Day: August 12, 2005

Sofia Gubiadulina Article

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There may be many contenders for the title of “Greatest Living Composer” but Sofia Gubaidulina would be considered by many to be a member of that group. A rare article covers her life and music.

Dead Can Dance US Tour

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Well, in case you’ve been too busy to notice, Dead Can Dance is touring the US this fall. And they seem to be releasing the live shows to CD as they go…

Adventures Outside the Classical Canon

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The New York Times has an article (and one that doesn’t require a registration even) that recommends recordings by Messiaen, Schnittke and Berio, among others.

Fringe Classical

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A review of two classical events recently held in the UK is available. One included performances of works by King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Raymond Scott and Astor Piazzolla, while the other covered works by Ennio Morricone.

Leaving it to Chance

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An article discusses a new Cage video based on Cage’s techniques.

New Wadada Leo Smith Reviewed

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The BBC has posted a review of Snakish.

Interpretations 2005-2006 Season

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The details are available on the Interpretations 2005-2006 schedule:

Thursdays at 8 PM at Merkin Concert Hall, 129 W. 67th:

September 15 – Ursel Schlicht & Robert Dick / Yasunao Tone
October 6 – Steve Lacy (1934-2004): A Celebration of his music
November 10 – Earl Howard & soNu
December 1 – Wadada Leo Smith & Alan Kushan

Composer/Performer Collectives: curated by Dan Joseph
February 2 – Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble / Gamelan Son of Lion
February 23 – Anti-Social Music / sfSound Group

March 30 – Brian Schober / Steve Swell
April 27 – Thomas Buckner
May 11 – Jennifer Hymer / Anne LeBaron