Paul Rogers, Nick Didkovsky and Kevin Norton in NYC

Not often do you get to see these three together…

Saturday, January 31st – Bowery Poetry Club – 308 Bowery St – New York NY Tel 212 614 0505 ( Admission $10. Starts at 7pm Paul Rogers (solo) and trio w. Nick Didkovsky (prepared guitars) and Kevin Norton (percussion).

Note that the site doesn’t seem to be working right now…


Edgard Varese

A Varese page has been published, with a short history of the composer and his works, as well as pictures and links.

RER USA and the Mini-RIO Fest

RER USA is the latest offshoot of Recommended Records, and features online mail order, as well as their own releases.

They are also sponsoring a night of music:

ReR USA Presents:


Janet Feder
Thomas Dimuzio
Hamster Theatre
Chris Cutler

Fri, April 16, 8:00 PM Cervante’s Ballroom, Denver Colorado
email sales@rerusa for addn. details