Yet More on Ives

A Charles Ives survey of recordings site is on line, including a works list, recommendations, FAQ, and more.


Peter Maxwell-Davies Site

Soon to launch is a new site dedicated to providing the music of Peter Maxwell-Davies:

Initially, the site will offer twenty five recordings of Peter Maxwell Davies’s music for purchase at low unit costs. This number will be increased continually, with many recordings being specially produced for Music.MaxOpus or previously unavailable.

Recordings will be available in a variety of formats, allowing flexibility of choice:

1. Download of high quality MP3 and WMA audio files directly to the customer’s computer,

2. Custom-made audio CDs to purchaser’s own choice (sent by post). Customers will be able to compile their own CDs, up to a maximum of seventy four minutes, from the titles available on Music.MaxOpus.

Magma Web Press Book

Magma is offering a web-based press book featuring copies of and links to articles, historical features on Magma and Christian Vander, news, tourdates, and more. For those who have to know, the latest dates are:

7 – NICE (06) – Théâtre Lino Ventura
6 – SIX FOURS (83) – Salle André Malraux
5 – MARSEILLE (13) – Espace Julien

31 – NANTERRE (92) – Maison de la musique
30 TRAPPES (78) – La Merise