Zorn Interview

Bomb Magazine has conducted a new interview with John Zorn.


New and Upcoming on Emanem

The latest from

4096 Bobby Bradford – ‘Love’s Dream’ (1973) reissue plus with Trevor Watts, Kent Carter & John Stevens
4097 Lol Coxhill / Torsten Müller / Paul Rutherford – ‘Milwaukee 2002’
4098 Elliott Sharp – ‘The Velocity of Hue’ – solo acoustic guitar (2003)
4211 Phil Minton & Roger Turner – ‘Drainage’ (1998-2003)
Psi 03.05 Alexander Von Schlippenbach ‘Broomriding’ (2002) with Rudi Mahall, Tristan Honsinger & Paul Lovens
Psi 03.06 Evan Parker ‘The Snake Decides’ (1986) reissue

Derek Bailey & Milo Fine – ‘Scale Points on the Fever Curve’ (2003)
‘Mopomoso Solos 2002’ – Chris Burn, Lol Coxhill, John Edwards, Phil Minton, John Russell
Paul Dunmall & Paul Rogers – ‘Awareness Response’ (2003)
Gail Brand & Morgan Guberman – ‘Ballgames & Crazy’ (2002)
Kent Carter String Trios – ‘The Willisau Suites’ (1984/1997) reissue with Carlos Zingaro & François Dreno (plus Albrecht Maurer & Emmanuelle Roch)
Milo Fine – ‘Ikebana (London Encounters)’ (2003)
Masashi Harada Condanction Ensemble – ‘Enterprising Mass of Cilia’ (2001)
People Band (1968) reissue plus ‘freedom of the city 2003 – small groups’
Kenny Wheeler – ‘Song for Someone’ (1973) reissue
Stan Tracey & Evan Parker – ‘Suspensions & Anticipations’ (2003)
‘Pisa 1980 Improvisers Symposium’ reissue plus with Altena, Bailey, Guy, Lewis, Lovens, Lytton, Parker, Rutherford, Schiaffini & Wachsmann

William Parker Plays Bard

From Bard:

ANNANDALE-ON-HUDSON, N.Y.—The William Parker Quintet, “Raining on the Moon,” will perform at Bard College on Saturday, December 6. The performance, titled “Winter Ritual,” is presented by Jazz at Bard and will begin at 8:00 p.m. in the Bertelsmann Campus Center’s multipurpose room. Admission is $15, free for Bard students. A free lecture workshop titled “The Aesthetics of Sound and the Role of the Musician” will begin at 3:00 p.m. in the multipurpose room. Musicians should bring their own instruments.

Members of the William Parker Quintet, “Raining on the Moon,” are Rob Brown, alto sax; Lewis Barnes, trumpet; Hamid Drake, drums, frame drums, tablas; Parker, bass, gimbre, donson ngoni, double reeds, and shakuhachi flute; and Leena Conquest, vocals.

William Parker has been called the “father to the followers of free jazz” by the New York Times and is considered “the most consistently brilliant free jazz bassist of all time,” according to the Village Voice. With more than more than 100 recordings over the past three decades to his credit, Parker is been a driving force in keeping free jazz alive and in the front of many listener’s consciousness.

Parker studied music with Richard Davis, Jimmy Garrison, Milt Hinton, Wilber Ware, and Art Davis and has played with Cecil Taylor, Bill Dixon, Maxine Sullivan, Rashid Ali, Don Cherry, Milford Graves, David S. Ware, and Matthew Shipp; he has also performed with poets Allen Ginsberg, Miguel Pinero, Amiri Baraka, David Budbill, and Jayne Cortez. He is the creator and musical director of the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra and leads a quintet, quartet, clarinet, and violin trios. Recent recordings by Parker include Scrapbook, a violin trio with Billy Bang and Hamid Drake, 2003; The Blue Series, 2002; Raincoat In The River, with the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, 2002; and Raining On The Moon, a quartet with Leena Conquest, 2002, among others.

Organized by two Bard alumnae, Raissa St. Pierre ’87 and Sheila Moloney ’84, the Jazz at Bard series is an ongoing effort to bring internationally recognized jazz performers to the Hudson Valley region.

For further information, to purchase tickets, or for reservations, call 845-758-7456, e-mail jazzatbard@bard.edu, or visit http://www.bard.edu/jazzatbard. Reservations and advance ticket purchase are recommended.

Yet Another Erik Friedlander Release

His second of the year, Erik Friedlander‘s new effort is entitled Maldoror.

Erik Friedlander is a unique cellist whose body of work both blurs and defies genre borders. Son of the noted artist/photographer Lee Friedlander, Erik was born in 1960. Maldoror is Erik’s solo debut and consists of ten improvisations recorded at Berlin’s Teldex Studios. It was inspired by the poems of early French surrealist Lautreamont, who wrote a collection named Maldoror and Poems. Is it jazz or classical? Is it composed or improvised? These are the questions of the feeble. Intense, mystical, and beautiful, Friedlander’s Maldoror is a journey into music’s darkest heart. Deep down where the music of Morricone, Piazzola, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and John Coltrane also serves to sooth the savages.

New Area Live Release

From the Forced Exposure list:

AREA: Live ’77 2CD (AK 1042 CD). ‘Thanks to our hard working treasure hunters, Akarma has dug up this long lost high quality recording of Area performing live in Turin in 1977. This historic concert by one of the most internationally acclaimed Italian rock bands in history is only available from Akarma. Featuring the classic ‘La mela di Odessa’, ‘Luglio, Agosto, Settembre, Nero’ and ‘Cometa Rossa’ plus songs from their experimental Maledetti album, also released in 1977. The concert ends with a long and inspired improvised number.’

New ReR Releases

ReR released a handful of new items last month, including:

NECKS, THE: Drive By
VRIL [Bob Drake, Lukas Simonis, Chris Cutler]: Effigies in Cork
ABSOLUTE ZERO: Crashing Icons
LUTZ GLANDIEN: Lost in Rooms
JON ROSE: The People’s Music