Ensemble Modern / Zappa Recording Finally Out

Again a low-key Zappa related release…Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions came out last week.


File Sharing Not Reducing CD Sales?

Summarized here, the study concludes that file sharing has a negligible negative impact on big selling CDs, and may even spur more sales. It does have a small negative impact on niche market CDs however. Keep in mind that other studies have drawn different conclusions and that more studies are probably needed. One must wonder that if the niche market CDs were more widely available or cheaper if they would sell better.

One Final Note Reviews

One Final Note has posted a set a reviews for recent jazz related releases:

29 March 2004
Gratkowski/Van Hove/Oxley GRATHOVOX (Nuscope)
by Scott Hreha

26 March 2004
William Gagliardi Nhlahla (CIMP)
by Jay Collins

25 March 2004
Lotz Of Music Pum’kin Diaries (Random Chance)
by Mwanji Ezana

24 March 2004
George Schuller Round’Bout Now (Playscape)
by John Chacona

23 March 2004
Mitchell/Buckner/Oshita Space : New Music For Woodwinds And Voice + An Interesting Breakfast Conversation (mutable)
by Walter Horn

22 March 2004
Tisziji Muñoz Divine Radiance (Dreyfus)
by Jay Collins

19 March 2004
Vijay Iyer Blood Sutra (Artists House)
by Michael Rosenstein

18 March 2004
Ernie Krivda Quintet Plays Ernie Krivda (CIMP)
by David Dupont

17 March 2004
Eric Dolphy Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (Random Chance)
by James Beaudreau

New Oliver Lake Release

Oliver Lake has released a new CD from his Steel Quartet called ‘Dat Love’.

This is definitely the best recorded cd of the Oliver Lake Steel Quartet featuring, Oliver Lake – Alto & Soprano Sax Lynden Achee- Steel Pan Reggie Washington – eBass Damon Duewhite- Drums. “Imagine hearing the bagpipes and not thinking Scotland or hearing the sitar and not thinking India. The Oliver Lake Steel Quartet does something like that for the steel drums. Operating on a single large steel pan, Lyndon Achee stirs the traditionally tropical instrument into a kind of jazz frenzy. Coupled with sax man Oliver Lake’s reed work, the band smokes.”

Ligeti Project V

Not sure how reliable the source is, but the long awaited Ligeti Project V CD is being listed. The tracklist is given as

Ballad and Dance, Cello Sonata, Artikulation for tape, Aventures, Nouvelles Aventures, Musica Ricercata, Big Turtle Fanfare

New on Leo

Leo Records has announced the release of a few new albums:

Christy Doran, John Wolf Brennan, Patrick Heral – Triangulation
Peter A. Schmid, Vinny Golia – Birdology
Dietrich Eichmann, Jeff Arnal – Temperature Dropped Again
Who Trio ( Michel Wintsch, Gerry Hemingway, Banz Oester ) – The Current Underneath