Performances

Bassist John Lindberg will be playin with Wadada Leo Smith, Kevin Norton and others over the next few months.

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet
Merkin Hall

Wadada Leo Smith/John Lindberg Duo
An Die Musik
Baltimore, MD

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quartet
Iron Gate Theatre
Philadelphia, PA

Kevin Norton’s S.O.S.


Kevin Norton Trio
Mahwah Public Library
Mahwah, NJ


John Lindberg/Kevin Norton Quartet
Northeast/Midwest Tour

Premiere: 2/24
William Paterson University
Wayne, New Jersey

William Paterson University
Wayne, New Jersey

Karl Berger/John Lindberg Duo
European Tour

March 18-28

String Trio of New York
Sussex County Community College

5/25 & 5/26
John Lindberg Quartet
Ars Nova Workshop
Philadelphia, PA

John Lindberg Winter Birds Quartet
European Tour

Bagatellen Reviews

A few new reviews from Bagatellen.

Agustí Fernández & Mats Gustafsson – Critical Mass – 28 Nov 05
Broken Hands/Lucky Rabbit – Lucky Hands – 27 Nov 05
Two with Nakatani – 25 Nov 05
Dave Fox – Dedication Suite – 23 Nov 05
Bob Bellerue/ halfnormal – Threat Level Charlie – 23 Nov 05