MIO Releases Pocket Orchestra

As reported a while back, Pocket Orchestra will be released by MIO.

The Pocket Orchestra were an incredible and, until now, undiscovered “avant progressive” group that came to being in the American southwest in the late ’70s. The sextet started in Phoenix, AZ, and continued to play together into the early 1980s. Known as “The Samla of the Desert”, the group featured the regular “rock” instrumentation with the addition of clarinet, sax and cello. Incredibly complex, fast, and well-played, the only release during the group’s lifetime was a legendary four-song cassette that was not widely distributed.


Xenakis in Oregon

Over 100 percussionists will be playing a Xenakis piece, among other things:

Professor Charles Dowd will conduct the Oregon Percussion Ensemble in “NUAGE! Xenakis, Oliveros & Kupferman,” a program of 20th and 21st century avant-garde music.

The program, featuring more than 100 percussion instruments, will be performed at 8 p.m. Monday in Beall Concert Hall, 961 E. 18th Ave. Tickets are $5 at the door ($3 for students and senior citizens).

Scheduled: “Persephassa,” by the Iannis Xenakis; the West Coast premiere of “Sound Phantoms No. 9” by Meyer Kupferman; and “The Single Stroke Roll Meditation,” a sound collage by Pauline Oliveros.

Upcoming on Cryptogramophone

Cryptogramophone’s release plans for the Spring are:

Early Spring 2005 will see new CDs by pianist Alan Pasqua with Peter Erskine on drums and Darek Oles on bass, and “Cloud Plate” a recording featuring Alex Cline, Kaoru, Miya Masaoka, and G.E. Stinson. Late Spring promises new projects by Mark Dresser and Denman Maroney, and Scott Amendola’s new CD entitled “Believe” features guitarist Jeff Parker. We also just recorded a great new project by violinist Jenny Scheinman featuring guitarist Bill Frisell in New York. Look for this new CD in early Fall.