Toronto Music Gallery Needs Help

A club that has been a long-time supporter of experimental music is once again running low on money.


Roulette Television

Roulette is offering DVD and VHS copies of its performances. Some of these are boadcast on a New York based TV station, but for the rest of us the is unique chance to see these live performances.

New on Eremite

New releases form Eremite

red anderson/hamid drake/william parker
blue winter

sunny murray
perles noires volume II

sunny murray
perles noires volume I

peter brötzmann & han bennink
still quite popular after all these years

The Latest From Matchless Recordings

Matchless has released some new material:

mrcd61 ‘APOGEE’
a double CD featuring two of the improvising ensembles that emerged during the 1960s: Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV) and AMM.
The first CD is a studio recording in a joint session in England on April 30th 2004 featuring Alvin Curran, Eddie Prévost, Frederic Rzewski, Keith Rowe, Richard Teitelbaum and John Tilbury. This is the first occasion that the two ensembles have performed together. The second CD consists of the performances that each group gave at ‘The Freedom of the City’ festival held in London on May 1st 2004.

with Tina Jones and Sebastian Lexer
1. ‘Cascando’: a radio piece for music and voice. Voices: John Tilbury. Music composed and performed by John Tilbury with electronic modulations by Sebastian Lexer
2.’ Rough for Radio 1′: for music and voices. Voices: Tina Jones and John Tilbury. Music composed and performed by Sebastian Lexer, Eddie Prévost and John Tilbury

‘HORN_BILL’ reed solos
a double CD featuring: John Butcher, Nathaniel Catchpole, Kai Fagaschinski, Lou Gare, Evan Parker and Seymour Wright
recorded at a concert given at 291 Gallery, Hackney, London, England on 9th January 2005 an ONGAKU: enjoy_sound, production

Eddie Prévost and John Tilbury
recorded at a concert given at The School of Music, University of East Anglia, Norwich, England on 14th February 2005