Got Stockhausen?

It may be hard to believe but Stockhausen is getting played pretty frequently. Check out the official list of upcoming shows.


Magnatune: The Future of Online Music

For fringe, creative music, let’s face it: the artists don’t make money, the labels don’t make money, CDs are expensive to the consumer, and there are more releases than any one person can keep up with. Not promising for the traditional buy-then-listen model.

Along comes Magnatune:

We’re a record label. But we’re not evil.

We call it “try before you buy.” It’s the shareware model applied to music. Listen to hundreds of MP3’d albums from our artists. Or try our genre-based radio stations.

If you like what you hear, buy our music online for as little as $5 an album or license our music for commercial use.

Artists get a full 50% of the purchase price. And unlike most record labels, our artists keep their rights to their music. Founded by musicians, for musicians.

No major label connections.

We are not evil.

Coming Soon on Hux Records

COntinuing the tradition of BBC Radio reissues, Hux has two new releases coming out on September 29th:

BBC Radio 1971-1974 2-CD (HUX047)
[Release date 29 September 2003]

Following the successful release earlier this year of HUX037, this second volume now completes the set of Soft Machine’s BBC sessions.

Recorded between 1971 & 1974, this double CD includes 3 Peel sessions, plus one session recorded for BBC Radio 3’s Jazz In Britain’ programme. With the exception of the first two tracks here, none of these recordings have ever been released before.

This compilation provides striking evidence of the pace at which the band was changing during this period. It plots a drastic change in the sound of the band, from their free jazz leanings of 1971 to the jazz rock fusion of ’74.

This album has been compiled with the full help of the band, who have been fully involved at every stage of development. The 12 page full colour booklet includes rare photographs from the band’s own archive, plus a brief note from Soft Machine’s John Marshall.

Live At The BBC HUXO46
[Release date 29 September 2003]

British saxophonist Elton Dean has long been the spearhead of free jazz in England. He began his professional career with Long John Baldry’s Bluesology (*) in 1967, then went on to help form the Keith Tippett sextet before becoming a key member of Soft Machine in 1969.

In the mid 70s he formed ‘Ninesense’, one of the most influential cutting-edge jazz bands of the period. The original line-up of the band included the great trumpeter, Mongezi Feza, one of the South African exiles who came to London as a member of Chris McGregor¹s Blue Notes.

This album is comprised of two sessions recorded by BBC Radio 3’s Jazz In Britain programme and contains the first recording of the band, as well as almost the last. It has a total running time of 55 minutes and the accompanying 8 page booklet features a brief note from Elton Dean, plus extensive liner notes by The Times’ jazz critic, Alyn Shipton.

New Raison d'Etre Coming Soon

Raison‘s official site has announced a new release, Requiem for Abandoned Souls scheduled for November.

Blurb: “This is so beautiful that it is hard to believe Peter Andersson did this! /…/ I can’t understand how far he can take his music, without staggering, without loosing the touch /…/ This is so dark an emotional it goes directly to your heart! Breathtaking! Like being in a dark room, floating in a rusty bathtub full of water /…/ It forces upon you! crawls onto you, into you!

New Steve Roach Releases in November

From Steve’s site:


A chronicle of new and classic unreleased pure electronic sequencer-driven pieces filled with beauty and emotion. Spiraling melodic sequences, floating majestic textures along with thematic and melodic contributions from guest synthesist Paul Ellis all add up to a set of music that is filled with optimism and passion from start to conclusion.


This purely atmospheric set maps the shift from the tonal serenity found on Steve’s earlier work towards the harmonically rich and contrasted souldworlds of late. The centerpiece of LOST PIECES 3 is a pivotal 20-minute piece recorded the same week as “Looking for Safety” from DREAMTIME RETURN. Titled “Grey and Purple”, it’s a genuine lost piece from 1987 that foreshadows Steve’s sonic evolution as later realized on THE MAGNIFICENT VOID and ultimately MYSTIC CHORDS & SACRED SPACES.