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Leo Records Online

Yet another classic label wiith a great site, check out Leo Records.

What is especially cool about these guys is that you can download some OOP CDs for a very reasonable charge in either OGG or FLAC formats. Payment is by Paypal and from the files you can burn your own CDRs, etc. Definitely ahead of their time.

Spalax Reissues

Spalax doesn’t seem to have a web site so this was gleaned from the Forced Exposure list.

RABBATH, FRANCOIS: New Sound of Jazz and first LP CD (SPA 14607). “This CD includes two former LPs, one produced by Moshe Naïm and the second one released in 1964 in the USA under the name New Sound of Jazz. But the latter LP was also known later as Bass-Ball. All tracks have been carefully remastered and the CD includes an 8 pages booklet. François Rabbath from Lebanese origin is one the virtuosos of the ‘contrebasse’. Mixing jazz as well as classical and folk music, he produces an ethereal, cosmic and beautiful atmosphere.”

SEFFER, YOCHK’O: Adama & Bonus Tracks CD (SPA 14611). “After years of chaotic catalogue policy, legendary and nutty French producer Moshé Naïm turned to Spalax music to have his amazing ‘Emen’ catalogue reissued. This CD includes the former LP Adama and about half of another LP known as Ima. It is the first part of a whole work entitled ‘Neffesh Music’. Both LPs date back to 1976. All tracks have been carefully remastered and the CD includes an 8 pages booklet. Yochk’o (sometimes spelled Yoschko) Seffer is a saxophonist and clarinettist of Hungarian origin. He became well-known at the beginning of his career as a member of Magma and Zao.”

KESSLER, SIEGFRIED: Man and Animals CD (SPA 14613). “Siegfried Kessler played with numerous artists and namely Yochk’o Seffer. Considered as one of the most brilliant pianists of his time, he recorded several albums. Man & Animals is one of his earliest and freshest recordings.”

Sequenza 21

Sequenza 21 is an on line modern classical news magazine. It seems to be based on links to interesting articles found elsewhere as well as its own content. Certain pieces of that content, including articles on Henze, Turnage, electronic music, are particularly timely. Check it out.

New Tim Berne Release

From Thirsty Ear:

Tim Berne’s Science Friction Band Live- The Sublime And

The Sublime And is a massive double-disc set documenting an electrified performance from Tim Berne’s Science Friction Band, recorded live in Switzerland in the spring of 2003. The Science Friction Band consists of Tim Berne on alto sax, Craig Taborn on keyboards and laptop, Marc Ducret on electric guitar, and Tom Rainey on drums. We are very fortunate also to have the legendary David Torn doing the mixing for The Sublime And. From the uninitiated to the most steadfast of Berne’s fans, no one should miss this album.

Release Date: October, 2003

You can find more information about Tim and his projects at Screwgun Records.